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No one can resist the pleasure of eating their favorite meal! We all enjoy bingeing on our favorite snacks. There is no turning back once we start binge eating. But how do you stop yourself from binge eating? We will discuss the many methods for preventing binge eating in this article. But first, some background information:

A woman binge eating.


Understanding the causes of binge eating.

One of the most frequent eating problems is binge eating.

Food is consumed in large quantities in a short period of time. This might happen as a result of a lack of self-control that leads to overeating of a certain food or a variety of food products. In a month, a person can binge eat for a week on average.

Binge eating episodes are what they’re called.

To get healthy, this disorder requires extra attention, lifestyle changes, nutritional counseling, psychotherapy, and drugs.

Binge eating can induce hypertension and diabetes, as well as other health problems such as raised blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

As a result, it’s critical to put a stop to it right away. But how do you do it?

Wait until we tell you.


To treat a sickness, you must first figure out what’s causing it.

Binge eating can now be classified as either psychological or nonpsychological. The pathophysiology of binge eating has yet to be discovered. Binge eating is the same thing as substance misuse.

Knowing the difference between healthy and heavy eating.

Binge eating is caused by increased activity in the medial orbitofrontal cortex and decreased activity in the prefrontal network. The insula is located within the orbitofrontal cortex. Taste, smell, and autonomic regulation are all controlled by this ribbon-like structure in the brain.

Binge eating disorders are associated with an increase in the insula’s level. There is a problem with reward management and the brain’s inhibitory mechanism, resulting in excessive eating desires for products with high sugar and fat content.

Binge eating can also be triggered by a lack of emotional regulation. In addition, a drop in serotonin levels has been linked to compulsive eating in recent research.


The individual must be aware of his or her binge-eating episodes. Weight gain is the result of eating behaviors that lead to the desire to binge eat.

Keep track of your eating disorder’s history, such as:

  • When did you start binge eating?
  • Recurrence of binge eating episodes
  • The number of episodes you’ve seen
  • Any use of laxatives to induce vomiting quantity of food consumed
  • Emotional tension is linked to binge eating.
  • Dissatisfaction with one’s body
  • Food intake restrictions during childhood
  • The desire to achieve perfection


Low self-confidence and self-esteem.

The value placed on one’s own body and mind is referred to as self-esteem. Low self-esteem is caused by a distortion of one’s own body image.

This is one of the most common causes of binge eating in patients suffering from anorexia nervosa or bulimia nervosa.

Individuals who are subjected to body shaming as a result of their weight have a tendency to overcontrol their eating habits.

Humans are supposed to fast during the night. Sugary, junk and processed meals are what they eat instead. As a result, the metabolic rate is slowed and fat deposition increases. A “night eating disorder” is another term for this form of binge eating.


Binge eating can be transferred through generations.

You’re more likely to have an eating disorder if bad eating habits have run in your family for generations.

Another explanation is that binge eating might be triggered by observing your parents, older siblings, or grandparents overeat.


Emotional anxiety causes over-eating.

Binge eating can be triggered by emotional trauma, recent mortality, vehicle accidents, family separation, and childhood bullying for being underweight or overweight.

Anxiety and binge eating disorder (BED) are closely linked and frequently co-occur.

In fact, about 37% of those with BED are also diagnosed with a full-fledged anxiety illness. Binge eating disorder and anxiety are significantly more transactional than a linear relationship model (i.e., anxiety causes binge eating behaviors or binge eating behaviors cause anxiety). They are made up of biological, psychological, and social components.


Females are more prone to binge eating.

Binge eating is more common in women than it is in males.

Despite the fact that men and women with BED have many parallels in current eating disorder symptoms, we found a number of gender variations in crucial developmental and anatomical variables, as well as associated psychological characteristics.


Lack of sleep leads to overeating.

Ghrelin levels rise and leptin levels fall as a result of a poor sleep cycle, frequent awakening after sleeping, and sleep deprivation, resulting in hunger generation.

The possible link between sleeplessness and obesity can be traced back to cells in the hypothalamus region of the brain. They can produce sleepiness and persistent arousal, which can lead to overeating, especially at night, when they are over-activated by stress.

A Columbia University study also discovered a link between insufficient sleep and overeating.

People who suffer from insomnia are frequently drowsy, and when they are sleepy and hungry, they frequently make poor food choices or overeat. This shows that a lack of sleep may increase the likelihood of binge eating.


Addiction recovery is difficult, and it’s more difficult when it’s linked to food. Instead, form a bond with your partner based on your nutritional rather than emotional requirements. So, are you ready to put an end to binge eating and establish a healthier relationship with food? Here are a few tips to help you overcome your binge eating disorder.


Regular exercise can stop binge eating.

Get up and go! Begin by taking a walk in your neighborhood or at the park. Starting to exercise will assist you in losing weight. Regular exercise, it is also claimed, can help relieve stress, increase energy, and improve mood.

Exercise should be done at a certain time to help the mind avoid paying attention to the impulse to binge eat. Early morning exercises are always excellent for increasing leptin levels in the body and minimizing weight gain.

Physical activity can help you control emotional eating.

Cardio activities are usually uplifting since they raise the heart rate, which increases blood flow throughout the body. Here are a couple of exercises you can do anywhere.

  • a brisk walk
  • Jogging
  • Yoga
  • Swimming
  • Zumba
  • Aerobics
  • Cycling.

Regular exercise can help to reduce stress levels, which can lead to overeating. You can burn anywhere from 10 to 20 calories every minute, depending on your body type. Physical activity can help you avoid emotional eating.


Try to avoid a restrictive diet.

Adopt a nutritious diet instead of a restrictive diet that may drive you to starve and eat unusually huge amounts of food. Skipping meals can cause a sharp drop in energy, which encourages compulsive overeating.

A consistent eating routine must be established—three high-protein, high-fiber meals each day enhance the body’s metabolism. Eating on a regular basis and sticking to a diet plan can help you avoid overeating.

Meal planning aids in determining when you should eat your meal. When three meals are planned, make sure they are separated by sufficient time intervals. Calorie counting is another measure you may take for improved eating habits while doing this.

The meals can be classified into the following categories:

7 to 9 a.m. Breakfast is served from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. Dinner
Meal planning might assist you in efficiently addressing your desires. It is possible to practice intuitive eating, which entails only eating when you are hungry.

Staying hydrated will help you break your binge eating cycle; this strategy is known as reducing cravings. You must learn to recognize the meals that may trigger another binge eating session.


Adequate sleep reduces anxiety.

Sleep is crucial; an 8-hour sleep is required. A sufficient amount of sleep is required to minimize anxiety and increase energy levels. The hormone leptin, which is responsible for controlling our diet, is affected by sleep.

Consistent practice is required to achieve a regular sleep-wake cycle. Even on weekdays and weekends, this should be followed every day. Try to stick to a regular sleeping and waking schedule.

The room should be calm, chilly, quiet, and dark. A warm water bath can help you achieve a good night’s sleep. Naps during the day should be avoided or limited to 30 minutes. Napping throughout the day can cause you to sleep later at night.


Mental stress should be reduced.

Emotional stress is the name given to a reaction to daily life stressors. Meditation practiced first thing in the morning can help with this. Positive affirmations can help you cope with stress and develop a positive outlook on life.

Yoga is also known for its stress-relieving properties. Here are a few yoga poses that can help you relax.

  • Sukhasana – Sitting with an upright spine and open hips can help you feel less tired mentally.
  • Balasana- This improves blood flow to the brain while also reducing neck and low back discomfort.
  • Paschimottanasana- With frequent practice, the digestive tract can be improved.
  • Uttanasana: Relieves sleeplessness, stress, and exhaustion.
  • Marjaryasana- Aids in stress relief and emotional harmony.

A few breaks from your usual workdays can also help you relax. Connecting with a support group that can help you with binge eating disorders by providing support, encouragement, and answers to your issues.

Spending time with people who are dealing with similar conditions might be beneficial since they can share their experiences.

Here are few tips that you can follow


Nutritious food is necessary.

You should be able to distinguish between unhealthy and nutritious foods. You should also be mindful of food products that can cause you to consume huge amounts of them in a short period of time.

Recognizing and avoiding your binge eating trigger foods, or substituting them with healthier and nutritious alternatives, can help.

Include a meal plan that is high in fiber, protein, whole grains, legumes, and unprocessed foods. It’s also important to stay hydrated because it stimulates metabolism and minimizes food cravings.

It’s also important to take pleasure in every meal you eat. You might stop after a few bites if you slow down and focus on each mouthful rather than on compulsive eating that leads to binge eating.

The development of regular eating habits reduces the likelihood of binge eating.


Along with binge eating, there are many other conditions that need to be ruled out before diagnosing it. The following are a few conditions that share similar symptoms with that binge eating.

  • Anorexia nervosa
  • Bulimia nervosa
  • Emotional eating
  • Nocturnal eating


Be comfortable in your own skin. A proper diet and an adequate amount of hydration can stop binge eating.

Although there is no surefire strategy to prevent binge eating if you are experiencing binge eating symptoms, get professional help. Your medical care provider can direct you to the appropriate resources.

If you suspect a friend or loved one has a binge-eating issue, encourage them to adopt healthier habits and get professional help before things become worse.




Is convertible cars in India a good option to have? Want to get rid of cars having roofs? Wish to have a roofless vehicle? These are some of the questions that pop-up in our heads, but we rarely discuss them. Instead, we just thought that in a country like India, it is not a usual vehicle to have. 

Well, you might be the one who is unaware of convertible cars. But no need to worry since it is not rocket science. A convertible car is a class of vehicles that can turn from rooftop cars to roofless ones. That means you can remove the roof as per your wish and enjoy your journey to the fullest. Moreover, it also includes some of the must-have features in a car.

You might be having a conception that the convertible cars are only available for the developed or western countries, but that is not exactly what it is. In India as well, you can have a convertible car. The only thing is, it is not common in the country. 

Compared to ordinary cars, the convertible cars in India will fill you with immense joy. Further, it will also make your journey way more exciting and adventurous. Thus, buying a convertible car can turn out to be a masterstroke for you. 

To make your job of surfing the internet for convertible cars in India straightforward, we are here with a list of the top 10 convertible cars in India. The vehicles present in this list are some of the incredible models from prominent brands. Moreover, innumerable individuals love and appreciate these convertible cars in India. 

Without a wait, let us jump to the list of convertible cars in India.

List of Convertible Cars in India

1) BMW Z4


  • 10.25-inch digital instrument cluster
  • 10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity
  • Harman & Kardon audio setup
  • Ambient lighting
  • HUD
  • 2-zone climate control
  • Electronically adjustable front seats

BMW is one of the prominent car manufacturers and among the producers of the best convertible cars in India. The BMW Z4 convertible is one of the best options available in the Indian market. This model is available as sDrive20i and M40I variants in the market. 

Under the hood of the sDrive20i model, you will witness a 2.0 L petrol engine generating 197 Ps of power and 320 Nm of torque. On the other hand, the M40i variant is powered by a petrol engine of 3.0 L. Here you will get 340 Ps of power and 500 Nm of torque in the transmission department. Both of these variants of the Z4 pair with an 8-speed automatic gearbox. 

Safety Features:

  • Hands-free parking
  • Traffic sign recognition
  • Pedestrian warning and collision warning
  • Cruise control
  • Lane departure warning
  • Parking sensors in the rear

2) PORSCHE 911


  • Power steering
  • Power windows
  • Air-conditioning and heating
  • Automatic climate control
  • Keyless entry
  • Push-button start/stop
  • Wireless charging
  • Rain-sensing 
  • A sunroof
  • A rear spoiler
  • LED headlights
  • A 10.9-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity
  • A 12-speaker audio setup

The Porsche 911 is one of the best-selling convertible cars in India. This model comes in five variants. The 3.0 L petrol engine powers all five variants. These are Carrera, Carrera Cabriolet, Carrera S, Carrera S Cabriolet, and Turbo S. The petrol engine of each variant produces 379 Bhp/450 Nm, 450 Bhp/530 Nm, 450 Bhp/530 Nm, and 641 Bhp/450 Nm respectively. Also, all the variants of the 911 pair with an 8-speed automatic gearbox. 

Safety Features:

  • Hill assist
  • Hill descent control
  • ABS with EDB
  • 360-degree camera
  • Parking sensors in the rear
  • ISOFIX Child Seat Anchors
  • Multiple airbags
  • Crash sensor
  • Vehicle Stability Control
  • Seatbelt warning
  • Anti-theft alarm



Ferrari launched Portofino in the Indian market in 2018. Still, it became one of the most popular convertible cars in India. It is powered by a 3.9 L VB Twin-Turbo petrol engine and comes with a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. Ferrari Portofino is way better than California (its predecessor) in every aspect. 

This one from convertible cars in India can reach 0 to 100 kmph in just 3.5 seconds. Moreover, it can also accelerate from 0 to 200 kmph in just 10.8 seconds. It can reach its top speed of 320 kmph and mileage of 9 kmpl having an 81-litre fuel tank. 

If we look at some of its features, on the front, it houses a large grille with LED headlamps above it on either side. Below that, the two air dams on its large bumper are present. In the rear of Portofino, you will see circular LED tail lights along with a total of 4 exhaust caps sitting below the broad rear bumper. 

If you go through inside the vehicle, you will witness leather seats, leather steering wheel, and leather dashboard. Its instrument cluster is totally digital. The car houses a touchscreen information system along with a panel.



  • Dual-zone automatic climate control
  • Air-conditioning and heating
  • Active noise cancellation
  • Cruise control
  • Keyless entry
  • Push-button start/stop
  • Voice controls
  • USB charging station
  • LED headlamps
  • Taillights 
  • DSLRs
  • A rear spoiler
  • A touchscreen infotainment system with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity
  • Superior audio setup
  • Bluetooth connectivity

Aston Martin Vantage officially came in 2014. The V12 Vantage S from Aston Martin is named one of the most elegant convertible cars in India. This model can go from 0-100 kmph in just 4.2 seconds. The top speed of this model is 328 kmph. 

The Aston Martin Vantage is one of the fastest models in their respective line-up. It is powered by an AM28 6.0 L V12 petrol engine producing a whopping 573 Ps of power along with a torque of 620 Nm. Moreover, this model mated to a powerful engine is a 6-speed manual transmission gearbox featuring RWD.

Safety Features:

  • ABS with EBD
  • ISOFIX Child Seat Anchors
  • Electronic stability control
  • Anti-theft device
  • SOS assistance
  • Hill assist
  • Speed-sensing auto door lock
  • Crash sensor
  • Parking sensor
  • Rear camera
  • Six airbags



Rolls-Royce Dawn comes from an illustrious line-up of vehicles in the Indian market. This model from convertible cars in India houses a 6.6 L Turbocharged V12 petrol engine with an 8-speed ZF automatic transmission. The style and exterior of this stunning vehicle are unmatchable. Here, you will get a mileage of 9.8 kmpl and a large fuel tank. 

The Dawn is a potential vehicle to perform on the Indian roads. This stunning convertible vehicle from the largest British automobile manufacturer combines in a way that the plush and luxurious interiors entail wood and leather, making you an absolute winner. 



  • Air-conditioning and heating
  • Automatic climate control
  • Air quality control
  • Remote trunk opener
  • Cruise control
  • Keyless entry
  • Voice control
  • A 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • A premium sound system

This vehicle from the convertible cars in India has reached the Indian market after a wait of long years. The Mini Cooper Convertible makes people fall in love at first glance. Under the hood of this model, you will get either a 1.5 L petrol or a 1.5 L diesel engine churning out 134 BHP and 116 BHP respectively. Both the engine options consist of either a 6-speed manual or a 7-speed automatic transmission. The Mini Cooper Convertible offers an acceleration of 0-100 kmph in 7.1 seconds with a top speed of 228 kmph.

Safety Features:

  • Parking sensors in the rear
  • Dual airbags
  • Seatbelt warning
  • Door ajar warning
  • Engine immobiliser
  • Traction control
  • ABS with EBD
  • ISOFIX Child Seat Mounts
  • A 360-degree camera
  • A crash sensor



Maserati GranCabrio is a super-premium convertible that comprises luxurious comfort with extreme power. Under the hood, you will witness a 4.7 L V8 petrol engine mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission. This model from convertible cars in India can reach a top speed of 285 kmph. If you are looking for a luxurious and premium-looking model, this vehicle can be an ideal pick for you.

Along with an unmatchable premium look, it also includes premium leather on the seats, steering wheels, and a digital dashboard. 



  • Power windows
  • Heaters
  • Automatic climate control
  • Air quality control
  • A power outlet
  • Vanity mirror
  • Rear-seat belt headrests
  • Leather steering wheel
  • Leather dashboard
  • A state of the art infotainment system

Along with the previous model, Bentley Continental is also an incredible option in the luxurious convertible cars in India. The Continental can go from 0-100 kmph in just 4.4 seconds. Moreover, it can reach a top speed of 327 kmph. It receives its power from its Twin-turbocharged W12 petrol engine. Its petrol engine pushes out 900 Nm of torque of 5998 ccs. 

8-speed automatic transmission is also there with its engine features All-Wheel-Drive support. Additionally, it offers a mileage of about 9.5 kmpl and is equipped with a 90-litre tank for safety. 



  • 64–colour ambient lighting
  • A Burmester sound system
  • Intelligent LED lighting
  • A panoramic sunroof
  • Active park assist
  • Dual-zone climate control
  • A touchscreen infotainment system with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity

The Mercedes-Benz C-Class is one of the finest convertible cars in India. Its new C-Class is either a 2.0 L petrol engine producing 204 Ps/280 Nm or a 20 L diesel engine generating 194 Ps/400 Nm. Each engine in this model from Mercedes pairs with a 9-speed automatic transmission. 

Safety Features:

  • 7 airbags
  • Attention assist
  • Adaptive braking
  • ABS with EBD
  • ISOFIX Child Seat Anchors
  • Electronic Stability Control



In this list of top convertible cars in India, Lamborghini Huracan EVO is the best considering overall features. Being an exclusive edition vehicle, it comprises numerous exceptional features for luxury and better comfort. Here, the exterior gets a sleeker look compared to the regular Huracan. 

This model offers dual exhaust caps that sit below a new grille and the latest LED tail lights. It powers 5.2 L Naturally-Aspirated V10 petrol engine mates to a 7-speed automatic transmission. The Lamborghini Huarcan EVO offers an acceleration from 0-100 kmph in just 2.9 seconds with a top speed of 325 kmph. In the interiors of this vehicle, you will get plush leather seats with a leather-covered digital dashboard. Moreover, it also offers a variety of customizable driving options that you can access by pressing a button. 


Have you enjoyed the list of top 10 convertible cars in India? This list of convertible cars in India as per the individual’s choices, brands, and most importantly, special and safety features. 

The convertible cars in India are even more pleasing if you visit on an adventure with your family or friends. The convertible cars provide an immense level of joy. Moreover, the safety features in the above list of convertible cars in India are appreciable. Thus, these are immaculate to have. 

If you like reading this post on convertible cars in India, do like it and share it with the individuals you wish to deliver this crucial knowledge. Which one from this list of 10 convertible cars in India do you love the most? Do let us know in the comment section. 




Are you concerned about your oral hygiene? Do you feel that your regular toothbrush is not helping you much? If your answer is ‘Yes’, it’s time for a change. Replacing your regular toothbrush with the best electric toothbrush in India, can be way more effective for your mouth and oral hygiene. 

Irrespective of all age groups, be it a kid or adults, the best electric toothbrush in India are available for all age groups. Being safe to use is the biggest flex of these toothbrushes. Without causing harm, the electric toothbrushes ensure the removal of food particles and things even in the hard-to-reach portions of the mouth. Additionally, if you are a traveller or loves travelling, then also it is one of the rare travel gadgets you should carry.

If you don’t have much idea about electric toothbrushes and their brands, the following list of the best electric toothbrush in India will guide you to attain clear insights. Check out each of the best electric toothbrush in India for you and your loved ones. Moreover, you may even buy the toothbrushes from the links mentioned with every electric toothbrush.

List of Best Electric Toothbrush in India



The Colgate Pro-Clinical electric toothbrush comprises a lightweight handle and a slim design. It is just like a manual toothbrush, making it efficient and offering a firm with a comfortable grip. This one from the best electric toothbrush in India is equipped with an on/off button with a 2-min timer. 

In order to vanish the germs, plaque, and food particles from your teeth gaps with efficiency, you can set the timer for brushing. Thus, you will be done with your brushing in record time. This toothbrush from Colgate also includes power tip bristles and a compact head. Having this, it becomes easier to access portions that are comparatively harder to access. 

It is a waterproof toothbrush that comes with a tongue cleaner with a rotary function attached to the back of the brush. Thus, it will not let any portion of your mouth be uncleaned. 



You will witness soft and smooth DuPont bristles in the Caresmith SPARK Electric Rechargeable toothbrush. It ensures a thorough cleaning every time you brush your teeth. This toothbrush comprises an IPX7-rated waterproof design. Therefore, it will stay unaffected by the minor water spills. 

You can use this toothbrush for up to 20 days on a single charge. It consists of 6 operational modes for better comfort and cleaning. Its operational modes are – High Intensity, Medium Intensity, Low Intensity, Gum Care, Sensitive Care, and Deep Clean. As per your requirements and comfort, you are free to pick any of the six operational modes. 

The Sonic Technology of Caresmith ensures that this electric toothbrush offers 30,000 strokes/min. You will also get a 2-min timer which switches off every 2 min.



This toothbrush from the best electric toothbrushes in India offers 40,000 strokes/min. Also, it comes with a 3D bristle cutting process by the round tip bristles. The AGARO Cosmic Plus Sonic 33438 offers five brushing modes. Its modes are Whitening, Clean, Sensitive, Polish, and Massage. Each comprises unique functions like effective removal of stains, excellent cleaning, light massage to gums, etc.

This electric toothbrush is waterproof and perfectly shielded from any water-induced damage. The head of this interdental brush ensures cleaning between the teeth and hard-to-reach areas. 

The consumption of tobacco, coffee, tea, or any other substances is the reason for causing the strains in your teeth. But if you regularly use AGARO Cosmic Plus Sonic 33438, it will minimise the stains on your teeth.



The MI T100 electric toothbrush from the best electric toothbrushes in India consists of soft bristles and an auto-trimer, which ensures safely cleaning of your gums effectively. With minimal effort, it vanishes the bacteria, and stains, and removes food particles. Its high-frequency motor produces up to 18,000 vibrations/min. 

This electric toothbrush by MI includes a Dual-Pro Brush to improve the efficiency of brushing style and pace. Since the MI T100 electric toothbrush consists of a Li-ion battery, you can use it for a month on a single charge. Further, its LED indicator will notify you about the charging along with the battery status. These features help you to replace the battery in time. 

This one from the best electric toothbrush in India offers a sleek and waterproof design. Thus, you do not have to worry about the water splashes. Moreover, its weight of 46 g makes it an ultra-portable toothbrush.



This electric toothbrush by Realme comprises three modes for the best cleansing of the mouth. These include the soft mode, clean mode, and polish mode. Individuals from any age group can use Realme NI Sonic Electric Toothbrush without inconvenience. It provides the vibration up to 20,000 times/min. 

For a peaceful brushing experience, this design from the best electric toothbrushes in India ensures a noise level below 55 dB. Compared to other best electric toothbrush in India, the battery backup of this model is outstanding. With a single charge and moderate usage, you can use it for 130 days. Moreover, this electric toothbrush will not cause you to suffer from sensitivity.



Oral-B is one of the prominent and trusted brands. It is also among the best brands to manufacture premium and best electric toothbrush in India. The Oral-B VITALITY 100 includes a built-in, 2-min timer with a 30 seconds alert (through vibration). Moreover, this toothbrush comprises soft bristles which are easy on the gums and ensure 16 degrees of cross-action cleaning.

This one from Oral-B is one of the compatible electric toothbrush in India. It includes toothbrush heads of cross-action, 3D Black, Sensi Ultra-Thin, Sensitive Clean, Precision Clean, Floss-action, Tri-zone, Dual Clean, Power Tip, and Ortho care. Thus, you will not face trouble replacing the brush head after using it for months. 

This electric toothbrush has a sleek design, lightweight body, skin-friendly touch, and an anti-slip grip. You can use it for a week with a single charge. 



Similar to the previous one from the best electric toothbrush in India, Oral-B Cross Action is an incredible model from the same brand. It is designed in a way to ensure cleaning in the hard-to-reach and deep between the teeth for a thorough cleaning experience. 

Since its bristles are set at 16 degrees to clean along the gum line, it ensures the removal of up to 100% plaque. It is too compatible that you can use any brush head above it with the entire line-up of Oral-B electric toothbrushes. Here, the Oral-B Sonic is the only exception. 

8) JSB HF128


If you are searching for the best electric toothbrush in India for your little one, then you must check JSB HF128. This toothbrush also plays music, which will make your kid have an enjoyable time while brushing. The presence of soft DuPont bristles and 8,800 oscillations/min ensures that the gums do not get damaged. 

JSB HF128 also sports an auto timer for two minutes. It also includes a 30-sec interval timer that alerts them to switch to the other portion. This one from the best electric toothbrush in India offers four choices to choose from when your kind wishes to enjoy some music. Additionally, it also includes interchangeable panel stickers for cartoons. 

This electric toothbrush also offers two auto brushing modes for optimum cleaning. The brushing modes are Clean and Sensitive modes. The two AAA batteries operate this toothbrush. In order to shield it from water splashes, it comprises a waterproof design. 

9) PHILIPS HX3214/11


Philips is one of the prominent brands for the manufacturing of home appliances. Along with it, Philips HX33214/11 is an electric toothbrush by this brand. This one of the best electric toothbrush in India houses the innovative and patented Sonic Technology. This technology pulses the water between the teeth in order to rinse efficiently.

In order to deliver a better cleaning experience, the bristles move and break up plaque, and sweep it away from the hard-to-reach areas. Philips brand also claims that it is the number one brand by dental professionals globally. With a single charge and moderate usage, you can use it for 14 days on a single charge. 

Philips HX3214/11 is structured to glide along the gum line smoothly. As per Philips, it vanishes three times more plaque than an ordinary toothbrush. Additionally, to time your movements, while brushing, it comprises its easy-start program, SmartTimer, and Quad-Pacer.



Colgate ProClinical 150 is the final product in the list of best electric toothbrush in India. This battery-powered electric toothbrush consisting of charcoal-infused antibacterial bristle ensures the prevention of bacterial growth. Thus, giving assurance of adequate oral hygiene. 

It can deliver up to 20,000 strokes/min and ensures cleaning the gaps among the teeth and hardly accessible portions. Here, a built-in timer of 2 min is present. The timer turns off the brush once you reach the maximum recommended brushing time. 

As per Colgate, this one of the best electric toothbrush in India can vanish up to 5 times more plaque compared to an ordinary toothbrush. This electric toothbrush comprises thin-tipped bristles. The bristles help along the gum line. While the cheek and tongue cleaner on the brush removes the bacteria that cause odour. 


After going through the top 10 best electric toothbrush in India 2022, you may have better insights into the brands, operational modes, and specifications. 

Even if you wildly pick any random electric toothbrushes from the above list, you will surely not regret opting for that brand and model. Every toothbrush from the list of best electric toothbrush in India is unique and best in its own way. 

Additionally, for your comfort, we have placed direct links from which you can order whatever electric toothbrush you wish to have for you and your family members. You do not even have to pay a single penny extra if you buy from the mentioned links in the links. 

If you liked reading this post, do like it and share it with your friends and family members to let them know about these outstanding models. Also, let us know in the comments, which electric toothbrush you loved the most in this list of best electric toothbrush in India 2022.




Digital theft and cybercrime have been increasing exponentially. Thus, it became a concern to stay safe online for the individuals. The stealers and hackers have reached the level where just by getting your minor details, they can harm you a lot digitally by entering in your smartphones or tablets

You might be aware of one of the famous quotes, ‘Prevention is better than Cure’. Similarly, your precautions and online safety measures are way better than recovering yourself and your identity after a cybercrime or theft. 

Since everything is shifting digitally and functioning through the internet, it has become comparatively effortless for hackers to acquire your information by offering you some valuable things. Through unsecured Wi-Fi, websites, surveys/forms, or DMs; the hackers can easily access your personal, professional, or financial details. 

In order to tackle the steps of cyber hackers and stay safe online, you should be a step ahead of them. Now the question is, how can you be a step ahead of them? Most notably, you need to be aware of the traps they can expect you to fall in. It can be through a variety of ways, which often seem genuine to the individuals. 

Following are some of the measures you must take to stay safe online and be in a safe position from the various ways of online theft. Comprehend each of the mentioned points in detail, and make yourself safe from cybercrime.

List of 10 Ways To Stay Safe Online From Cyber Crimes



A lot of times, a drive-by download may disguise itself as a standard system update, or an innocuous ‘yes/no’ query. Thus, even the most cyber-savvy among us can be fooled. Also, drive-by downloads can install malware on your hard drive, without even asking for your agreement to download it. 

In case you received a phishing email with malware attached, it will be better if you do not click on the links or attachments given by them. These things can cause serious harm to your home network. Thus, from a safety point of view, you should not open emails from unknown addresses. 



Setting complicated passwords in your devices and various other presences is one the easiest way to stay safe online. Using a strong password is one of the ways to shield yourself from online identity theft.

Nowadays passwords like someone’s name, birthdays, or sequential numbers are not a big deal to crack for the online robbers. Thus, you should avoid using uncomplicated passwords. Especially, you should not set only the names, phone numbers, email addresses, or birthdays of yourself or your friends/family members. The phishers get access to these details very easily. Then, with the details, they can crack your passwords as well.

One of the most common ways to set a strong password to stay safe online is using a mixture of alphabets, numbers, and special characters. Moreover, the longer your password will be, the more it will be safe from cyber theft. You can also include an abbreviated sentence or a passphrase in your password.

You may also refer to a password manager to generate unique passwords for each of your social media presence. If you face issues in remembering your password, you may take the help of the password management app to generate and store your passwords. 

Additionally, changing the passwords several times a year will provide you extra security from online theft.


The two-factor authentication asks you to verify your identity through OTPs or other forms after you logged in by entering your username and password. Along with the strong passwords, this is also one of the best stays safe online measures you should be aware of. 

If you activate the two-factor authentication on your device, then you may be asked to enter the security code sent on your mobile or email. They can also ask you some security questions linked to you.

Usually, the two-factor authentication takes an extra couple of seconds to log in by verifying your account, but it is worth having on your device to assure safety. 


Clicking links from someone you know are often the source of the spread of viruses and other forms of malware on your device. If someone from your friend, family, relatives, colleagues, etc sends you a link that seems strange to you, then you should not click on it. Rather, you should contact and ask them, whether they have sent this link intentionally or for some purpose. If their answer is no, better not to touch that link. 

Moreover, if you find a suspicious link, and you don’t want to ask or wait for the sender’s response, you may self-verify it as well. For this, you need to copy the link address and paste it into a reputed link checker. While doing this, stay cautious that you have to copy the link, without clicking it. 



Web browsers, security software, and devices play a crucial role in ensuring your digital safety. Thus, it is your responsibility to keep all these up-to-date by updating them regularly. If you are a busy person or usually forget to update the software, browser, and device on time, then it will be better to turn on the automatic updates. With this, it will update it automatically without interrupting you. 

These updates play a vital role to let you stay safe online. The updates do the essential fixes for any security voids that exist in the current version of your device or software. 


In order to download some big files, or to save your mobile data, you may try to connect your device to the Wi-Fi networks available in your surroundings. But sometimes, it can become a threat and not let you stay safe online. 

There will be no issues if you pair it with secured public Wi-Fi. But if possible, try to avoid connecting your device with the unsecured public Wi-Fi networks. Even if you do not have an alternative other than using these networks, then stay conservative with your information. Also, avoid entering your crucial information like your Social Security number, or information related to your cards and finances, on any websites. 

You may also use a Virtual Private Network (VPN), for the better security of your network when you are outside your home. The VPN encrypts the data you send or receive and makes it difficult for thieves to intercept.



In case you become a victim of malware, like ransomware, then it will be too difficult for you to back up your data unless you have already backed up data. 

Backing up the data makes certain kinds of security breaches less problematic. If you have backed up your data a week ago, then it will be a challenging task for the hacker. If a hacker encrypts your data and demands a ransom to unencrypt it, then it will be problematic for them to do so with your backed data. 


Financial information is one of the most crucial details you share with someone. Nowadays, it has even become risky to share information like credit/debit/pan card details with the people you know. 

While purchasing something online or making a transaction, make sure that the website on which you are making a deal is safe and encrypted. For this, ensure the URL of that website begins with ‘HTTPS://’ before its name. The presence of ‘s’ after HTTPS is critical because it indicates that your connection to that website is encrypted. If you only see ‘HTTP://’ present on the website, do not enter any financial or personal information on that website. 

Moreover, you should be careful if you save your financial information on the website you buy from. Even if you are their regular customer, it will be better for you to avoid storing your financial details there. Keeping the information on the sites makes it easier for the hacker to access the data whenever that company’s website or network suffers a data breach. 


Educating the family too is one of the crucial steps in order to stay safe online. The above points to stay safe online are the ones that you can implement to ensure safety. But along with it, you must also educate your family members about the same. 

Even if you take care of every single thing to stay safe online, but your family members are not implementing it, it will be formidable for you and your family. Make sure that every internet user in your home must be aware of all these precautions to stay away from digital theft. Even if you and the kids are using your network, it will be better to educate them about cyber safety.



Avoiding personal information is one of the easiest yet most impactful ways to stay safe online from various cybercrimes. You may believe that with a bit of your personal information, someone can’t do anything against you. But this little information is what the hackers need. You may not believe it, but even little details can be a reason for your damage from cybercrimes.

You should not share your identifying information like your address, full name, or financial details with the unknown websites or the strangers you meet online. You must also be careful while creating a username on websites. If possible, please try to avoid your real or full name there. Moreover, online surveys and forms have now become one of the easiest ways to gather details of an individual. There as well, you must be conscious about what you are filling. 

You may sometimes feel challenged to stay safe online. But it is essential to keep you and your family safe. Visualise the situation when you walk in the street. Do you start interacting and sharing your personal and financial details with strangers? Do you share your credit/debit card or your home address with them? Your answer will surely be ‘no’. In the same way, you should treat online interactions as strangers. Share only those details which are genuinely required, and may not harm you in the future. 


Cybercrimes are increasing as we are becoming more equipped with gadgets and technologies. Even after innumerable cases, it is still an underrated form of crime. The major cause behind these cases is the illiteracy of the individuals in terms of technology and their details. 

A hacker may set a hard to overcome trap in order to gamble on your identity and details and use it on their own terms. Well, they can structure a genuine appearance trap for you, but it is your responsibility to keep yourself safe from making mistakes online. Precautions from your side can make you stay safe online and not involve a loss.

Through all the 10 listed points on the ways to stay safe online, you can ensure the safety of yourself, your family, and your loved ones. You just need to take care of some crucial points, which are already mentioned above. Moreover, educating others in your family about the same will ensure your safety everywhere.

Do like this post if you find these ways to stay safe online, be helpful and informative. Do comment your views on digital theft and cybercrimes, and share them with everyone you want to be aware of these online safety measures.




For a few years, there has been a tough battle of supremacy between the iPhone and the Android. Whenever we discuss iPhone vs Android, the individuals, as per their experiences, start giving justifications to prove their choice better. 

iPhones are the product introduced by the Apple company. On the other hand, many companies manufacture Android smartphones. There are countless factors and specifications which make a particular brand or model unique. Even, in the iPhone vs Android comparison, we need to consider innumerable factors.

Compared to iPhones, Android devices are way more affordable for the average individual. That is the reason people usually prefer it over the Apple iPhones. You will get the Best Smartphones Under 50000 if you go for the Android. Well, the prices will be way higher for the iPhones. 

Keeping the price aside, there are multiple other parameters in iPhone vs Android, which constitute some crucial features one must have in their smartphone. 

We are here with a list of parameters to find which iPhone or Android is the best for usage. In this article, we have picked the 15 most common and crucial features that almost every smartphone offers. With each of the comparisons, we will count the points based on their performance. 

Let us have a glimpse at each of the attributes in the iPhone vs Android comparison and see which among the Android and iPhone offers the best features. 

iPhone vs Android: Which is better?


LOGIN - iPhone vs Android

The first parameter in the comparison of iPhone vs Android is the system to log in to the device. The iPhone offers the TouchID fingerprint sensor feature. Thus, it bypasses the annoying lock screen system.

Many android phones also provide a similar kind of feature. The other android phones consist of a ‘smart lock’ tool. This tool in the android uses face recognition or location to bypass the lock screen. 

If you look at both from the security point of view, the iPhone’s login system is more secure than the Android. 


With the new updates in the Android smartphones, it comes with an amazing feature of favourite contacts, which are laid out in a much better way. It functions according to the people you usually call frequently.

On the other hand, FaceTime in the iPhone is its killer feature. Thus, in this parameter in the iPhone vs Android, iPhone retains its supremacy.


CHECK THE TIME - iPhone vs Android

Be it iPhone or Android, every user often checks the time for many purposes. Especially, if you are not at home, the chances are more that you will use your phone to stay on time. 

By pressing the lock screen, you can see the time on both devices. But since we are dealing with the iPhone vs Android comparison, we need to find out who performs the best in this field. 

In the comparison of iPhone vs Android, many of the Android phones function better in showing times on the screen. The smartphone brands like Motorola, Samsung, and HTC come with smart covers and sensors. Thus, whenever you pull your phone out of your pocket, it will automatically show you the time. You do not even have to press any key. 

Moreover, Android comes with a super-dim ‘daydream’ clock that always remains on when charging your device on your nightstand. Therefore, in this feature, the Android phones are better than the iPhones. 


CAPTURE PHOTO/VIDEO - iPhone vs Android

Irrespective of any age group of brand lovers, capturing photos and videos is something everyone enjoys and loves to do. If we look at the cameras in both Android and iPhones, both come with incredible quality cameras which perform great. 

Android comes with both terrific cameras and awful ones as well. On the other hand, the cameras of iPhones function consistently great. But when it comes to managing the quality of photos and videos, the Android phones offer a better experience at an affordable price. 

One more reason why the Android is better in this parameter of iPhone vs Android is because of the Google Photos. Since the Android gadgets are equipped with Google Photos, you get access to unlimited free storage for your pictorial data.


With the latest updates, Apple has begun displaying the lowercase alphabet on its iPhone keyboard, when you are not using capital letters. Still, Android’s stock keyboard functions better than Apple’s. 

The prime reason why Android performs better in this parameter of iPhone vs Android is because of the swipe gestures included there. Additionally, the punctuation function on the same screen as the letter is one of the crucial features you will witness in Android devices.


No doubt both Apple and Google app stores have incredible features and specifications. Still, in the iPhone vs Android comparison, the Android functions far superior at organising the apps. 

The Google Play Store, which comes under the Android will let you place the essential stuff on the home screen. It also offers the feature of allowing you to hide less useful apps in the app drawer. Additionally, the devices of Android are far more useful than those of Apple. 


NOTIFICATIONS - iPhone vs Android

When it comes to notifications in the batter of iPhone vs Android, it is a tough battle to choose which performs the best here. The iPhones come with an active notification feature. From that, you can give your response within the notification, without opening the app. Here, the Android lacks a bit. 

But Android enables you to set your ‘priority’ for the notifications. Once you are done with the priority list, it will notify you as per your priority list. The top priority and necessary notifications will appear on the top, while it will minimise the less important messages. 

Additionally, it is easier on Android to clear the notifications in a single swipe, compared to iPhone. Thus, notifications go in the Android’s favour in the iPhone vs Apple battle.


Similar to the notifications, the music/podcasts also have a tough fight of iPhone vs Android. In Android, you will get an excellent music-playing app in Google Play Music. It will enrich you with an impressive list of free, ad-supported music. 

But, the good thing about Apple Music is that it comes ad-free. Apple Music does not offer any free options for its users to enjoy music. But, it integrates the music/podcasts impressive well. Thus, you will have a great time on Apple Music with your iTunes downloads. 

Due to the marvellous integration of quality music, it wins in the music/podcasts drill in this iPhone vs Android comparison. 


Irrespective of your email service provider, Gmail is the prime mail app present on Android. The Android comes with a ‘material design’, which allows you to browse the folders or switch accounts from any other screen with a quick swipe to the right. 

Unlike Android, Apple’s mail service automatically recognizes your Exchange settings. But for this, it consumes a lot more taps to navigate. Due to the same reason, the mail performs better on Android compared to iPhones.


Google Maps is the best tracking application launched by Google. It helps in getting the accurate directions and locations of any destinations. Well, the good news is that it is available on both Android and iPhone devices. 

But you can only use Google Maps natively on Android devices. That means the Siri present in the iPhones can not use Google Maps. Although Apple is improving its interior Maps app, it is still somewhere lacking in the battle of iPhone vs Android.


When it comes to accessing the contacts, the Android’s contacts are way easier to navigate. Further, its large image feature enables the users to find the one they are looking for more easily. 

If we talk about the iPhone, it automatically connects with Facebook and other social media networks to populate the photos of your contacts. To do so on Android devices, you need to install a separate app for it. Still, in the overall battle in accessing contacts, Android is a bit ahead of iPhone.


Search is the bread and butter for Google. ‘Google Now’ is even a more advanced version that searches the light reservations, sports updates, transit routes, and news stories. It does even before you have a thought on them. 

But when it comes to the iPhone, its Spotlight searches more stuff than Google does. Be it emails, reminders, calendar events, texts and voice memos, podcasts, or notes, it searches them quickly. 

Apple also offers an in-built Siri feature. As of now, it is limited to only contacts, apps, news, and nearby attractions. Due to this reason, the iPhone wins the drill of search in the iPhone vs Android battle. 


If we look at the structure of iPhones, it comes with a physical switch present. With that switch, you can directly put your phone in vibration mode. On the other hand, in Android, you have to log in, press the volume key, and press the bell in order to set it in a vibration mode. 

Along with the Apple devices, some Android smartphones also enable you to set your phone to vibrate in some specific situations, as per the settings you do on your device. Thus, the iPhone is better if you set it to vibrate in the iPhone vs Android. 


Both Android and iPhone offer the function to converse on the phone with the in-built system. In Android, its voice assistant types whatever you speak, and also works offline. But it is quite a professional tool in Android. 

On the other hand, you will experience immense pleasure talking with Siri, an in-built system present in the iPhones. It has a fun personality and also understands the natural language a bit better compared to the Android. 

In terms of conversation with phones, the Siri of the iPhone wins the battle. 


SENDING MESSAGES - iPhone vs Android

The final parameter in the iPhone vs Android comparison battle is regarding sending the messages. The default messenger app which Android offers is pretty and perfectly serviceable. But the iMessage is good when it comes to sending texts.

The iMessage enables you to send free texts and voice notes to the other users of Apple. You can operate the same from your Mac as well. In Android, Google Hangouts lets you hybrid the texts and Google Hangout messages in a single app. Thus, you can send messages from your computers if you have a Google Voice account. 

If we look at overall smoothness and perfection in sending messages from both phone and laptop, then iMessages on the iPhone are better and more efficient than the Google Hangout messages on the Android. 


After examining each of the 15 comparisons in the iPhone vs Android battle, it is tough to say that any particular system is best. Both Android and iPhone consist of outstanding specifications. This comparison is similar to choosing the best avenger among Iron Man and Captain America. Seems tough, right?

If we count the points, then among the 15 points of iPhone vs Android comparisons, the Androids grab 8 points, while 7 points are in the favour of iPhones. Thus, in this close battle, it will be unfair to consider any particular model the best. 

Still, if we look at the overall parameters and price range, then Android smartphones are ahead of the iPhones. Still, iPhones are the best in many features and specialties. 

That is all the iPhone vs Android comparison battle. Hope you have enjoyed this battle of supremacy between iPhones and Androids. Do like and share this blog on iPhone vs Android, and let others know which is the best with overall features. 



We, humans, are known for evolution, each time there is an obstacle humans have made specific changes in their bodies. From the very first species, “homo habilis” to what we are known as today “homo sapiens”. But were these changes made immediately? It took human beings 2.4 million years to make changes and stick to them.

But why are we talking about a thing that has happened in history? Because to enlighten the fact that it took 2.4 million years to make changes and most importantly to stick to those changes. Making changes in life or making resolutions is easy but sticking to them is a real task!

Here is a head start to new beginning.

Every year is a new beginning and a fresh start, where you can begin your day in a different way or inculcate new habits within yourself. Each time when you make a new resolution there is more probability of you breaking them.

You’ve probably set a New Goal — and then broken it — at least once in your life. Stop making resolutions and then failing to follow through this year. If your resolution is to improve your health and well-being, you will have a lot better year if you keep it. To get you started, here are 10 amazing life changing tips to stick to your fitness resolution!


Keep your dreams realistic.

Making your objective unreachable is the surest way to fall short of it. Resolving to never eat your favorite dish again, for example, is a recipe for failure. Instead, set a realistic goal for yourself, such as avoiding it more frequently than you do currently.

You might decide to lose 10 pounds, make daily to-do lists, or run a mini-marathon, for example. Make your aim attainable rather than unrealistic. Choosing a specific, attainable objective allows you to plan out exactly how you will achieve (and stick to) your goal throughout the year.


Work on your plans before hand.

Make your resolutions before the New Season. If you wait until the last minute, your decision will be influenced by your mood that day. Instead, it should be arranged far in advance of December 31st.

The year is probably not the best time to begin making plans for the coming year. When you wait until the last minute, you risk making decisions based on your mood for the day rather than a more calculated approach. Instead, a New Year’s resolution should be made well in advance of December 31.

If it’s too late to start something on January 1st, choose another date—February 1st, your birthday, the anniversary of your diagnosis—whatever date is special to you.


Plan your schedule.

Make a plan for how you’ll handle the temptation to skip that workout class or eat that piece of cake. This could include enlisting the assistance of a friend, engaging in positive thinking and self-talk, or reminding yourself how your “bad behavior” will impact your goal.

You can begin by writing out your goal, establishing a list of possible actions to reach that goal, and noting any potential roadblocks. You’ll be better prepared to adhere to your commitment and conquer any obstacles if you know exactly what you want to accomplish and the challenges you could face.


Understand the benefits and disadvantages.

It may be beneficial to see a list of items written down to keep your motivation high. Build this list over time and invite others to add to it. Keep your list with you and refer to it whenever you need motivation.

It’s critical to think about a settlement from all sides. Maybe the moment is appropriate, maybe it isn’t: think about it before jumping in. A summary of benefits and drawbacks on paper may help to boost motivation.

Build this list over time and invite others to add to it. Keep the list on hand and refer to it whenever a resolution has to be reaffirmed.


Feel proud about yourself.

Keep your resolution to yourself. Tell your friends and family members who will be there to support you in your efforts to improve your health or alter yourself for the better. Finding a friend who shares your New Goal and motivates each other is the best-case scenario.

Yes, you’ve undoubtedly heard this advice a million times before, but it works. Having a strong support network might assist you in being motivated and accountable. Companionship also helps to keep to your resolution more enjoyable. So, if possible, choose a friend or loved one who shares your goals.


Motivate yourself.

If your resolution is to eat a healthier diet, this does not mean you may consume an entire box of chocolates. Instead, reward yourself for your accomplishment by doing something you enjoy that does not conflict with your resolution. If you’ve been keeping your vow to eat healthier, reward yourself with new workout gear or a trip to the movies with a friend.


Be in track with your goals.

Keep track of your tiny victories. Short-term goals are easier to stick to, and each small victory will keep you motivated. Rather than concentrating on dropping 30 pounds, concentrate on the first five. Keep a food diary to help you remain on track, and give yourself a reward for every five pounds you lose.

If you’re keeping a resolution notebook, make a note of the date the relapse occurred, what may have sparked it, and what you might do differently next time. You will be better equipped to deal with future issues if you first comprehend them.


Take time to applaud yourself.

Obsessing over little mistakes will not help you reach your goal. Take each day as it comes and do the best you can.

It’s not always possible to maintain a positive attitude all of the time, but striving to be less self-critical can help. Obsessing over little setbacks isn’t going to help you make progress.

Each day, do the best you can and take it one day at a time. When you make a mistake, don’t dwell on it. Regain control of the situation and continue with the strategy.


Be consistent throughout.

A new activity takes around 21 days to become a habit, and six months to become part of your personality, according to experts. Be persistent and patient because it will not happen overnight!

The hardest aspect of sustaining a resolution will be sticking to a plan. A new activity, such as exercising, takes roughly 21 days to become a habit, and 6 months to become part of your personality, according to experts. In no time, your new healthy habits will become second nature.


Don’t despair if you’ve lost all motivation to keep your resolution by the middle of February. Restart the game! Recommit for the next 24 hours. You have 24 hours to do whatever you want. The 24-hour intervals will quickly add up, and you’ll be back on track before you know it.

You can also try out simple home workouts for best results.


Researchers in Sweden looked at over 1,000 people’s New Year’s resolutions in a study. They discovered that the following were among the participants’ objectives:

33% for physical well-being

20% reduction in weight

13% intend to alter their eating habits

9% for personal development

5% for mental health and sleep

Those who set approach-oriented goals, such as eating more fruit, rated their resolution as successful 59 percent of the time. 47 percent of individuals who had an avoidance objective, such as not eating candy, felt successful.

The annual ritual of making resolutions does not have to be a failure. Sometimes the difference between success and failure comes down to picking the proper objective and following the correct approach to get there. Above all, remember to be kind and flexible with yourself, and to acknowledge and applaud any and all improvement. It’s not only about achieving the ultimate goal; it’s also about the journey.



The summer season has a long duration, after April we started seeing that days are becoming warmer, and the health concern is increased more during this season. People kept searching for the best summer health tips because health is a major concern and can get affected, during the summer season. Scorching heat in summers, rising temperature, and heatstroke are many other problems we have to face during summers, and health is something that cannot be ignored at any cost. Taking care of yourself and the health of your loved ones is your utmost priority. Along with staying healthy in summers, it is also important to eat right, take care of your skin, and much more.

This whole thread will give you proper insights of how to stay healthy this summer, you will get best summer health tips

Here are the few listed summer health tips

Consume plenty of water

Consume Plenty Of Water

Consuming a lot of water is important to stay the body fit and healthy. Summer heat can cause dehydration in the body which can affect our body adversely. So, try to drink at least two to three liters of water daily, It will help you to be hydrated all day. It will protect you from diseases that can affect you and can cause fever and other problems. Apart from this, you can consume juice and other drinks in addition to water to stay hydrated.

Take precautions to avoid heatstroke

Avoid Heat Stroke

Heatstroke is a major issue that can affect your health during summers. Precautionary measures are required to avoid heatstroke and stay fit and healthy in this summer season. This generally affects adults and older adults because they have to go out for work-related stuff. Older people are more vulnerable to heatstroke because their bodies do not adjust to temperature changes as quickly. Heatstroke can cause High fever, nausea, vomiting, headache, and also dizziness.

 Take these safety precautions for heat stroke

  • Stay cool and do not stay in enclosed spaces that lack air, keep yourself in the air circulating space.
  • Try to eat smaller meals more often and cold meals such as summer fruits and salads.
  • Keep yourself cool by washing your face in cold water, and putting your feet in cold water will protect you from the summer heat.

Light and comfortable attires

Comfortable Attires

You should wear Light and Comfortable attires to stay healthy during summers because they will keep your body temperature regulated in the hot sun. So the dresses which are breathable and lightweight are best for summers to wear. Also, avoid heavy clothing and choose natural fabrics like cotton and linen, they are comfortable to wear. Along with it, cotton has breathable material whereas linen can absorb sweat and quickly dries.Try to wear clothes that are light shade in colour  because they don’t absorb heat , also  avoid wearing black or dark shade colours cloth because they absorb heat and can make  you will feel more warmer.

Indoor stays are best

Limit your outdoor activities because staying out during the daytime in the summer heat can affect your body. Plan your day accordingly, reduce your outdoor time during the daytime which means the afternoon, and schedule your work in the early morning time or evening. Staying indoors can help you to protect from heatstroke and also the sun protection to which you are otherwise exposed. Along with it make sure your home is properly ventilated during summer and also keep the rooms clean and cool. These are the best summer season health tips.

Eat healthy and light

Light and Healthy

The best health and wellness tip for summer is that eat healthy and light food. Consume a small amount of food at a particular time and have frequent meals, also avoid heavy meals which have high carbohydrates and fats. Do include fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily diet, it will keep your body light and also make the body non-vulnerable to diseases. Include fruits and vegetable which has high water content such as oranges, watermelon, cucumber, musk melon, and so on.

Protect your eyes

Protect Your Eyes

One of the summer season health tips is that you should protect your eyes from the sunlight. The harsh sunlight can adversely affect your eyes which can cause problems such as itching, swelling eyes, and pain in the eyes. So for that wear protective eyewear to protect your eyes from sunlight, wear protective eyewear whenever you go out. Do include wearing sunglasses because it blocks at least 99 percent of the UV rays.

  • Remedies which you can try to protect your eyes
  • Wash your eyes with ice water
  • You can put a cucumber slice on your both eyes, you will feel instant relief
  • You can also consider eye drops to get relief from itching and pain.

Avoid Alcohol and Caffeine

Avoid caffeine and Alcohol Intake

Avoid Alcohol and Caffeine, do consider this health and wellness tip for summer because this intake during summer can result in poor health conditions. Also, avoid fizzy drinks along with alcohol and caffeine because they can dehydrate you very quickly. Consuming these beverages during Hot weather and a humid atmosphere can cause health-related problems. Apart from this if you are finding a substitute for these beverages go for flavored or plain water.

Avoid eating outside food

Avoid Eating Outside Food

Eating street foods during the summer season can adversely affect your health because the roadside food can be contaminated and may cause foodborne illnesses. The main problem with eating street food is the storage problem, if they are not stored properly they may get spoilt and which may cause stomach ache or stomach infection. Along with it, roadside food has the quality issue, oil quality, and street food itself is not good for the health. So, try to avoid eating outside food and only limit to homemade food because healthy and good for health also.


Summer Skin Health

The best tip for healthy skin in summer is that Do wear sunscreen whenever you go out because it will protect your skin from heat and sunlight. Whenever you go out for a walk, work or any other errands at least apply SPF 30 on your skin and wear it all the time, because especially during the summer season you are most exposed to ultraviolet rays which are really bad skin health. Apart from this, you can apply some homemade paste to your skin, it will cool your skin and also make it smooth addition to it you can rub your skin with ice, these are the best tip to get glowing skin summer naturally.

Sleep pattern

Sleep Pattern

Sleep is important for staying fit and healthy, around eight hours of sleep is a must for good human health. As summer is approaching, sleep pattern easily gets disturbed which can impact our health. As per experts quality of sleep is required to maintain good health during the summer season. It’s quite difficult to maintain a sleep pattern so do ensure your sleeping routine, for that wake up at the same time and also sleep at the same time. It is advisable to wake up early in the morning because then you are less exposed to the sun and take fresh air. Also, sleep at the same time, do this at least for a week without any break, you will get habitual to it.

Exercise and maintaining good hygiene

Exercise and Maintain Hygiene

Exercise is good for health, especially during the summer season because exercise can improve digestion and other problem which cause in summers. Prefer to exercise early in the morning or in evening otherwise it would be litte harder to do it because of the summer heat. Also refrain yourself to workout in outdoors because as you are more expose sun in outdoors as compared to indoors .Fungal infection and body odur  are common during summer season , so it is crucial to maintain good hygine. Good hygine also reflects your good healthy , basic tips for maintaining good hygine is that take shower twice a day during summers, you will feel refresh from this.


Summers are important its warmth is also important , enjoy summer season but ensure that health wont get affected by it. Take all proper precautions which are required and do follow these best summer health tips. It will help you to stay  fit and healthy in summer , so consume more and more water , take care of your skin, exercise and maintain good hygine.

Follow the above basic tips in summer to stay healthy




The Golden Temple

The Golden Temple is the most beautiful of the known gurudwara of India. It is located in the city of  Amritsar. The golden temple is known for its spiritual significance and also for its architectural beauty. This place is also a symbol of human brotherhood and equality. The peaceful and enchanting Gurbani which is played throughout the day gives immense pleasure to the ears and the soul. Delicious langer which is served over here and the dip in Amrit Sarovar, one can never come dissatisfied from here.

Do you know?

The golden temple is also known as Harmandir sahib or darbar sahib and it is the holiest pilgrimage place for the Sikh community. Golden Temple is the ultimate tourist destination in India, people from all over the world, do visit here. You will find inner peace over here, the spectacular place of worship. Irrespective of the religion, people from all caste and religions, love to come over here. If you want to explore Punjab then you should start your journey with Amritsar and its golden temple.

Here is the list of things that you should know about the Golden Temple in Amritsar, which includes its history, architecture, timings, and much more related facts.

Golden Temple Information:

Temple location Amritsar
Entry and exit timings 4:00 am to 11:00 pm; every day
Entry Fees Free
Cameras and phones Allowed
 Establishment in the year 1588 (origins)
Also called Harmandir Sahib or Darbar Sahib

A Special Note -Take care of the attire, you should dress properly before entering the golden temple. Also, remove your shoes before entering the compound and do cover your head with a scarf.

History of Golden Temple

As we know the golden temple is the most important pilgrimage site for the Sikh community in India. The foundation stone for the gurudwara was laid in the year 1581 and its construction was completed in the year 1588. The principal scripture of Sikhism is Adi Granth. A copy of it was placed inside the gurudwara by the fifth Guru of the Sikhs, Guru Arjan in the year 1604. One important fact about the golden temple is that the shrine was destroyed many times. By the Mughals Empire and their armies who are marching from Afghanistan but each time Sikhs rebuilt it also at that time the shrine was called Ath Sath Tirath.

If we hark back on the construction and the edifice of the golden temple, it dates back to the 18th century. The Sultan-e-Quam Sardar jassa Singh started the construction under his supervision in the year 1764 and completed it in 1776. After that, the gurudwara was renovated and decorated with gold foil in the year 1830 which is around, half a century later its construction. All of this is led by Maharaja Ranjit Singh, and from that Harmandir sahib is known as Golden Temple.

About the Architecture of Golden Temple

The Golden Temple is situated in the middle of Amritsarovar, which is the beautiful water body in Amritsar city. Also, Amritsar derived its name from Amrit Sarovar. The golden temple is the best tourist destination in Amritsar because of its different architectural styles. shrine display both the architecture Indo-Islamic and Hindu Rajput Architecture. The Shrine temple inside view is so captivating, the structure of the temple is two-storied.

The Beautiful Architecture

The lower level is built of marble and the upper level of this two-storied structure is covered with gold panels. The top dome of the shrine is covered with 750 kg of gold, it makes the architecture of the temple more vibrant. Entry doors of the golden temple are also covered with gold foil. You will be just amazed to see the interiors of this beautiful shrine.

There is only one gate to enter gurudwara whereas there is a total of four entrances to the golden temple. Apart from this, the scripture of the Sikhs is etched in gold lettering on the arches of the shrine. Here you can also see a clock tower, a museum, offices, and a community kitchen which is generally called langar over here. Golden temple is part of a wide and large complex, it has several tourist attractions, here are the top attraction and major things to see in the golden temple complex.

  • Akal Takht, a site of authority in Sikhism
  • Teja Singh Samundri Hall, the office of the temple management
  • A clock tower, added by the colonial rulers
  • Ber Trees, bearing various religious significance
  • Sikh history museum
  • Guru Ram Das Langar, comprising a community-run kitchen and dining hall where free food is served 24 hours

Attractions near Golden Temple

Jallianwala Bagh

Jallianwala Bagh is approximately 600m away from Golden temple, As we all know it is the most historic place in India. It is must visit place in Amritsar as well as it is close to the golden temple. This place is now converted into a memorial who sacrificed their lives in the Amritsar massacre. There is an abundance of information written about the Jallianwala bagh massacre. You should visit this place if you come to Amritsar.

Gurudwara Baba Atal Rai

Gurudwara baba atal rai is also around 750 m away from the golden temple and it is situated to the south of the golden temple. It is also the best place to visit in Amritsar as it is the divine and historical in the heart city of Amritsar. The architecture of Gurudwara Baba Atal Rai is truly wonderful, it is 40 meters high and is the tallest building in Amritsar. The view from the top is picture perfect

Durgiana Temple

Durgiana temple in Amritsar is approximately (1.3 km) away from the golden temple complex. This place is incredible and beautiful, it is a religious place that must visit if you are searching golden temple nearby a tourist attraction.

Gobindgarh Fort

Gobindgarh Fort is also close to the golden temple complex. It is located inside the Lohgarh Darwaza. The 7D show here has a major tourist attraction, Kids love to watch the history of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. Adding to this Dance performance and also the food over here simply wow. You will find the amazing hanging point, the ideal time to spend here is around 1-2 hours. A must-visit place if you are in Amritsar.

Mata Lal Devi Temple

The Mata Lal Devi Temple is one of the famous nearby places of the Golden temple. It is approximately (3.2 km) away from the Golden temple. People from all over India visit this place. The temple is beautiful and the ambiance of the temple is also amazing. Along with it, the temple has an attractive and splendid interior structure.

Maharaja Ranjit Singh Museum

Maharaja Ranjit Singh Museum is 4.1 km away from the golden temple. It is also the best place to visit in Amritsar. It is situated in Company Bagh and this museum will tell you every inch of the history of Maharaja Ranjit Singh.

The Partition Museum

The Partition Museum is part of the newly inaugurated heritage street at Amritsar. It starts at Golden temple and ends at the town hall. This museum highlights the partition which took place during independence. It showcases videos and newspaper clippings of the personnel who are affected during the partition.

Tarn Taran Sahib

Taran Taran Sahib Ji Temple is a close Golden temple and it is just beautiful and perfect. It is open throughout the day and night. This place is serene and has the biggest Sarovar, if you are in Amritsar don’t miss the experience of this place.

Khalsa College

Khalsa college in Amritsar is also popular in Amritsar, because its magnificent architecture. This Sikh architecture is just spell bounding. It was constructed in 19 the century and its design was created by Bhai Ram Singh Ji.

The beauty and holiness of the Golden Temple cannot be explained in words. This place is something which only can be experienced. A large chunk of people come here for peace and tranquility. Everything over here is so vibrant and attractive whether it is the golden temple complex or the nearby places. So, don’t forget to visit historical places in Amritsar which are located nearby. Such as Jallianwala bagh, Mata lal devi mandir, Maharaja Ranjit singh Museum, Khalsa college. Also, do explore the best restaurants in Amritsar which are also situated near the golden temple, they have the best Amritsar cuisines.



Creating a sustainable wardrobe, initially looks like a complex task but it is worth doing and eventually, it will give you ample benefits. Doing everything from scratch is daunting but it is something you will also enjoy doing. You don’t need to spend money to have a sustainable wardrobe, only a bit of time is required to make your wardrobe more sustainable. This article will give you full insights into ethical shopping tips and sustainable fashion facts. Here we have aligned some useful tips to make your wardrobe sustainable and it’s a useful lifestyle hack.


The first step to making your wardrobe more sustainable is that you shouldn’t be buying clothes without thinking about them once. Buying clothes is great but you should be mindful before buying any clothes. Making your wardrobe more sustainable means you don’t have anything which you don’t like to wear. So-called sustainable fashion brands use marketing tactics to lure customers. Sales and discounts on the clothes attract most the people and they purchase clothes which are not useful for them. So it is advisable not to panic while buying and choose according to the necessity. Make the list of the clothes you want to purchase as a wishlist, but don’t purchase immediately. Make an informed decision wait for a few days and then buy only those which are most important to you.

Also, try the 30 wear test

Wondering what is 30 wear test! 30 wear test is that the clothes you are purchasing make sure that you are going to wear them 30 times at least. Keep the limited buying of clothes which you are going to wear occasionally. This clothing shopping tip is really helpful at the same time it will help to make your wardrobe more sustainable.


Be a Mindful Shopper

Shopping mindfully is important because it prevents us to buy Bizzare stuff which is of no use but thought it would be. Buying something which is not useful, will be going to keep in the wardrobe for a year or something without wearing it once. So be a mindful shopper, don’t hesitate about asking what you are purchasing  Take an informed decision, and invest in something which has longevity and that you can wear again and again. Choose those versatile pieces which can be styled in different ways.


Mend your clothes

After buying clothes, a few months later only we found that some cloth trends are changed or clothes get a bit torn. we prefer not to wear clothes which we had bought and paid so much for it. Apart from buying new clothes Mend your clothes, is the ultimate style hack. Take needle and thread and mend your clothes according to the need. you can also make different style fusions with that same cloth. Adding to this you can just pay to professional or tailor to mend or repair your clothes. This is the best way of sustainable fashion. Because if that cloth you don’t repair or mend they will eventually become useless and that’s a waste of money. Here also your mindful decision is really important and this is also a crucial step to making your wardrobe more sustainable. To mend or repair apart from buying.


Buy second hand, this is one of the ethical fashion shopping tips you try to make your closet sustainable. Buying new clothes at a high cost more often can waste your money. If you want to purchase a few clothes you can try the idea of buying second-hand clothes. The one thing which is needed to buy second-hand clothes is changing your attitude towards shopping. buying new clothes is not the only option you can, second-hand clothes of good quality can wearable. Adding to this many online apps provide options to buy second-hand clothes of good quality. And there is a filter option you can choose according to your needs. You can also sell your unused or not-in-use clothes on these apps. Especially those clothes which are ethnic and one-time use you can easily resell them.


Be an Outfit Repeater

What to do before buying new clothes?

We also prefer to buy new clothes rather than repeat outings because of the so-called social behavior. Sustainable fashion is the one which not buying but repeating clothes in different ways social media culture nowadays encourage us to focus on trendy and new. But we forget the concept of sustainability even in clothes they are much needed. Apart from following social media trends, we should concentrate on our needs and requirement. From now rethink on your social media because it creates a kind of pressure. Although much Sustainable fashion industry is encouraging people on repeating clothes. To maintain sustainability in your closet, you should consider repeating clothes apart from wasting money on new clothes.



The best Sustainable Clothing tip is that donate your unwanted clothes to someone who needs them. As you can donate your unwanted closes to some NGOs or organizations that distribute clothes to needy people. Donating your clothes to a good cause is great rather than left hanging in the corner of the wardrobe. Helping others by giving clothes is in itself a great deed and especially in winters. Always try to distribute unwanted clothes, and always make a habit like, if you buy something you will donate also.


Take care of your clothes

Taking care of your clothes is important for their durability. After buying clothes we forget to take care of them. We generally ignore properly washing them and arranging them in the wardrobe. The expensive clothes take a little more care for their longevity. The tool which is advisable to have a sustainable wardrobe is a steamer. The steamer is good to iron clothes properly and it leaves your clothes fresh, smooth, and wrinkled-free. The hot steam also prevents clothes from bacteria and bad smell. Along with it, one more tool is also recommended and that’s a fabric shaver. A fabric shaver is a great tool for knitted garments, it ensures their longevity.


Only buy those clothes which you are going to wear year long. Don’t purchase only summer or only winter clothes. Choose according to the atmosphere where you live most of the time. Also, buy some clothes which will be used in mostly all the seasons. Such as Jeans, T-shirts, Jackets, Denim and stuff like these. Don’t fill your wardrobe with unwanted cloth, choose wisely. So it is advisable to invest in Transeasonal clothes.


Always go for quality over quantity , and quality of any clothing is more important than other thing. Buying some clothes which have good quality is far better than clothes which have poor quality. Although the cloths which have good quality are generally expensive but they are year long investment. If you have purchase quality of clothes then you don’t have to buy same type of clothes again and again , this will same money and time.


To make your wardrobe more sustainable, you have to keep one thing in mind very clearly send your money wisely. Save money for dresses you have to wear daily, instead of spending and saving money for those dresses which you can only wear occasionally. Because it is a fruitful Idea in this way your money wouldn’t be wasted on unnecessary clothing. So to have a sustainable wardrobe, it is quite vital to adjust, how you spend your money.



Perspective plays a crucial role in making your wardrobe sustainable, change of perspective is the need of the hour. While buying you don’t have to panic, and not have to purchase unnecessary stuff. All you have to make is an informed decision, and also have to be a mindful shopper. Always ask your self that are you are going to wear the purchased cloth, several times if the answer is yes then go for it otherwise don’t. Spend only and only on those close to whichyour you daily wear, in this way, you can have a more sustainable wardrobe and can save more money.



Want to experience the amazing ‘Tropical Paradise ‘ of India. Then pack your bags and wander on the palm-fringed beaches of Andaman and Nicobar. The beaches and beautiful islands at this place are all mesmerizing and captivating. The white sand, crystal clear water, and the breeze, are the best combo you will ever have. If you haven’t visited Andaman and Nicobar not at once, you should have to visit this heaven-like place. The chirping of birds and the serenity which prevails all over this place are completely beguiling.

The Beguiling Sea waves

Andaman and Nicobar island is located in the  Bay of Bengal. It is an Indian archipelago, that has around three hundred large groups of islands. Over here some Islands are for tourism purposes and the rest are not for tourism, they are left as natural beauty. Along with it, The remaining islands are not allowed human interference.

The Andaman and Nicobar have a place for all, whether they are children or teens or an adult, everyone just loves to be here. Here you will explore the unique beauty of this place. You will get the best experience when you will return. This place will rejuvenate and refresh you along with happiness and healing. This is the ideal destination for family vacationers, stripling, and honeymoon couples. Apart from that, Andaman is a place where you can enjoy and take part in thrilling activities. Delicious and delectable seafood is a must to try over here.

Here are the top amazing places to visit in Andaman and Nicobar, to have the more joyful experience


Ross Island

It is located approximately 2km away from Port Blair, you can reach here by boat, it is in the east of Port Blair. Ross Island is something must visit in Port Blair. This place is just amazing and worth visiting. It will be a short trip to reach Ross Island, there you have to buy entry tickets which cost 50 rupees per head. There are Golf carts that are already there for tourist help taking around this small Island. Apart from this Lighthouse has a major tourist attraction on Ross Island along with the friendly deers who are all around the island.


  • History Buff Trails to Ross Island
  • Cruise tour in port Blair
  • Seakart self-drive excursion
  • Andaman Fly air parasailing

Click here for Andaman and nicobar tour pacakges


Cellular Jail

Cellular Jail is one of the historical sites in Port Blair, which is the capital city of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It was built during the year of 1896 and 1908, this jail is like a home for hundreds of freedom fighters. The best part of this place is the Light and sound show, which is truly amazing and worth watching. In this show, you will learn about history-related facts such as Veer Savarkar, the history of cellular jail, and much more. At the same time, this show will overwhelm you and filled you with so many mixed emotions.


  • Speed boat tours(Andaman Dolphin)
  • Kayaking  and canoeing
  • Fishing charters and tour


The sunset view

This beach is on beautiful Havelock Island. It is the best among the beaches in Andaman and Nicobar. You will amazing beachside experience over here, clean and best for a beachside walk. Radhanagar beach is a must to visit because of the Goof facility also which is provided by the administration for resting purposes. You will enjoy the great sunset view and serene sightseeing.


  • Explore Havelock Island from Port Blair
  • Professional photoshoot at Radhanagar beach
  • You can try Scuba Diving in Havelock
  • Night Kayaking at Swaraj Dweep


Jolly Buoy Island

It is a must to visit Island, this island is open for a few months only and only limited guests are allowed on this Island. The special tourist attraction of Jolly Buoy Island is the glass-bottom ride, though it coass 1k for 1 hour it is worth it. This activity is covering fifteen different types of marine life in just 1 hour and it is a must to try. You will get the best lifetime experience of coral viewing and sea life viewing through a glass-bottom ride.


  • Heritage and cultural walk of port Blair
  • Nature Trails of Portblair
  • Baratang Island Limestone Caves
  • Parasailing


Try kayaking at Havelock

The most amazing beach on Havelock Island, if you are at havelock must-visit elephant beach. This beach is best for water sports activities and has a major tourist attraction. The beach is shallow which is good for small kids also. Adding to this shopping and eateries are also amazing at this place and available at reasonable rates. The beach has crystal clear water and calmness, that’s why it is preferable to any other beach. You can come here by boat or trek, but the trekking part is slightly risky but adventurous. As you will find different kinds of sports activity you will feel delighted.


  • Try Scuba diving in Havelock
  • Visit nearby colonial cities, Tea Estate and Andaman Island
  • Kayaking Mangrove Adventure at Havlock


Neil Island

Laxmanpur beach is a great beach to experience the sunset view, you will enjoy the sunset with a cup of tea. Just sit near the seashore, and you will get astonishing visuals that have the power to equip you with positivity and happiness. This is among one the beaches which is available at Neil Island. The blue turquoise water over here has tourist attractions along with shacks on the beach. This beach is inverted V shape and has unique tall tropical trees. The good thing about this beach is that it is less commercialized though a little bit crowded.


  • If you are in Neil Island also visit Howrah Bridge
  • Also, try Neil Island jetty
  • Do visit nearby Ram Nagar Beach


North Bay Island


Ross and Smith, islands are the most beautiful and calm islands in Andaman (India). It is also known as the twin Island and it is located at the Northern tip of Andaman. These two Island are connected with white sand pathways. This white beach pathway goes inside the sea at the times of high tide and is not visible and surfaces again during low tide. One can cross/ walk from one island to the other through this sand pathway with the ocean on both sides during neap tide. Sunbathing in Ross and Smith Islands is a delightful experience that can be had only after visiting them.

The blue water is crystal clear and Shallow water is good for swimming. Swimming is allowed over here. The beach is beguiling and attractive. It is located near Diglipur in Northern Andaman along with this beach, Diglipur is also a must to visit if you are in Ross and Smith Island. Though there are a lot of beaches in Andaman and Nicobar but the beauty of Ross and Smith Island is unique.


  • Saddle peak National Park Hike in Diglipur


This beach is the beauty of Havelock Island. It is a truly amazing beach and it is less crowded compared to Radha Nagar beach. Kala Patthar beach has many stones on the shore and also has crystal clear water. One can relax and enjoy this white sand and blue vibrant sea. You can find calmness all around the beach because it is less crowded. Though it is a morning beach, because of the sunset view you can also spend your day well over here.

People used to call it the paradise of Havelock. The sea color is mesmerizing and has vivid blue. Small clean beach, with little water sports activities like para diving, boating, etc. This beach has black stones on the seashore, which give the name Kala Patthar. The Sunrise here is worth watching when the first rays of the sun fall on black stone and give a magical effect.

You will find here a small shop across the street selling fruits, coconut water, chocolate, biscuits, mineral water, and some seashell Handicrafts for a gift item.


  • You can visit Neil’s cove which has nearby tourist attraction
  • Also try scuba diving in Havelock
  • Hinterland cycling tour
  • Ancient lava stream Trek through dense tropical forest


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