cough and its remedies

Coughing is a natural reaction that is beneficial. It aids in your body’s removal of mucus, smoking, and other irritants from your airways. But persistent coughing can wear on the […]

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a complex health condition prevalent in women of reproductive age. It is an endocrine disorder that is caused by an underlying hormonal imbalance, especially in […]

aerial photo of a factory

Air pollution and climate change have an effect on one another through complex interactions in the atmosphere. Air pollution is linked with climate change both bring problems from the same […]


Ultrasonography (US) is the primary modality for assessing the contents of the female pelvis. It enables quick (and portable) imaging of the uterus, ovaries, and other structures at a low […]

Drinking habits

It’s critical to drink enough water each day for your health. By staying hydrated, you can avoid being dehydrated, a condition that can impair your memory, alter your mood, cause […]

how to combat being paranoid?

How to combat Being Paranoid is a hot problem that has to be addressed in the twenty-first century. Are you continually afraid that something terrible would happen? If this occurs […]

tired of nausea? try these top 5 remedies for quick relief

The majority of us have been there. That specific circumstance in which our bodies react horribly. With each minute that goes by, we become more uncomfortable within. The term “nausea” […]

feel dizzy always, find out why?

In both primary care settings and emergency rooms, vertigo is a frequent presenting condition. It has been described as a sensation of motion, most frequently circular motion, and it is […]

Why to reduce salt intake?

Dietary habits are shifting as a result of lifestyle changes, growing urbanization, and the manufacture of more and more processed food. Foods that have been heavily processed are becoming more […]

healthy diet

A balanced diet is necessary for both good nutrition and health. There are many foods that are both pleasant and healthful. Your meals will be colorful, adaptable, and healthy if […]