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What are the fun activities which you really enjoyed in your childhood? I guess jumping rope definitely would be there. But now also this fun activity is best for physical fitness. To kick start this exercise you only required jumping rope, shoes and will to do. It is one of the best exercises to lose weight. In this whole article, we have mentioned the detailed benefits of jumping rope and more about it. Keep reading to know why skipping is good for weight loss.

Which is the most vital factor that contributes to weight loss?

Moving ahead with revealing the benefits of jumping rope lets us understand what are the factors that contribute to weight loss. We all know to reduce weight there should be a calorie deficit. To lose weight keeping a watch on how calories you and how much you are burning is important. Along with it also you should be careful about daily calorie intake. More or less exercise is one of the vital factors that contribute to weight loss.

Benefits of jumping rope

Considering skipping for weight loss is great because it immensely helps in maintaining proper body weight. Jumping rope is easy to do as it doesn’t require any perfect posture and technique. Half an hour of skipping is sufficient to lose weight. Apart from this there are many other benefits of jumping rope, lets us learn more about it

Improves cardio fitness

Jumping rope is the best cardio exercise. It improves your cardio fitness apart from strengthening your heart. Continuous skipping requires energy to do it for a longer period. Daily practice of jumping rope will improve your strength and energies your whole body. This will make you fit and active. Jumping rope improves your lung capacity along with increased heart rate.

Strengthens muscles

Jumping rope daily is best to strengthen muscles. Making your body more physically fit also enhances muscle strength. Apart from this it also impacts your lower body which means your thighs, legs etc will look toned. Enhance muscle endurance can also make your task a bit easy. If you don’t want to go to the gym then this is the best exercise to strengthen muscles.

Build stronger bones

Skipping and repeating are perfect to build stronger bones. As it is an easy and simple exercise all you need is energy and strength. Making it a habit or including it in your lifestyle helps you to build stronger bones. The stress on the legs will directly help in building stronger bones.

May improve your coordination and balance

Continuous jumping will train your mind to be in balance and also improves coordination. It is the perfect coordination exercise. You will be moving your legs arms and whole body together which will give coordination. Daily practice is needed to improve balance and coordination.

It’s fun

Exercises should be done in a fun way not in stress to lose weight. One of the best benefits of jumping rope is that it is a fun activity. Jumping and enjoying the flow. This is the best part because you are doing what you are enjoying. Also, it will motivate you and  helps you to be consistent in the whole process of jumping rope

Is jumping rope enough to lose weight? What else you should do?

Jumping rope is the way to lose weight as well as it is the best cardio exercise. Your whole body is moving when you are skipping. But still, if you want overall fitness you should be considered doing other exercises. Following are list of other exercises that you can add on

  • Cycling
  • Swimming
  • Push-ups
  • Squats
  • Lungeburpee
  • Glute bridge
  • Jumping jacks

Bottom Line

All you have to remember is that consistency is the key. Skipping for weight loss is ideal but still if you want you can include other exercises. The benefits of jumping rope are tremendous include it in your lifestyle to get the best and most effective results.


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