A human body that persists to have so many emotions happiness, sorrow, grief, fear, and everything is controlled by the human brain, which gets perplexed by these overwhelming emotions need something for soothing for calming and to process efficiently, Mindfulness meditation technique is one the powerful techniques of meditation which can show the transformative change in human behaviors, practicing mediation can be difficult for one to start initially but eventually, this meditation practice will bring insightful changes in one’s life, Meditation for stress, meditation for anxiety can prevent many affective disorders.

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The word mediation is derived from the Latin word meditatum which means “to concentrate” or “to ponder” From ancient to the present human body want stable emotional wellbeing, for that meditation is the practice that is foremost essential and it is all about self-awakening, self-awareness, and getting control all over your thoughts.

It is a skill for better understanding, perseverance, patience, and a peaceful state of mind. Meditation can significantly help to reduce anxiety, depression and bring inner peace, joy, and deeper rest. In this dynamic society, everything is changing so rapidly that meditation becomes an essential thing.  Reaping benefits from meditation can change one’s life so significantly, that cannot be expressed in words. It brings spiritual connectivity, that generates new hopes, desires, and unconditional joy.

How To Start Meditating?

Being a beginner, sometimes it’s really difficult to start a mediation process, the core of the problem is concentration, the power of concentration is not easily accessible but can be achieved by following these steps

So, let’s get started with steps for meditation for beginners

  • choosing a suitable position 

The first step towards starting the meditation begins with choosing the suitable position, which means choosing a quiet place where you can practice it efficiently without getting disturbed, position and posture are important for the proper meditation practice.

  • Minimum time duration

The time duration for starting the process of meditation should not exceed more than 15 minutes, initially start with 5 minutes of daily practice then move forward to 10 minutes, because meditation needs concentration but we cannot get it very quickly, it is a process that takes time, so take a small step start with 5 minutes and then slowly and steadily exceed more.

  • Meditation Music

Keeping away from chaos and disturbance meditation music helps to concentrate more efficiently, it helps to control the thought process and enables mindful meditation, if we talk about the benefits of meditation music it improves the sleep as well as it also improves the physical health apart from that it enhances positive energy.

  • Gently closing your eyes

Close your eyes throughout the process of meditation, it helps to generate inner peace, resilience, and build better emotional connection, meditation is all about clearing your mind and an open eye can distract you so prefer to close your eyes while meditating.

  • Breathing Deeply

The process of meditation requires breathing slowly and in a relaxing way, which will make your muscles relax, and will calm your mind, the benefits of deep breathing include increased immunity, improves digestion, lower blood pressure. 

  • Be Aware of your thoughts 

One thing that you should remember while doing “dhyan” is that you should have to be beware of your thoughts which can be an obstacle in the whole process and can be led to losing your concentration.

  • Opening your eyes and feeling sensation

The change you will observe will definitely a transformative, the first meditation practice will bring calming and sensation effects to your whole body.

Meditation Techniques

Meditation Techniques are evidently more fruitful, for better understanding the process and for adapting it, let’s review the 3 most effective meditation techniques

  1. Mindful Meditation

This Mindful Meditation technique is basically about the focus which put on the activities which we are doing, you can practice this technique anywhere or doing anything, like while brushing your teeth, doing house chores, this technique helps to build focus.

  1. Walking Meditation

This Walking Meditation technique is really beneficial for becoming aware, it generally focuses on the footsteps and breathing, it will help you to be more aware and enriches your thought process.

  1. Loving and kindness Meditation

This loving and kind Meditation technique is for self-affirmation, like affirming “I AM WORTHY”, this technique persists for self-love and a kind gesture towards others.

Benefits Of Meditation

  • Helps to reduce stress

Meditation for stress or we can say that it is a stress buster, in today’s era where everything is drastically changing, we are so much occupied, meditation brings imminence joy it effectively reduces stress and helps us to work efficiently as well as it helps us to bring productivity in life and work.

  • Helps to be more attentive

Meditation is the key which unlocks the knowledge of being worthy, it helps us to be more attentive and at the same time it makes us patient towards the things that surround us, it is one of the benefits of meditation, which helps us to achieve goals and desires

  • Helps to reduce depression

 Post- covid, people have experienced such things which they never thought to be, family loss, financial loss makes them so emotionally weak that they are skeptical about life, in this time mediation plays a major role to acknowledge the loss, it helps to reduce depression and helps to control the overthinking process of mind.

  • Enriches memory power

One of the most benefits of meditation is that it helps to enrich memory power, concentration and focus are key elements for the upliftment of memory power, Meditation helps to gain concentration and align focus without being affected by disturbance, students should start practicing meditation for getting productivity in studies

  • Relief from anxiety

Anxiety is suffering, it is affecting a large group of people adults as well as children suffer from it, Meditation for anxiety is very beneficial for the new generation, that instant relaxation which meditation provides is incredible, it soothes, calm your soul, and reduces anxiety effectively.

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