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Om is more than just a sound; it is a universal wave. We all possess the powerful sound of om. Our mind and body are energized by the sacred practice of chanting Om or Aum. In Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism, and Hinduism, the sound of Om is revered. It is referred to as the universe’s first sound.

Om has been repeated for countless years and is regarded as one of the most significant sounds in the universe. Continuous practice is thought to result in profound insight. But this potent, old practice has more advantages than just a few… There are numerous factors that influence ourselves and our surroundings in various ways.

Health benefits of chanting aum.

Every particle in this cosmos has an energy source, according to the laws of physics and attraction. Vibrations are the energy that our ideas, minds, bodies, and spirits emit. All the senses are awakened by the mystic vibration of Om, which also increases self-awareness. It is a holy word that channels a divine stream of uplifting lavender energy through each body cell.

Because our higher selves are the most potent creations of the creator, the vibrations produced by saying “om” harmonize with their frequency. The three syllables that make up the word “om” have each been given an eternal function.

  • A-This syllable, which comes from the back of the neck, causes a wave of vibration in the solar plexus and chest. It compares the conscious mind, which is the cause of all action.
  • U-This syllable causes a string of vibrations in the neck and resonates along the upper palate. It compares the subconscious mind, which serves as the action planner.
  • M-This sound echoes in the vast stillness of the Infinite. It is a deep sleep-related unconscious state.

According to Hindu sculptures, Om is the link that binds all creatures to the natural world and the cosmos. Om can be chanted silently or out loud. Chanting Om has a lot of advantages. To learn about all the advantages of chanting Om, continue reading:


Your gastrointestinal health will benefit from reciting the Om mantra. According to studies, regularly reciting Om helps to relax your stomach’s muscles. Chanting Om will help you feel better if you have a stomachache.


When OM was chanted at six breaths per minute, the heart rate increased significantly and synchronously, and the baroreflex sensitivity was improved. Even though they were physiologically calm, these six breaths per minute had boosted mental attentiveness (shown by the reduced heart rate). Additionally, those who have been practicing meditation for more than ten years have demonstrated a trend toward decreased oxygen consumption and faster sensory information processing.


The control over the breathing is increased. The oxygen consumption can be controlled by the lungs during the chants of, “aum”. The pulmonary system is benefited since each and every alveolus is stimulated due to the vibrations produced by chanting “aum”.


Chanting “OM” causes the ears to vibrate, and this vibration travels through the vagus nerve’s auricular branch to the vagal centers, activating them and having an impact akin to that of vagal stimulation. With the use of contemporary science and brain imaging techniques like functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), it is now possible to observe the physiological effects of OM recitation. Advanced research employing functional near-infrared spectroscopy revealed that OM chanting deactivates the prefrontal cortices and stimulates the auricular branch of the vagus nerve, which is located in the ear canal.


When the word “OM” is chanted aloud, one feels a vibration. Through its auricular branches, this may stimulate the vagus nerve and have an impact on the brain. We haven’t yet looked at the neurohemodynamic correlates of chanting “OM.” Chanting “OM” is frequently used as a meditation technique.  An ear-ringing vibration is a common side effect of effective chanting of “OM.” The auricular branch of the vagus nerve is anticipated to likewise communicate such a sensation.


You can strengthen your immune system and capacity for self-healing by reciting the Om mantra. You can avoid a lot of ailments if your immune system is healthy and powerful. You can get sinus pain alleviation by chanting the Om. There is a vibrational sound that is produced when you chant Om that opens and clears your sinuses. Additionally, reciting Om has cardiovascular advantages. It calms you down and eases your body’s tension, which lowers your blood pressure to a healthy level and causes your heart to beat rhythmically.


Between every two consecutive utterances of Om or Aum, silence is maintained. The turiya state of awareness is the condition of silence. This is a blissful state. And it is in this situation that one becomes identified with the Supreme.

(You could be thinking, “How do I be ready for being silent?”)

Find a peaceful area to chant in before you start. Make yourself comfortable and sit. Sit cross-legged with an upright back for the most comfort. Ensure that the clothing you are wearing is comfy. Dress comfortably and in bright colors so that you won’t feel constrained. It takes a great deal of comfort to allow your body’s channels to run freely.

Here are the procedures to follow in order to recite Om properly:

  • Keep your left palm towards your navel while turning it up. Put your left palm on top of your right hand’s back. For the remainder of the steps, keep holding this posture.
  • Put your eyes closed and adopt a comfortable attitude. Ensure that your body and mind are both at ease.
  • Sensible bodily vibrations are present.
  • Breathe in and count to five after paying attention to your body’s sounds and vibrations. Then, count to seven as you exhale. You will be able to breathe in and out for longer periods of time as you practice more. This needs to be done three times.
  • Chant “AAAAA” as you exhale for the third time and feel your abdomen vibrate.
Steps to pronounce Aum.
  • Completely exhale, then unwind by relaxing.
  • then inhale slowly and deeply. Chant “OOOOO” as you exhale and feel your neck and chest vibrate.
  • Exhale completely and then relax once more.
  • Breathe in deeply and slowly. Chant “MMMMM” as you exhale and feel your head and neck vibrate.
  • Exhaling while exercising, then relaxing.
  • Once more, practice taking long, deep breaths. And when you exhale, say Om. Chanting “A-U” should occupy 80% of your breath, while just 20% should be given over to the word “M.”
  • Om should be chanted a total of three times at first. You can gradually increase this number up to nine times.
  • When your meditation is over, resume regular breathing and focus for five minutes.


Time to chant Aum.

Grand Master Akshar advises, “At first, sing 108 times, then increase this gradually to 200–300, and even chant up to 1008 times once every month. The best times to sing Om are in the morning at six, twelve at midday, and six in the evening, which is also regarded as an auspicious time or Sandhya kal.

But it’s equally crucial to realize that the chanting of Om is independent of space, time, and any particular auspicious occasion. You are free to chant Om as much as you please and whenever it suits you. Om can be chanted at any hour of the day or night whenever you choose to, and everyone can do it.

“Like air and water, om is a universal symbol and sound that belongs to everyone. Grand Master Akshar asserts that you can profit by chanting Om as long as you have confidence and conviction in your heart.


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