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Do you feel the unbearable pain in your back or your stomach? Looking for a kidney stone natural treatment. Then choose home remedies for kidney stone permanent cure. As we know kidney is the most important and essential part of our body, so its proper functioning is also important.

The kidney is responsible for fluid filtration, which helps filter impurities from the body. when these toxins or impurities won’t be able removed from the body due to some reason they form kidney stones. The few reasons for the formation of kidney stone is as follows

  • Lack of water consumption  in the body
  • Formation of excessive uric acid
  • Urinary tract infection and others

So the proper functioning of the kidney is necessary. You can easily remove kidney stones at the initial stage from home remedies. The home remedies for kidney stone is easy to adapt and 100% reliable. We have sorted the best home remedies for kidney stones, scroll on to read more about it

Consuming a good amount of water

Consuming Good Amount of Water

The easiest kidney stone home treatment is consuming a good amount of water daily. On average, a normal human being needs at least 8-10 glasses of water in a day. Water is a great source to dissolve kidney stone formation. But you have to make sure that you are consuming a good amount of water throughout the day. Drinking water can also give you kidney stone pain relief instantly. Apart from drinking simple water, you can also consume it by adding lemon or any ingredient which has citric acid. Because citric acid is best used to dissolve the formation of kidney stones.

Including kulthi dal in your daily diet

Kulthi daal is the most useful ingredient or home remedy to dissolve the formation of kidney stones. Along with it, it also has many other health benefits. It gives the body the required iron, calcium and vitamins. It also helps to stop the formation of kidney stones. You can add kulthi daal to your daily diet or you can try it at least once or twice a week.

Eating Rajma ( kidney beans)  at least twice a week

You must have eaten the kidney beans commonly known as rajma. It is one of the best home ingredients used to cure kidney stones. Rajma or kidney beans are rich in carbs. These carbs are good for the body. Especially people who are having diabetes can add kidney beans to their diet. It contains the most essential vitamin B which is required and important for the body. Eating rajma more often can dissolve the formation of kidney stones and also gives you pain relief.

Apple cider vinegar

Eating apples are best to stay fit and healthy so is apple cider vinegar. It contains some essential ingredients which include vitamin B and Vitamin C along with acetic acid. Consumption of apple cider vinegar can helps to dissolve kidney stones at a faster rate. You can consume apple cider vinegar by adding it to hot water or simple normal water. Daily consumption of apple cider vinegar can give you the best results in a short period

Lemon Juice and honey for better results

The Best Combination Honey and Lemon

Lemon juice and honey are the best combinations to resolve many health issues. Using both lemon and honey altogether can give you many benefits along with dissolving kidney stones. It is also a kind of best ayurvedic medicine for kidney stones. Lemon is rich in vitamin C and has citric acid which is best used to dissolve the formation of kidney stones. Apart from this, you can consume lemon and honey together by adding both ingredients to the water.

Summing up

As far as of now, we get to know about the best home remedies which help to cure kidney stones. The kidney stone natural treatment can take time but definitely, you will get results. The only thing which you should make sure of is that you have been consistent while trying out these remedies. Adapt the habit of consuming a good amount of water and also be mindful before eating. Restrict yourself from consuming junk more often. Following the above home remedies, you will get kidney stone pain relief immediately.



Stretching is a crucial and foremost thing to do before performing any exercise. We prefer to do stretches to improve flexibility in the body. It is itself an exercise which helps to loosen the muscles. The benefits of stretching are enormous. Doing stretching daily gives your body a good morning start along with providing energy. Stretching helps to make your day productive so that you can perform many other things. The best part of doing stretching is that you can perform it anywhere as it doesn’t require much of your time. In this article, we have sorted the best benefits of stretching which will help you out. Scroll on to get the whole information

Stretching Exercise

What happens when you do stretching?

Moving ahead toward learning the benefits of stretching, it is vital to know about what happens when you do stretching. stretching helps to lengthen muscles and also the connective tissue that surrounds them. Following are the health benefits of stretching that will give you full insights into stretching Read On!

Benefits of stretching

Benefits of Stretching

Increase Agility

Stretching is the best way to improve the overall body flexibility. Apart from this, it helps you become more agile and fit. Providing strength and energy at the same time. We have the foremost importance of stretching in our daily lifestyle.

Improves blood circulation

As we know proper blood circulation is important for a body to function efficiently. Stretching, a warm-up exercise before a workout helps to improve blood circulation in the body. Also, blood circulation is important to cure injuries more rapidly. Useless by-products of muscle tissue can get removed by doing daily proper stretching exercises

Better body posture

Do you also have a body posture issue? Want to fix it? Then doing stretching exercise is best for you. Apart from improving flexibility it also improves body posture. Better body posture is important because it makes you look active and fit rather than dull and drowsy.

Improves Body coordination

Another one of the best health benefits of stretching is that it improves body coordination along with making the body more agile. The daily practice of stretching relaxes muscles and you can able to see changes in your joints, you will be more flexible. Apart from this, it maintains the emotional balance of the body by reducing stress and tension.

Therapeutic effect

Therapeutic effect means stretching helps to ensure your mental wellness along with your physical wellness. Any kind of mild mental health issue can be resolved by doing stretching exercises daily.

Increase stamina

Stretching is the best way to increase body stamina. Stretching is a good warm exercise that energies your whole body. Along with it, makes you more active and refresh. Throughout the day, you won’t feel tiring and sleepy.

Relieve body soreness

Body soreness is a common health issue nowadays. Especially adults face major back pain and whole body soreness. Stretching is a perfect back pain relief exercise stretching also gives relief from body soreness. You can start with just 10 -15 minutes of stretching exercises such as Lower back stretches and Side bends. These are simply the stretching exercise and you will feel relief after continuously doing them for some time.

A perfect cure for sleepless night

Sleeping is important for our body to function properly, especially night sleep of around 6-8 hours is a must. Unhealthy habits and stress can be one of the reasons for sleepless nights. stretching is the best cure for sleepless nights. It helps to get relief from stress and anxiety. Apart from this doing stretching exercises daily in the morning gives uninterpreted peaceful sleep.

Essential stretching exercise that you can incorporate into your lifestyle

  • Downward Dog
  • Side Bends
  • Sets and Reps
  • Seated Spinal Twist
  • Extended Child’s Pose
  • Lower Back Stretches

Bottom Line

Stretching Improves Overall Functioning

We can get amazing benefits by doing simple stretching exercises daily. Initially, your body will little discomfort and pain. Continuous stretching will give relief from body pain, and it also works as a back pain relief exercise. Apart from this trying out all the above mention stretching exercises will make your body light and you will feel good. This happens because stretching relaxes your muscles. 15 minutes of stretching exercise for beginners is more than sufficient. So start Today!!



Exercises, massages, and other therapies based on physical stimuli may be a part of physical therapy, often known as physiotherapy (e.g. heat, cold, electrical currents, or ultrasound).

Physical therapy is intended to treat pain, improve mobility, or strengthen weak muscles. Showing patients what they can do on their own to enhance their health is also a crucial objective. You don’t have to receive therapy at a clinic or hospital; you can and should continue receiving it at home.

Physical therapy and its amazing benefits.

Physical therapy includes the following-

  • activities to actively do specific movements,
  • pressure (massage), directed passive motions that the therapist does for you, and
  • treatments based on acupressure, ultrasound, electrical currents, or other physical stimuli.

These methods are used to treat both acute and chronic symptoms, as well as to avoid issues in the future or to recover from long-term illnesses, surgeries, or wounds.

The symptoms, precise medical issues, and factors like how long the patient has experienced discomfort, will determine the best physical therapy treatment. Additionally, their tastes and general health will be taken into consideration.


Physical therapy should be given for the following conditions-

  • backache
  • issues brought on by muscle, tendon, or joint injuries or signs of aging
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Pelvic floor issues like incontinence (leakage of urine) or pain
  • arthritis rheumatoid
  • disorders of the heart and blood vessels
  • respiratory conditions (affecting the airways)
  • illnesses of the nervous system, such as Parkinson’s, stroke, or multiple sclerosis
  • developmental issues in children, such as those that damage their bones or muscles

Physical therapy can also be used to aid those who require assistance or nursing care, for example, to strengthen muscles and prevent falls by practicing specific movements in a specific order.


Physical therapy involves a lot of exercises that need the patient to do specific movements. Mobility (the capacity to move), coordination, and muscle strength are all improved by these workouts. After the physical therapist demonstrates how to perform the exercises, you can perform them on your own.

Typically, learning these movements takes up the majority of physical therapy sessions. The exercises will only be beneficial if you routinely perform them by yourself at home. Physical therapy frequently attempts to assist you in increasing the overall amount of physical activity in your daily life in addition to practicing specific exercises.

Physical therapy involvement in musculoskeletal conditions.

There are other situations when passive exercises are used. In other words, the therapist makes certain movements with certain portions of the patient’s body. A stiff or locked joint’s capacity to move may be improved, for example. If a patient, for example, is still unable to move their arm or leg independently, these guided movements can help prepare their body for active workouts.

There are various kinds of physical therapy treatments that rely on physical stimulation in addition to exercises, massage, and hand movements to relax muscles and connective tissue. These are a few of them:

  • Lymphatic drainage by hand (massage to drain fluid from the tissues)
  • Electrotherapy: Using a mild electric current to treat patients
  • Heat therapy includes techniques like heated baths, warm mud packs (fango), heat lamps, and ultrasound.
  • The use of cold air or cold packs are examples of cold treatment.
  • Many of these therapies can also be combined.


Depending on your medical condition and unique circumstances, the treatment may concentrate on a number of objectives, including:

Goals of physical therapy.
  • enhancing or regaining the body’s capacity for movement or regular function
  • enhancing blood circulation and metabolism
  • alleviating pain
  • strengthening and coordination
  • compensating for physical impairments, for as by strengthening the left arm in the case of paralysis of the right arm.
  • preventing persistent issues


Physical therapists with specialized training provide physical therapy (also known as physiotherapists). Other specialists can also perform some aspects of physical therapy, such as massages and treatments based on physical stimuli (such as heat therapy or electrotherapy). These include masseurs and hydrotherapists, who utilize water to treat medical issues.

Both outpatient and inpatient physical therapy can be provided, for example, in physical therapy clinics, hospitals, rehabilitative care facilities, and nursing homes.


1] To decrease pain– In order to relieve pain and restore muscle and joint function, therapeutic exercises, manual therapy techniques like joint and soft tissue mobilization, or treatments like ultrasound, taping, or electrical stimulation may be used. These treatments can also stop the pain from coming back.

2] Reduce the rate of surgery– Surgery might not be required if physical therapy helps you manage pain or recover from an injury. Pre-surgical physical therapy may be helpful even if surgery is necessary. In many instances, you will recover more quickly from surgery if you are stronger and in better shape before the procedure. Additionally, health care expenses are decreased by avoiding surgery.

3] Increase mobiliity– Physical therapy can assist if you have problems standing, walking, or moving, regardless of your age. Exercises for flexibility and strength might help you regain your mobility. Physical therapists can assess for orthotic prescription and properly fit someone with a cane, crutches, or any other assistive equipment. Any activity that is vital to a person’s life can be practiced and modified to guarantee maximum performance and safety by creating a personalized individual care plan.

4] Recovery from stroke– After a stroke, it’s normal to experience some function and mobility loss. Physical therapy helps to balance and gait while strengthening weak areas of the body. Physical therapists can also help stroke patients move more easily in bed, increase their independence about the house, and lessen their dependence on others for everyday functions like dressing, bathing, and toileting.

5] Recovery from sports injuries– Physical therapists are aware of the ways in which various sports can raise your chance of suffering from particular injuries (such as stress fractures for distance runners). To ensure a safe return to your sport, they can create customized workout routines for your recovery or prevention.

6] Improvement in balance and coordination– You will undergo a fall risk assessment before starting physical therapy. Therapists will give you activities that cautiously and safely test your balance in order to simulate real-life scenarios if you have a high risk of falling. Your therapists can also provide you with walking aids and exercises to help you regain your coordination. Physical therapists can carry out particular exercises that can quickly restore appropriate vestibular functioning, lessen, and even eradicate vertigo or dizziness sensations when the balance issue is brought on by a vestibular system issue.

7] Manage vascular conditions– Exercise can effectively regulate blood sugar when included in a comprehensive diabetes management plan. Additionally, diabetics may experience issues with their legs’ and feet’ sensations. Physical therapists can assist in providing and instructing these patients on proper foot care to avoid future issues.

8] Biological aging– As people get older, they could get osteoporosis, arthritis, or find themselves in need of joint replacement. Physical therapists are professionals at assisting patients in their recovery from joint replacement surgery and in the conservative management of arthritic or osteoporotic disorders.

9] Cardio and pulmonary rehab– After a heart attack or operation, patients can finish cardiac rehabilitation, but if their everyday functioning is compromised, they can additionally get physical therapy. Through strengthening, conditioning, and breathing exercises, physical therapy can help individuals with pulmonary issues improve their quality of life and help them drain fluid from their lungs.

10] Women’s Health– Women’s health is unique because of issues including pregnancy and postpartum care. Physical therapists can provide specialist care for problems with women’s health. Bowel incontinence, breast cancer, constipation, fibromyalgia, lymphedema, male pelvic health, pelvic discomfort, and urinary incontinence are additional conditions for which physical therapy can offer specialist care.



Mumbai is knowns as the city of dreams. The most vibrant and attractive place in India. People not only from India but also from all over the world like this place utmost. We generally mention the places to visit in Mumbai, there are many places to visit, but along with it, it has the most friendly and generous people out there.

Mumbai – The City of Dreams

This place shows the true secular India, and you can see people from all over the Indian state. Visiting this place is such bliss; you will surely enjoy being here. There are many beautiful places for Mumbai sightseeing we mention below. Some have a look.

Walk at Marine drive.

Timings: Visit Anytime
Time Required: 1-2 hours
Length area: It is spread along 3.6 kilometers

If you search for Mumbai’s famous places, then the marine drive will definitely pop up on your screen. It has a major attraction among Mumbai tourists. It was built by Philanthropists Bhagojishe keer and Pallonji Mistry. The starting point of Marine drive is the southern end of Nariman Point, and it ends at Girgaum Chowpatty. This place is best to spend your evening with a sunset view. It is such a wholesome experience.

Marine Drive Sunset View

Marine drive at Night

Though you can visit this place any time at night, time experience of the marine drive is undoubtedly amazing. Along with tourist, local people also loves to visit here during nighttime.

Picnic at Juhu beach

Timings: Anytime
Time required: 1-2 hours
Entry fee: Free
Juhu Beach

Juhu beach in Mumbai is an iconic place in reels or real life. This beautiful beach is worth visiting. Suppose you are looking for a place to spend time with nature, then this is your destination. It is on the top list of best places to visit in Mumbai. Being a Mumbai tourist, you can easily find comfortable accommodation near Juhu beach.

Link to the best hotels in Mumbai near Juhu beach

 Colaba causeway

Weather: N/A
Timings: Anytime
Entry Fee: No entry fee is required

The best thing to do in Mumbai is shopping for the ever-stylish clothing from the Colaba causeway. Mumbai tourists generally don’t know about this place, but all Mumbaikars love to be here for shopping. Apart from clothes you can shop for various things here on the streets from home décor stuffs to accessories and many other things are also available.

Stroll and explore around the gateway of India

Timings: Throughout the day
Time required: 1-2 hours
Entry Fee: Free
Gateway of India

Is it finding the best places to visit in mumbai? Then don’t forget to stroll and explore the historical beauty of the gateway of India. It is among the best places to see in mumbai. It was built in the year 1924, and the whole architecture was constructed under the supervision of George Wittet. You can easily reach the gateway of India. It is situated in the southern part of Mumbai. Taxes and buses are available every time. There are also many places to visit near the gateway of India, which has major tourist attractions. One such place is the Elephanta caves.

Shopping at Fashion street

Location: Fort Mumbai
Timings: 11 am to 8 pm
Entry fee: free

Shopaholics and curious foodies can both find this place perfect for roaming around in Mumbai. This is the most famous place to visit in mumbai. Especially during the evening or the nighttime, it has a great environment to explore the fashion street of Mumbai. You can find a variety of trendy clothes at budget-friendly prices even you can do bargaining to get the best price. It is situated near to Chhatrapati Shivaji terminal.

Mumbai Fashion Street

The fashion street has around 150 shops selling amazing clothing and accessories. If you are planning to visit Mumbai, then do visit this place for shopping. Apart from this, you can also enjoy mouth-watering Mumbai street foods. To reach fashion street, you can easily get public transport.

So these are the few amazing places to visit in mumbai. You can plan your trip to Mumbai anytime because of its amazing weather. Spend your weekend or a whole week here, and you will surely enjoy most here.

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Frizzy hairs are surreal, a problem for every girl out there. Especially in summers when you have to go out in humid and hot temperatures, your hair automatically becomes frizzy and lost the after shampoo shines instantly. The oily and frizzy hair is not just a problem; it will make you uncomfortable throughout the day. People do suggest some expensive hair care treatments to remove frizziness.

Frizzy Hair

But it is not 100% reliable and can worsen your hair conditions. So don’t spend thousands of money on hair care. Use natural options which are feasible and readily available; one such underrated but the authentic hack is using cold water for frizzy and oily hairs. Washing your hair with cold water can give it a perfect shine and remove your hair’s frizziness. Before going ahead and learning the benefits of washing hair with cold water, lets us know Is cold water is really good for hair.

Is cold water good for hair?

Is cold water good for hair?

It is not just theoretically stated but also by proven facts cold water is good for hair. Using cold water for hairs can easily remove frizziness. The reason behind it is that cold water helps to close the cuticles, which are responsible for making hair frizzy. When cuticles are open, they won’t be able to retain moisture, but when they are close, they can easily retain moisture and make hairs healthy. So cold water is scientifically good for hair. Apart from this, there are many other benefits of washing hair with cold water; let’s look at them briefly down below.

Benefits of washing hair with cold water


It is important to keep hair healthy, and for that, you have to make sure that hair is preserving natural oils. Washing your hair with cold water helps to preserve natural oils for a long period of time. Apart from preserving natural oil, washing your hair with cold water can also retain sebum in the hair. The sebum is required for hair because it protects the scalp from any environmental and other damage.


One of the most attractive benefits of washing hair with cold water is that it imparts a smooth and shiny texture. With the help of cold water, your hair can retain moisture, which will make it look glossy and shine. Along with smooth and shine, your hair will also get healthy. Morning showers with cold water are the best to get benefited.


Hair care with cold water is the best option not only for hair but also for your scalp, which means it will be great for your overall body. By washing your hair with cold water, your scalp will get a free flow of blood because blood capillaries get wide open. So by this, your hair roots will get nourished, and you can provide protein care to your hair.


Washing hair with cold water gives you many benefits; one such is that it makes your scalp clean and hygienic. It helps to remove pollutants, grease, and oil from hair. Even using cold water for hair can refresh you and reduce stress and headache.


Make Your Hair Washing Uncomfortable

We understand that it is important to wash your hair with cold water because of such unique benefits. It is the most simple hack that you can easily adapt to your lifestyle. But as we know, everything has its pros and cons, same with washing your hair with cold water; there are minimal disadvantages of washing hair with cold, let us see them.

Reduces Hair Volume

Washing hair with cold water can reduce your hair volume; it can make your hair less bouncy, along with reducing hair volume. Because of the lock cuticles, washing hair with cold water daily can create excessive moisture on your scalp. Hence your hair reduces volume and can look thin. It is a concerning thing for people who have thin hair. To eliminate this disadvantage, you can avoid the frequent use of cold water for hair wash.

Make hair washing uncomfortable.

Though the benefits of washing hair with cold water are many, the excess of washing your hair with cold water can make you uncomfortable.



Monsoon is the best time to feel nature and enjoy the splendid beauty of places which has lots to offer. It is the season that gives us the bliss in the form of rain, so why not get them with our arms wide open. This monsoon season, plan your vacation to experience the thrilling vibes of mountains and be adventurous by visiting exciting and unique places in India. Visit places that are the epitome of peace and enjoyment both. We have sorted the most gorgeous and unique places to visit in the monsoon season.

Shillong, Meghalaya

Ever you visited a place which is full of lush greenery along, with the spectacular views. If not, then do spend time in Shillong. You will be awestruck by the beauty of Shillong. This is a unique place to be visited in India. Monsoon is the perfect time to visit the “Scotland of East”. Yes, you heard that right Shillong is known as the Scotland of the east. The beauty of this place is not limited to its views but expands from waterfalls to misty clouds along with little rain showers, especially in the monsoon season. So it is one of India’s best places to visit during the monsoon.

Shillong and Waterfalls


  • You can try different things over here; one such is road tripping around the beautiful hills of Shillong
  • Don’t forget to visit the impressive waterfalls such as elephant falls, spread eagle falls, and many others
  • The best part of visiting Shillong is trying different local delicacies

Coorg, Karnataka

Coorg, In Karnataka, is also one of India’s best places to visit during the monsoon. You can easily plan your vacation on the weekend and come to this heaven-like place. With proper road connectivity, you can enjoy being a wonderful place. This place is perfect for escaping the hustle and monotonous life and reviving and refreshing your mind. Here you will get a blissful experience because of the incredible flora and fauna, which is more attractive. Couples and youngsters love this place and enjoy the Coorg monsoon tourism.

Coorg, Karnataka


  • As it is only 5 hours trip from Bangalore you can easily enjoy a lot many things during weekends such as trekking, bird watching along with horse riding
  • A tour of the coffee plantation is a great option to explore this wonderful place.


If you are looking for the best places to visit in Maharashtra and nearby, especially during monsoon season, do visit Mahabaleshwar. This place’s captivating beauty is India’s most preferred romantic place. As it is close to Mumbai, you quickly drive to this place and enjoy your short and peaceful vacation. The distance from Mumbai is around 250 km.

Astonishing View of Mahabaleshwar


  • You can try many things in Mahabaleshwar while exploring Mahabaleshwar; visit pratapgad, the most beautiful place near Mahabaleshwar.
  • Also, you can visit Lingamala waterfalls along with the elephant’s head point, which is the major attraction in Mahabaleshwar.

Kutch , Gujarat

The best place to visit is in the monsoons near Gujarat in kutch. The beautiful place in Gujarat has the most tourist attraction. Monsoons are the best time to see here because the weather is pleasing; you will not feel hot or humid at this time. The kutch has proper road connectivity, and you can avail of airport facilities till Bhuj. Sand and calmness are captivating here; you will love to see the diversity, which is also attractive. Apart from this, the local cuisines of Kutch are just unique.

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The Most Calm Place To Visit In Monsoon Season


  • You can visit the dhinodhar hills in kutch, which are worth seeing, especially in the monsoon season
  • Apart from this sunset view in kutch after rain is way too adorable, don’t forget to watch that


Goa is also a great option to explore during the monsoons because you enjoy visiting different beaches in good weather. This is the best time to visit goa because you won’t get sunburn and can enjoy yourself to the fullest. Apart from beaches, many places are worth visiting, such as churches and other areas.

Goa in Monsoons


  • You can do fantastic things to make your monsoon vacation memorable such as trekking, bird watching, hiking, and other adventurous activities.


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