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Ayurvedic is from ancient times known for curing things naturally, apart from this it is also known for beauty and skin glowing remedies. Ayurvedic remedies are also helpful in enhancing lifestyle and lifestyle habits. Even worldwide ayurvedic remedies have more credentials, people have some natural belief in them. Adapting ayurvedic remedies, will eventually boon for you, whether it is about lifestyle or health, or beauty. In this article we have presented astonishing Ayurvedic tips that will surely help you in the future, so save the post for later and keep reading.



On average 8 hours of sleep is important for health as well as for beauty. Taking proper sleep gives time for your skin cells regeneration. Lack of sleep can create skin problems along with fastening the skin aging, so it is advisable to sleep early and also wake up early in the morning. Do follow up the morning routine because it will help you to get glowing skin. It is one of the best ayurvedic skin care home remedies which is a part of ayurvedic lifestyle tips.


Sometimes we randomly pick different and incompatible food items for eating. But do you know these incompatible foods can create health and skin issues? Here are a few examples of food items that you should take care of before eating them together


Especially in the mornings, we used to consume dairy products such as milk and yogurt along with fruit. But this combination of food items can cause health issues, and of course, will affect your skin. Because these two food items have different digestive properties. Fruits are quickly digestible whereas milk takes time to digest.


Do make sure that you don’t consume both the food items together or one after the other. Because meat heats the body whereas the milk cools your body. As they both have different effects on the body, so this can obstruct the important body channels. So refrain from eating incompatible food items


Apart from milk and meat, you should also refrain from eating cold drinks after meals. Consuming cold drinks (which include any iced drinks and also then yogurts)  after a meal can cause stomach problems along with digestion.


Ghee and honey both are incompatible food items, and they have an opposite reaction as one cools the body whereas the other heat up. So it is advisable to choose the food items which don’t have any bad effects on the body as well as the skin


Herbal Tea

There are many ways to adapt Ayurveda for healthy living and for doing that you can add drinking herbal tea for a healthy lifestyle. For health as well as for skin, water is important, so stay hydrated most of the time. For that, you can consume water along with juices, and herbal tea ( by adding natural herbs ). Also, these drinks will help you in your digestion which will eventually result in glowing skin. These ayurvedic morning drinks are best for healthy skin and the body.


Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

One of the best ayurvedic tips for a healthy body and skin is that you should eat fresh fruits and vegetables daily. You can consume vegetables that have high water content such as carrot, radish, lettuce, and fruits such as oranges, watermelon, and mango. You can make a salad of fresh vegetables and fruits and consume it at any of your meal times.  In a few days, only you can observe glowing and healthy skin.


As we know exercise is great for losing weight and building muscles and strength. But it is also wonderful for getting glowing skin. Doing exercise daily increases the blood circulation in the body and also regulate regulates skin metabolism, which makes your skin look smooth and glowy. Daily 1 hour of workout and exercise will be apt for the desired result.



Applying oranges to the skin is one of the best Ayurvedic skin care home remedies. Oranges are good for health and along with it, best for glowing skin. As peel of oranges contains, vitamin C, this vitamin is the most helpful in clearing and brightening the skin. Let’s see how to use peel powder on your skin.


  • Orange peel powder(You can make orange peel powder simply at home)
  • Yogurt


  • Make the mixture of orange peel powder and yogurt
  • Apply the mixture to your dry skin and wait for 20 minutes
  • Wash it off, you will see instant brightness on your skin


Ayurvedic skin care involves, using only natural ingredients such as sandalwood and turmeric. Both are most useful for skin care. They are mostly used in Ayurvedic skin care home remedies because of their incredible benefits. It Clears skin and also prevents inflammation and acne on the skin. Also, it can kill bacteria that cause acne on the skin. It can be apt for all skin types.


  • Sandalwood Powder
  • Turmeric
  • Honey


  • Take sandalwood powder and make a fine paste by adding turmeric and honey
  • Apply the fine paste on your skin, and leave it till it dries
  • Wash your face with cold water


Raw Potato using for skin glowing

Potato is the most used vegetable in every household. But is also great for skincare, as it has mild bleaching properties. Applying raw potato to your skin can be beneficial in many ways, as it can help in fading pigmentation. Along with it fades dark spots and scars on the skin. In ayurvedic skin care, it is primarily used for making skin clearer, and naturally glowing. Apart from this, it is easy to use, so you can add it to your daily morning routine.


  • Potato
  • Cotton ball


  • Extract the juice from the grated potato
  • Use a cotton ball for applying to the skin
  • Leave it for a few hours and wash it with cold water, see the results after a few days of using it


One of the most helpful Ayurvedic remedies ingredients is fenugreek and it is helpful in preventing wrinkles. Apart from that, any kind of skin issue, such as acne, or pimples can be cured by using fenugreek seed and leaves. What you have to do is, use fenugreek seed or leaf, daily on your skin. You will be surprised by the amazing results.


  • Fenugreek leaves or you can use 1 tablespoon of fenugreek seed


  • Make a fine paste, by grinding the leaves
  • Apply the paste all over your face and leave it for half an hour
  • For using fenugreek seeds, firstly boil them in water and then apply the paste with cotton
  • Wash it using lukewarm water


Tulsi Leaves

As we know tulsi is multi-beneficial not only for the skin, it helps in curing many health problems such as cold, cough, and fever. Apart from that if you use it for the skin, it is the best ayurvedic ingredient. Also, it removes dark spots, acne, and rashes from the skin and makes the skin glowing and attractive. You can use it twice a week for making your skin healthy and glowing.


  • 1 Tablespoon of raw milk along with a few leaves of tulsi ( known as Basil)


  • Firstly grind the dry leaves of Basil( tulsi) and make a fine paste
  • Add raw milk to the grinded mixture of tulsi leaves  and mix it well
  • Apply the fine paste all over your face and leave it for at least 20 minutes
  • Wash the applied paste with cold water



High temperatures in the summer season, appeal body to stay hydrated with a good amount of water. We can’t stay indoors all day, have to go out in the sunlight and around the heating waves. Scorching heat in summers can make you ill and exhausted so you need to be hydrated 24*7. So in summers, we have to drink water as much as possible. Drinking the plain water is good but adding something to it will be cheery on the cake. You can enjoy cool and refreshing summer drinks without getting bored by drinking plain water. But for this you don’t need any additional expensive ingredients, all you have to do is look around your surrounding, and search for the natural ingredients present out there.

Summer Drinks

In this article, we have listed the amazing and super easy drinks that you can make at your home. Moving ahead let’s get into the fact why we need natural cooling drinks in summer


Natural cooling drinks are better than the uncanny drinking products available in markets. As natural cooling drinks have an organic ingredient, which is non-sugary and good for health. Homemade cooling drinks have huge benefits, apart from hydrating the body, it nourishes also. Natural drinks are important for health, it improves metabolism along with digestion. Inorganic products are in variety and claim to provide quality but the truth is far from this. The best part of drinking natural drinks is that they can be consumed by any age group.


Fresh Coconut Water

Coconut water is the most preferred drink in summer. It is a purely fresh and natural drink which consumed by everyone. Summer season essentials include coconut water, which can keep your body hydrated and refreshed. The Coconut is readily available everywhere and point is that it is not expensive. You can take coconut water in the morning or evening as per your choice. Just you have to pour the water from shell to glass. One cup of coconut water is around 240 ml. It has 15 grams of carbs, 60 calories, 8 grams of sugar, and a high amount of water which is around 94%.


Sugarcane Juice

One of the refreshing and tasty summer drinks is sugarcane juice. You can drink sugarcane juice whenever you are out in scorching heat. It is available easily in nearby areas during the summer season. The juice is extracted by pressing raw sugarcanes. For the best taste, you can try the juice with lemon, pudina, and a pinch of salt combination. This is also the most preferred natural summer drink.


Bael sherbet

Bael or bilva fruits are the most refreshing homemade summer drinks. This summer drink is easy to make and along with this, it’s purely natural and healthy. Apart from this, it has nutrients that can use to maintain good summer health. It is the best summer coolant, along with being a superb detox drink. The Indian bael is originally called Aegle Marmelos. Adding to this it is also effective in skin health, It cleanses and nourishes the body with all the nutrients it has. You can take this drink daily but don’t take it on empty stomach.


A perfect mint juice

Pudina is readily available in summers in every household. Especially in summers, it is used in many dishes also. Pudina sherbet is also one of the best summer homemade drinks. It is preferred to drink when you are exposed to sunlight. Pudina sherbet is good in taste and protects from heat stroke. It is also rich in many vitamins such as vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, and Vitamin A. It is a refreshing drink, so people love to drink it in the evening as well as in the afternoon. Apart from this as mint is good for digestion, so you can consume the juice in the morning also. Also, its consumption can protect from inflammatory disease.



Buttermilk is one of the best and most preferred healthy drinks of summer in India. Such a refreshing day will lift your mood along with it you will get relief from the scorching heat. It is easy to make and you can add another ingredient to It, to make it tastier. Apart from being a refreshing summer drink, it is a big source of nutrients. If we talk about its nutritional composition, it has dairy milk, which has around 110 calories along with 9 grams of protein, 4 grams of fat, 12-13 grams of sugar, and 13 grams of carbohydrates. You can drink this buttermilk with your lunch because it helps in digestion well. Apart from this, you can try this refreshing summer drink anytime.


Mangoes are everyone’s favorite fruit in summer. In summers we only wait for super delicious mangoes to taste. People not only love ripe mangoes but also raw mangoes. Aam Panna is one of the best homemade summer drinks which is rich in taste and proteins. If you are running out of time, you make this drink easily and protect yourself from summer heat stroke. To make a quick and easy Aam Panna you just need three ingredients and that is raw mango pulp, jeera, and mint leaves. If we talk about the nutrient composition of Aam Panna, it contains 93 calories and around 5 grams of carbs, and 15 grams of protein. Drink this tasty drink while going out in day time and after returning.


Kids also love to drink this tasty and tangy jaljeera, it is everyone’s favorite summer cooler drink. If we talk about the nutrition component of jaljeera, one glass of jaljeera contains around 69 calories and 1.9 grams of proteins along with 5.6 grams of carbohydrates and 1.5 grams of fiber. Apart from this jaljeera has many benefits along with the best summer cooler drink. It helps in digestion because it has black salt which gives you relief from intestinal gas. It also prevents anemia, as the drink contains cumin, which is an excellent source of iron, and hence it prevents anemia. Adding to this it also helps to improve immunity and keeps your body hydrated. You can make this easy drink anytime during the day.


Sattu sharbat is one of the favorite, summer cooler drinks in India. Sattu is available in every Indian home, especially in the northern parts and it is highly affordable also. It can be used to make homemade summer drinks, it cools the body and prevents heat stroke. If we talk about the nutritional composition, 100 grams of sattu contain around 65 grams of Carbohydrates along with25 grams of protein and 18-20 grams of fiber. One more distinctive quality of sattu is that it energizes your body instantly. When you are exposed to sunlight, it’s common to feel tired, exhausted, and restless. By drinking sattu normally mixing it in water along with salt or sugar as per your choice you can get relief instantly.


Barley Water

Barley water is a homemade summer cooler drink, You must have not known much about it, but this unpopular drink is a wonderful drink, that you should consume during summers. It is easy to make barley water at home. If we talk about the nutritional composition of Barley water, it contains 80 calories along with 2.8 grams of protein and 16 grams of carbohydrates including 0.8 grams of fiber. There are ample benefits of barley water here, listing few

  • It is rich in fiber, so it keeps the digestive system healthy along with helps to avoid the problem like constipation
  • It also helps to protect from chronic diseases
  • Barley water helps lower the cholesterol
  • It also lowers the blood sugar levels
  • Also helps in reducing body weight



One of the most popular summer drinks is Lemonade or Nimbu panni. It is easy to make at home that’s why it is the best homemade summer drink. If we talk about the nutritional composition, one glass of Lemonade contains 28 calories along with 2.8 grams of fiber and 9.3 grams of carbohydrate. It is the most preferred thirst quencher because it is refreshing along with being delicious. Indians’ favorite nimbu paani is also available in the streets during the daytime. Do try this soothing and refreshing summer drink at home.



We, humans, are known for evolution, each time there is an obstacle humans have made specific changes in their bodies. From the very first species, “homo habilis” to what we are known as today “homo sapiens”. But were these changes made immediately? It took human beings 2.4 million years to make changes and stick to them.

But why are we talking about a thing that has happened in history? Because to enlighten the fact that it took 2.4 million years to make changes and most importantly to stick to those changes. Making changes in life or making resolutions is easy but sticking to them is a real task!

Here is a head start to new beginning.

Every year is a new beginning and a fresh start, where you can begin your day in a different way or inculcate new habits within yourself. Each time when you make a new resolution there is more probability of you breaking them.

You’ve probably set a New Goal — and then broken it — at least once in your life. Stop making resolutions and then failing to follow through this year. If your resolution is to improve your health and well-being, you will have a lot better year if you keep it. To get you started, here are 10 amazing life changing tips to stick to your fitness resolution!


Keep your dreams realistic.

Making your objective unreachable is the surest way to fall short of it. Resolving to never eat your favorite dish again, for example, is a recipe for failure. Instead, set a realistic goal for yourself, such as avoiding it more frequently than you do currently.

You might decide to lose 10 pounds, make daily to-do lists, or run a mini-marathon, for example. Make your aim attainable rather than unrealistic. Choosing a specific, attainable objective allows you to plan out exactly how you will achieve (and stick to) your goal throughout the year.


Work on your plans before hand.

Make your resolutions before the New Season. If you wait until the last minute, your decision will be influenced by your mood that day. Instead, it should be arranged far in advance of December 31st.

The year is probably not the best time to begin making plans for the coming year. When you wait until the last minute, you risk making decisions based on your mood for the day rather than a more calculated approach. Instead, a New Year’s resolution should be made well in advance of December 31.

If it’s too late to start something on January 1st, choose another date—February 1st, your birthday, the anniversary of your diagnosis—whatever date is special to you.


Plan your schedule.

Make a plan for how you’ll handle the temptation to skip that workout class or eat that piece of cake. This could include enlisting the assistance of a friend, engaging in positive thinking and self-talk, or reminding yourself how your “bad behavior” will impact your goal.

You can begin by writing out your goal, establishing a list of possible actions to reach that goal, and noting any potential roadblocks. You’ll be better prepared to adhere to your commitment and conquer any obstacles if you know exactly what you want to accomplish and the challenges you could face.


Understand the benefits and disadvantages.

It may be beneficial to see a list of items written down to keep your motivation high. Build this list over time and invite others to add to it. Keep your list with you and refer to it whenever you need motivation.

It’s critical to think about a settlement from all sides. Maybe the moment is appropriate, maybe it isn’t: think about it before jumping in. A summary of benefits and drawbacks on paper may help to boost motivation.

Build this list over time and invite others to add to it. Keep the list on hand and refer to it whenever a resolution has to be reaffirmed.


Feel proud about yourself.

Keep your resolution to yourself. Tell your friends and family members who will be there to support you in your efforts to improve your health or alter yourself for the better. Finding a friend who shares your New Goal and motivates each other is the best-case scenario.

Yes, you’ve undoubtedly heard this advice a million times before, but it works. Having a strong support network might assist you in being motivated and accountable. Companionship also helps to keep to your resolution more enjoyable. So, if possible, choose a friend or loved one who shares your goals.


Motivate yourself.

If your resolution is to eat a healthier diet, this does not mean you may consume an entire box of chocolates. Instead, reward yourself for your accomplishment by doing something you enjoy that does not conflict with your resolution. If you’ve been keeping your vow to eat healthier, reward yourself with new workout gear or a trip to the movies with a friend.


Be in track with your goals.

Keep track of your tiny victories. Short-term goals are easier to stick to, and each small victory will keep you motivated. Rather than concentrating on dropping 30 pounds, concentrate on the first five. Keep a food diary to help you remain on track, and give yourself a reward for every five pounds you lose.

If you’re keeping a resolution notebook, make a note of the date the relapse occurred, what may have sparked it, and what you might do differently next time. You will be better equipped to deal with future issues if you first comprehend them.


Take time to applaud yourself.

Obsessing over little mistakes will not help you reach your goal. Take each day as it comes and do the best you can.

It’s not always possible to maintain a positive attitude all of the time, but striving to be less self-critical can help. Obsessing over little setbacks isn’t going to help you make progress.

Each day, do the best you can and take it one day at a time. When you make a mistake, don’t dwell on it. Regain control of the situation and continue with the strategy.


Be consistent throughout.

A new activity takes around 21 days to become a habit, and six months to become part of your personality, according to experts. Be persistent and patient because it will not happen overnight!

The hardest aspect of sustaining a resolution will be sticking to a plan. A new activity, such as exercising, takes roughly 21 days to become a habit, and 6 months to become part of your personality, according to experts. In no time, your new healthy habits will become second nature.


Don’t despair if you’ve lost all motivation to keep your resolution by the middle of February. Restart the game! Recommit for the next 24 hours. You have 24 hours to do whatever you want. The 24-hour intervals will quickly add up, and you’ll be back on track before you know it.

You can also try out simple home workouts for best results.


Researchers in Sweden looked at over 1,000 people’s New Year’s resolutions in a study. They discovered that the following were among the participants’ objectives:

33% for physical well-being

20% reduction in weight

13% intend to alter their eating habits

9% for personal development

5% for mental health and sleep

Those who set approach-oriented goals, such as eating more fruit, rated their resolution as successful 59 percent of the time. 47 percent of individuals who had an avoidance objective, such as not eating candy, felt successful.

The annual ritual of making resolutions does not have to be a failure. Sometimes the difference between success and failure comes down to picking the proper objective and following the correct approach to get there. Above all, remember to be kind and flexible with yourself, and to acknowledge and applaud any and all improvement. It’s not only about achieving the ultimate goal; it’s also about the journey.



Creating a sustainable wardrobe, initially looks like a complex task but it is worth doing and eventually, it will give you ample benefits. Doing everything from scratch is daunting but it is something you will also enjoy doing. You don’t need to spend money to have a sustainable wardrobe, only a bit of time is required to make your wardrobe more sustainable. This article will give you full insights into ethical shopping tips and sustainable fashion facts. Here we have aligned some useful tips to make your wardrobe sustainable and it’s a useful lifestyle hack.


The first step to making your wardrobe more sustainable is that you shouldn’t be buying clothes without thinking about them once. Buying clothes is great but you should be mindful before buying any clothes. Making your wardrobe more sustainable means you don’t have anything which you don’t like to wear. So-called sustainable fashion brands use marketing tactics to lure customers. Sales and discounts on the clothes attract most the people and they purchase clothes which are not useful for them. So it is advisable not to panic while buying and choose according to the necessity. Make the list of the clothes you want to purchase as a wishlist, but don’t purchase immediately. Make an informed decision wait for a few days and then buy only those which are most important to you.

Also, try the 30 wear test

Wondering what is 30 wear test! 30 wear test is that the clothes you are purchasing make sure that you are going to wear them 30 times at least. Keep the limited buying of clothes which you are going to wear occasionally. This clothing shopping tip is really helpful at the same time it will help to make your wardrobe more sustainable.


Be a Mindful Shopper

Shopping mindfully is important because it prevents us to buy Bizzare stuff which is of no use but thought it would be. Buying something which is not useful, will be going to keep in the wardrobe for a year or something without wearing it once. So be a mindful shopper, don’t hesitate about asking what you are purchasing  Take an informed decision, and invest in something which has longevity and that you can wear again and again. Choose those versatile pieces which can be styled in different ways.


Mend your clothes

After buying clothes, a few months later only we found that some cloth trends are changed or clothes get a bit torn. we prefer not to wear clothes which we had bought and paid so much for it. Apart from buying new clothes Mend your clothes, is the ultimate style hack. Take needle and thread and mend your clothes according to the need. you can also make different style fusions with that same cloth. Adding to this you can just pay to professional or tailor to mend or repair your clothes. This is the best way of sustainable fashion. Because if that cloth you don’t repair or mend they will eventually become useless and that’s a waste of money. Here also your mindful decision is really important and this is also a crucial step to making your wardrobe more sustainable. To mend or repair apart from buying.


Buy second hand, this is one of the ethical fashion shopping tips you try to make your closet sustainable. Buying new clothes at a high cost more often can waste your money. If you want to purchase a few clothes you can try the idea of buying second-hand clothes. The one thing which is needed to buy second-hand clothes is changing your attitude towards shopping. buying new clothes is not the only option you can, second-hand clothes of good quality can wearable. Adding to this many online apps provide options to buy second-hand clothes of good quality. And there is a filter option you can choose according to your needs. You can also sell your unused or not-in-use clothes on these apps. Especially those clothes which are ethnic and one-time use you can easily resell them.


Be an Outfit Repeater

What to do before buying new clothes?

We also prefer to buy new clothes rather than repeat outings because of the so-called social behavior. Sustainable fashion is the one which not buying but repeating clothes in different ways social media culture nowadays encourage us to focus on trendy and new. But we forget the concept of sustainability even in clothes they are much needed. Apart from following social media trends, we should concentrate on our needs and requirement. From now rethink on your social media because it creates a kind of pressure. Although much Sustainable fashion industry is encouraging people on repeating clothes. To maintain sustainability in your closet, you should consider repeating clothes apart from wasting money on new clothes.



The best Sustainable Clothing tip is that donate your unwanted clothes to someone who needs them. As you can donate your unwanted closes to some NGOs or organizations that distribute clothes to needy people. Donating your clothes to a good cause is great rather than left hanging in the corner of the wardrobe. Helping others by giving clothes is in itself a great deed and especially in winters. Always try to distribute unwanted clothes, and always make a habit like, if you buy something you will donate also.


Take care of your clothes

Taking care of your clothes is important for their durability. After buying clothes we forget to take care of them. We generally ignore properly washing them and arranging them in the wardrobe. The expensive clothes take a little more care for their longevity. The tool which is advisable to have a sustainable wardrobe is a steamer. The steamer is good to iron clothes properly and it leaves your clothes fresh, smooth, and wrinkled-free. The hot steam also prevents clothes from bacteria and bad smell. Along with it, one more tool is also recommended and that’s a fabric shaver. A fabric shaver is a great tool for knitted garments, it ensures their longevity.


Only buy those clothes which you are going to wear year long. Don’t purchase only summer or only winter clothes. Choose according to the atmosphere where you live most of the time. Also, buy some clothes which will be used in mostly all the seasons. Such as Jeans, T-shirts, Jackets, Denim and stuff like these. Don’t fill your wardrobe with unwanted cloth, choose wisely. So it is advisable to invest in Transeasonal clothes.


Always go for quality over quantity , and quality of any clothing is more important than other thing. Buying some clothes which have good quality is far better than clothes which have poor quality. Although the cloths which have good quality are generally expensive but they are year long investment. If you have purchase quality of clothes then you don’t have to buy same type of clothes again and again , this will same money and time.


To make your wardrobe more sustainable, you have to keep one thing in mind very clearly send your money wisely. Save money for dresses you have to wear daily, instead of spending and saving money for those dresses which you can only wear occasionally. Because it is a fruitful Idea in this way your money wouldn’t be wasted on unnecessary clothing. So to have a sustainable wardrobe, it is quite vital to adjust, how you spend your money.



Perspective plays a crucial role in making your wardrobe sustainable, change of perspective is the need of the hour. While buying you don’t have to panic, and not have to purchase unnecessary stuff. All you have to make is an informed decision, and also have to be a mindful shopper. Always ask your self that are you are going to wear the purchased cloth, several times if the answer is yes then go for it otherwise don’t. Spend only and only on those close to whichyour you daily wear, in this way, you can have a more sustainable wardrobe and can save more money.



              “If you have no time to exercise then, why not explore all possible options out there”

When you don’t have time to exercise because of the to-do list which you have to check right before the end of the day. The hectic schedules and abundance of workload force us to skip the daily exercise that otherwise we can able to do it. Exercise is important for physical and mental well-being, we tend to skip workouts but the consequences can be worse. Our bodies can get affected which means we will be more unproductive as well feel lethargic and unable to do work. So Exercising daily has the foremost importance as it boosts your productivity as well as will reduce stress and anxiety. So it is recommended to exercise daily regardless of the situation, but the problem is only how to do it if we have no time. Here we are listing tremendous helpful and genius ways to exercise when you are running short of time.


Show up to the Gym

Join a Gym or any other fitness class, this much time is sufficient for the o daily workout. But it is important to show up to the class or gym without skipping or not going. What you have to do is, make a perfect workout plan in which make sure you mention and allot time for exercise. As you have only 45 minutes to work out, so don’t waste time procrastinating things and start working out.


When you have only 30 minutes for a workout which is sufficient but not that much enough. You have again focused on your workout plan and apart from going gym, you can consider workout at home. If you have a treadmill in your home simply try doing it and cut off the time of distraction. This means allot your tv watching time to exercise. Apart from this, you can just watch the video or any program on your phone while you are on a treadmill.


When you have only 30 minutes to work out at the same time you have to meet your friend. For this, you can do both! How? Don’t go to a café where you have to sit and talk. Whereas you can ask your friend to company you in window shopping. In this way, you meet your friend while walking, and you can complete your 30 minutes workout.


For a being healthy, you must take an adequate amount of sleep, so you don’t miss your sleeping hours. Giving adequate time for sleep will eventually save your time ( 15- 20minutes) because you can perform the tasks well if your sleep is complete. And you can utilize this time for your workout and can exercise according to your workout plan. If you exercise with little sleep it will affect your health only.


What is a combo workout, combo workout means doing two workouts in a specific duration. As you are running short of time, what you can do is in these 15-20 minutes, do two different exercises. As you can try pushups and jumping jacks combo together. This will save your time and in addition to it, you don’t have to allot different times for these to exercise. Like you can do the first 30-60 seconds pushups and then switch to jumping jacks and repeat this number of times.


Reject Common Convience


Rejecting common inconvenience means if you don’t have much time to work out. You can simply do physical activity in your daily life which you otherwise don’t do. Walkthrough the park,  don’t use the vehicle for any nearby shops prefer walking. Manage your closet on your own. Along with it you can work for 10 minutes in the house, like cleaning and doing other stuff. This will be a kind of exercise at home for you.


With the presence of mobile phones, we restricted our physical activities we have just stopped going, anywhere. We try to order, book or for any other things we do it by mobile phones. But this hinders physical activity, which we otherwise can do. So it is advisable to order by going because it will involve some physical activities. So in this way you can work out if you have no time.


 When we usually work, while being in the house, we prefer to sit while working. But if you have no time to work out, you can simply walk into a room while working on the phone or answering emails. So it is advisable to you whenever you find time to do any work  an in-office which involves physical activity, try to do it, so that when you have no time still you can work out


If you are running short of time and have no time to work out, So while going to shower just make sure you have broken enough sweat. For that you can try some instant workouts, like try pushups or jumping jacks, apart from this you can also clean the bathroom so you break some sweat. This is a wonderful way to work out if you have no time.


This is the best way to work out in a short period like you have just 5-10 minutes and your reach the train or bus stop. Don’t book a cab or taxi from home, prefer only walking or jogging to the train or bus stop. Also, make sure you leave a bit early, so you won’t get late.


Move while Wait


Whenever you go to any shop or restaurant where you have to wait for a while, in that situation do not simply wait. Move while waiting, this is the best 2 minutes of physical activity. Try this if your workout plan goes according to your plans.


The posture of the body is important to have a fit and healthy body. We complain to have belly fat and others, by even doing workout sometimes, we cant alleviate it. So for that fix your posture while you are doing anything, like while sitting or walking or any kind of work just fixes your posture.



Skin Care

Summer is the season that brings big challenges to the skin. During summers our foremost priority is skincare. As we are more exposed to Sunlight and heat stroke, it is important to care for our skin a little more. Due to the sun our natural glow generally fades away or becomes dull along with it we have tanning on our skin. To alleviate these problems people generally focus on getting an instant solution for it and buy some beauty products, but these products are also harmful to the skin. We are suggesting the best natural glowing skin solution, and these are the best summer skincare tips.


Cucumber Face Mask

Cucumber is generally used for salads in the summer season because they have many beneficial nutrients. As cucumber is beneficial so you can make use of it for glowing skin naturally. These are some suggested cucumber face masks for the daily skincare routine in summer.


  • Firstly mix gram flour with adding some cucumber juice in it.
  • Apply this Cucumber + Gram flour mixture to your face for at least 20-30 minutes.
  • Then rinse it with lukewarm water
  • Gently wipe your face with a cloth or towel

This mixture of cucumber and gram flour will bring an instant glow to your face and it will freshen your face.


  • Firstly prepare cucumber juice and potato juice and mix them well.
  • Apply this mixture to your face with your hands
  • Leave it for 10-15 minutes and then rinse it off with water.

Summer creates sunburn and tan on your skin, this cucumber and potato face mask will help you to remove it.


  • Add two tablespoons of raw milk to two tablespoons of cucumber pulp.
  • Apply this face mask to your face and neck
  • Rest this mask for at least 15 minutes then wash it off.

Raw milk is sometimes used as a natural skin cleanse mixing it cucumber pulp results in healthy and glowing skin.


Banana Face Mask

Banana is a great fruit and is healthy for your body. Apart from your body banana is also healthy for the skin. People wonder how to make your skin glow naturally at home, the banana face mask home remedies are for all. It has so many nutrients that by applying it, your skin will nourish and glow. It works as an anti-aging mask and also prevents skin from germs and infection. Here are some suggested banana faces for healthy skin in summer.


  • Firstly take banana and avocado and smash and mix it properly.
  • Add honey to the mixture to make it a little smooth
  • Apply this face mask after cleansing your face with water.
  • Leave for the next 20-30 minutes and then massage your face for 4-5 minutes
  • Wash your face with water and see the instant glowing and refresh skin


  • Firstly take a banana and mash it, add milk and oats to it and leave the mixture for 10 minutes
  • After that mix it well, till gets smooth
  • Clean your face with water and apply the face mask for 20-30 minutes.
  • Before removing the mask scrub your face with it
  • And then wash it and pat the skin dry

This is the ultimate healthy skin tip for the face at home, try this home remedy at least twice a week. Milk rehydrates the skin and oats are helpful to remove tan from the skin.



The best beauty tip for the face at home is to apply an almond mask with a different mixture. Almonds are rich in Vitamins E and it is good for the skin. Vitamin E helps to get a fair complexion along with smooth and glowing skin. Summers can create acne problems in your skin, by using almonds on the skin can prevent that and also open skin pores.


  • Firstly take almonds around 4 to 5 and grind them properly.
  • Add some lemon juice to the grinded almond.
  • Apply this mixture to your face with hands or brush and leave it for 20 minutes.
  • Wash it with cold water

Lemons contain vitamin C and they are helpful to remove dead skin cells from skin and tan which is caused because of sun heat.


  • Take grinded almond and orange peel powder and mix them well by adding milk to it.
  • Apply the mask to your face and leave it for 5-10 minutes.
  • Before washing you can scrub your face in a circular motion and then rinse it off.

Orange peel powder is good for skin and applying it on your face with almonds can get you glowing skin naturally. This face mask you can apply twice a week


  • You have to soak almonds around 7-8 in a cup of milk overnight
  • Grind the soaked almonds, if needed apply more milk to it
  • Apply the paste gently to your face
  • Wash it off after 10-20 minutes of applying


Papaya for Face Mask

Choose Papaya! Do you know why? because papaya is one of the best home remedies for amazing glowing skin. This filled with nutrient fruit is used as an exfoliator for skin, it removes dead skin cells and tanning. Applying Papaya with different other useful ingredients can make your skin glowy and naturally radiant. Adding to this Papaya has papain in it which is also good for the skin. Here are some suggested Papaya Face masks for naturally glowing skin at home.


  • Take papaya roughly mash it and add honey to it along with it add 1 egg white
  • Mix all three-ingredient properly
  • Apply on your face and leave it for 10-20 minutes
  • Wash the mask only with warm water, apply this mask once a week

Honey has a hydrating element in it so it is good for skin health and as a result, it smoothens your skin. Egg white helps to close your skin pores and tighten up your skin.


  • Firstly squeeze lemon juice around 1 tablespoon add papaya to it and mix it well.
  • Apply the face mask for 10 minutes
  • Wah your face with water and see the instant glow on your face

A Lemon and papaya mixture is great for skin health.  Lemon has vitamin C which can be perfect for skin and it will reduce dark spots and acne.


Every Indian household has this important spice known as turmeric. Turmeric is known for its ample benefits. It is a wonderful healing spice along with it has a glow skin secret. Best for anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-aging. Haldi is also used as a body scrub and Indian wedding rituals have their unique presence.


  • Add Sandalwood powder and a pinch of turmeric to a bowl
  • Stir it well by adding rose water to it
  • Keep the pack for 15-20 minutes and then remove it washing your face
  • Do it at least twice a week


  • Take a bowl and add 1 tablespoon of yogurt along with Fuller’s earth and rose water and a pinch of turmeric
  • Stir it until it makes a smooth paste
  • Apply the mask to your face and rest it for 15 minutes
  • Rinse it off with cold water

Yogurt is good for skin and the same  as rose water apply this face mask for healthy glowing skin.


Lemon Face Mask

Lemons have the best solution to remove tanning . Vitamin C is present in Lemon and they are used for natural bleaching. Lemons are easily available at home and simply we can buy from markets. They bring natural glow to skin especially in summer season.


  • Firstly add honey in a bowl then add juice of lemon
  • Mix it well and make a paste
  • Apply this paste on your skin for 15 mins
  • Wash it with fresh water

Honey softs the skin and this honey and lemon mixture is good to remove tanning


  • Take out pulp of two to three strawberries
  • Mix the pulp with yogurt , honey and lemon
  • Make a paste and apply it on your face and neck area
  • Wash it after 10-15 minues
  • Do apply this face pack twice a week



Do you know anybody who’s not busy?

Everybody has a long to-do list in a day, the main aim is to make a day productive.

Productivity synonym is a good productive day but sometimes it is a bit of a struggle.

To make a day productive along with a lot of work whether it is official or a household.

We should ensure proper time management and efficiency of work. High productivity stems from undertaking meaningful work.

In addition to it maintaining one’s well-being and health, As well as creating personal time and space to think.

In this complex world, there is a lot of complexity but what we need is to channel our energy properly. Clarity is also an important factor to maximize productivity at home

We read a lot of productivity quotes, but we don’t know that productivity is the essence of a good lifestyle

To overcome hurdles in life productivity should have to be the main focus, so Here are ten tips on productivity that helps to stay on track.


Write It Down

The first essential thing to do is to write it down to begin productivity at home. For every task, every commitment try to write the details of every task you have to do your mind will be relaxed and get optimized according to the productivity planner. So the emphasis should be on managing a time properly and more efficiently ,What you have to do is make a to-do list in the morning before beginning anything Or you can make it at night so that you can jump-start your day, it helps in proper scheduling.


Just Get Started

Look at the to-do list and decide according to them what you have to do first. Have you heard eat the frog first? This means that complete your difficult task first we are more focused and attentive in the morning, so we can perform it effectually and can make a day more productive Besides the fact no matter what you choose to do, always remember to create good morning habits so that you can have a more productive day. Also do not forget to add doing a workout and some sort of exercise first learn more about the home workouts click here https://lazygozo.in/?p=2745 .


Eat The Frog

As we discussed earlier, doing tough tasks first can provide sufficient time to do the remaining work It can be  the unpleasant phone call you don’t want to make Or it can be that blog post you’ve been putting off writing because you don’t know how to start Or that project that just overwhelms you because it’s so massive. Give yourself small rewards for completing big tasks, that will encourage you to complete the task Just get creative and find small ways to motivate yourself to hustle .So this will let the satisfaction of crossing it off your list that will carry you into the rest of your busy.


Turn Off Distraction

The major reason for losing productivity in a day is the unwanted distraction. Facebook can be a trap for you, Smartphone or internet games sometimes get super addictive .So  Avoid these when you’re trying to get something done or when you are occupied Only Check your FB during the last five minutes of your workday you can also set limits for mini “time-wasting” sessions .It’s completely ok to need a mental break, but please don’t get sucked in. For example, next time you go to check Instagram while you’re supposed to be working look at the clock first .Give yourself only 2-3 to scroll through your feed then stop. So these are a few productivity tips.


Take Required Breaks

It is good to break up tasks that take a long time or that are physically demanding in any way. To make a day productive at home taking small breaks is important ,Try to Schedule breaks periodically even during the busiest days .Take ten minutes to stand up, stretch your body, and get a drink of water, walk around the block. You will return to your work refreshed, both mentally and physically, and you will be ready to be even more productive.


Batch Process

Try to group similar tasks or routines that you have to in a day, and finish them accordinglyFor example in the morning routine or the first batch  take care of your physical health and complete your morning ritualsThen in the consecutive batches include the official’s work and then the evening routinesegregate the batch of work as per your urgency and as per your needsIt is best to use a productivity planner  for the best use of the batch process, it will help you to make a day productive.

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Eat Healthy

Productivity defines as the effectiveness of the productive work, but for that eating healthy is important Countless studies are confirming the importance of breakfast for maintaining our health .Healthy people are more likely to be productive than a  person who is not so healthy. No matter how busy you are,  firstly eat a decent breakfast. It will help to fuel you for a terrific start to your day.t will help to concentrate and maintain focus on the whatever work we do.


Stay Optimistic

Staying positive can work as a productivity tool, which helps to make you productive throughout the day .Don’t waste your time on self-pity and negative thinking. It won’t help you in accomplishing anything. The only thing is that it takes away your precious energy. It drains you and it messes up your mind. Try to complete small works at home that will lead to some small accomplishments and increase positivity Like cleaning, cooking and much other work it will increase the productivity at home and help you stay positive So, Positive thinking also makes you a happier mom and it promotes happiness in your household too.


Try to evaluate that to-do list carefully find out What tasks could someone else can do, thereby freeing you up to focus on the things only you can do this enhance productivity Look around for a person who is available to do some of the tasks which are your responsibility A secretary? A colleague? A family member? A paid helper? Then delegate accordingly .So an important key to productivity is doing only those things which can be done by you only and allowing somebody else to contribute by doing those other tasks.


Say No

Sometimes many commitments have you made that don’t need to be kept at all? Have you ever been on tasks that don’t actually important to you or anybody else? And is your calendar cluttered with meetings that are not worth doing any anymore for you or any other person and you are  no longer care about somebody else’s priorities are affecting your schedule and routine ,If your calendar is jammed like this and you have a long and elongated to-do list.

Then take five minutes or so to look at each task very carefully. Then try to figure out which task or work can you able to eliminate Or crossed off the task or work which is no longer required of you. Apart from this when someone calls or appears at your door with a request for your participation in some activity Do decide wisely whether you want to go or not because this will going to affect your productivity planner If your answer of yours is no, then just simply say no.

Practice like this “Thank you for inviting me, but I’m sorry no.” “Thank you for asking, but no.” “Thank you for thinking of me, but no. ”Just say no in this way don’t think twice and no need to give any sort of explanation So, Productivity can be achieved in seconds and minutes, not only hours.” We sometimes have these little moments of our day that we often underestimate because we think that it’s too short to achieve anything. BUT the truth is that we can make a day productive even when we are at homes What you need to do is properly manage your time, for that purpose you can use Productivity apps that will surely benefit to make your day productive.

Do these things if you are feeling that your day is not being productive

  • Read a book while waiting in a line.
  • take a deep breath and stretch for five minutes.
  • Make a call to your loved ones, this will make you happy

And at last, always Be realistic about your plans, we all need breaks, take breaks try to eat healthy for making a day productive, and also follow the to-do list wisely and work accordingly.



healthy eating

The pandemic has taught us one important aspect of life and that is health is more important than anything, It shows us the ultimate importance of staying fit and eating healthy food. As immunity plays an important role in keeping the body healthy and it is evident also, by fighting against the disease as we have seen in the case of a  novel coronavirus,

People with strong immunity, even if they got infected, were seen to have only mild symptoms of coronavirus. So there are several foods which can help you to boost your immunity along with it there is a multitude of benefits of healthy food as well.

Before that let’s understand what is healthy diet is and what makes up a healthy diet.

What is a healthy diet?

Healthy eating does not mean avoiding food to have the benefits of healthy eating It includes eating the right food in the right amount that gives the body full nutrients. Apart from refusing the food and beverages, you can consume a variety of foods in the adequate amountTo avail of the benefits of healthy eating, one should follow a balanced diet plan.

What makes up a healthy diet?

A Healthy Diet is referred to the intake of a variety of foods just an inadequate amount Healthy body needs healthy eating so we all need protein, fat, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins, and minerals in our diets. So here are the top benefits of healthy eating  which can  bring a healthy lifestyle to your life.

Help to manage a healthy weight

Helps to loose weight

Healthy eating is really important to manage a healthy a weight A person needs a balanced diet to have a healthy weight, Healthy foods include vegetables, fruits, whole grains, dairy products, and a moderate amount of unsaturated fats These healthy foods can help you to maintain a consistent weight, so  these foods along with Dietary fiber-rich foods to have a healthy weight, Because Fiber-rich foods help to control hunger by making you feel fuller for longer periods

Helps manage diabetes

Diabetic Diet

As we all know diabetes is a widespread disease that is affecting millions of people around the globe. Many factors are responsible for diabetes to be caused but unhealthy food eating is one of the factors. A diabetic diet is important for the diabetic patient because it helps them maintain a healthy blood sugar level. Adding to it the diabetic diet helps to delay the onset of diabetes complications. What you all need is to change your eating habits and lifestyle which can lower your risk of developing type 2 diabetes, try to eat healthy greens, beans, low-glycemic index foods, dark chocolate, and healthy snack.

May improve heart health

Healthy Heart

Unhealthy food is responsible for an unhealthy heart, Eating unhealthy can cause excessive complications to the heart and also create problems in the proper functioning of it. Heart blockage is caused by the level rise in Cholesterol and triglycerides, which we get from unhealthy food items. Healthy eating improves your heart health, for that you should have a healthy diet meal plan. A healthy diet is rich in green vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and low-fat foods, include these in your meal Healthy eating can help to lower the cholesterol and improve heart health.

May reduce cancer risk

Reduce The Cancer Problem

Cancer is also one of the leading diseases which is causing death. It is the most lethal disease which is affecting people of all ages, Unhealthy eating habits and improper lifestyle is one of the reasons or factor by which cancer is caused Antioxidant-rich food is required to mitigate the risk of cancer by protecting cells from damage, Antioxidant-rich foods, such as fruit, green vegetables, nuts, and seeds, aid in the removal of free radicals.

Help to improve digestion

Many vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and dairy products contain Fiber and probiotics Above foods items are essential for maintaining good health and aiding digestion.  fermented foods like curd, yogurt, kefir, and miso are important for a balanced diet These probiotics also play an important role in metabolism and digestion. Vegetables, fruits, and legumes, which are high in fiber should also be included in your food because they maintain daily bowel movements. High fiber which includes Vegetables, fruits, and legumes Additionally, aids in the prevention of bowel cancer and diverticulitis.

Help to strengthen bones and teeth

Healthy Teeth

Eating healthy is important because our whole body needs healthy food to function properly. Calcium and magnesium-rich foods are crucial for teeth and health because has major components to strengthen bones and teeth low-fat dairy products, broccoli, tofu, and legumes tend to reduce the likelihood of bone problems. These are the good source of calcium and magnesium, do include them in your diet plan.

Help to reduce stress 

Helps To Reduce Stress

Eating healthy can able to reduce stress and tension and also it can lighten your mood you will feel energized and along with a bit healthier you keep adding only healthier and nutritious food and avoid food items that contain sugar because Sugary foods and fruits are high in fat. This will help in the reduction of mental stress and anxiety.

May improve immunity

Immunity is really important for anybody to function and survive properly strong immune system can help us to be free from the infectious diseases or contagious diseases eating nutritious foods like green vegetables, vitamins, fruits, fish, herbs, and spices can boost your immunity.

Boosts brain health

Improves Brain Health

The brain is the most important part of our body, every action is done by the command of the brain, for maintaining brain health, Healthy eating must be included in your balanced diet it will help to improve brain function and also improves your mood. Omega-3 fatty acid-rich foods such as(olive oil, fatty fish, fish oil, nuts, and seeds) Help in cell membrane maintenance and normal brain functioning, as well as will maintain synaptic plasticity. Dyslexia, attention deficit disorders, schizophrenia, depression, and bipolar disorder can be treated with these foods items as “diet therapy.”

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May improve skin health

Improves Skin Damage

Eating a portion of unhealthy junk food can create the major problems of Skin damage and acne outbreaks Eating healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, fatty fish, nuts, seeds, whole grains, and beverages like water, coconut water, and green tea, Will make your skin clear, brighter and also will glow Try to Avoid trans fats and sugary foods by eating foods high in vitamins A, C, D, and E, along with it omega-3 fatty acids. Maintaining good hygiene will eventually cure skin problems along with eating healthy food.

A healthy diet helps with sleep

Improves Sleeping Pattern

According to the research reducing the intake of caffeine and alcohol can improve your sleeping problems. The reason for destructive sleep patterns are many but sleep apnea is also one of its reason. Unhealthy eating should be stopped for better sleep pattern because the risk factor which is associated with it is high, unhealthy diet includes drinking alcohol and being obese.

Maintain health of next generation

Healthy Eating

There should be a proper healthy habit for children as well as for the young generation. Children learn from parents, so parents should teach them about the importance of healthy food Introduced them to the benefits of healthy eating and how it impacts all other activities.

Good for environment

One of the most crucial benefits of eating healthy food is that it is good for our environment, as well when we stay in sync with nature healthy eating becomes more important so try to consume less processed food there is also lesser pressure and pollution in the atmosphere including organic, fresh and locally sourced fruits, vegetables and fish is a great step towards sustainability.


Save money

One of the benefits of healthy eating is that it is easy to afford and cheap Eating out or buying lots of packaged, processed food is an expensive thing By this You can save money in the long term, as you will be doing something you wanted to do and being awesome while other people spend their days seeing doctors and other medical personnel.

Try new things

Healthy eating helps you try new things, you can try to make healthy fast food

You learn loads of new things, be it new foods or new experiences. When you feel incredible from eating healthy, you’ll naturally be able to take more risks and enjoy your life to the fullest.

The Bottom Line

More Benefits

The benefits of eating healthy food cannot be restricted to only a few benefits, there are much more benefits of eating healthy apart from staying in shape, and having strong bones and teeth, all benefits will eventually help you to Live a Better, and a Live Longer.

By now, you have realized that there are a lot number of benefits of healthy eating, which can improve your life. It is never too late to start healthy habits. So, if you need to, start to take a few steps towards a healthy diet in your life and make a commitment to eating a healthy and balanced diet.



We are living in a hustle culture, where everything is so rapid that it becomes sometimes tough for getting yourself relaxed and calm, the hectic schedules and disturbed sleeping pattern is already creating a lot of psychological problem in the human body, to overcome all these physical and mental issues, what all you need is meditation, it is a great way to refocus and center yourself. Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years, it was originally meant to help deepen understanding of the sacred and mystical forces of life.

meditation apps

Meditation is something that can give you a sense of calm, peace, and balance that will help to benefit both your emotional well-being and overall health. meditation is like learning any other skill, Think of it as exercising a muscle that you have never really worked out before.

It takes consistent practice to get comfortable and it is generally not that difficult, comparatively easier if you have a teacher. So, here we can take the help of the meditation apps that provide guided as well as non-guided sessions, and have some remarkable features to access that will help to start a mediation practice.


need to have meditation apps

Well, there are numerous reasons which tell us why we need meditation applications, there are ample benefits of meditation apps but if we talk about the main reason so it is because the meditation applications teach us how to meditate in easy and simple ways.

It also introduces us to new styles and techniques of mediation along with it, provides all the information related to mediation.

Many people are improving their symptoms of depression and anxiety by using these meditation applications. They are so advantageous that nowadays people are downloading them more often. As per the studies, meditation applications are making huge differences in human life.

So, here are some top picks meditation applications for you, that will help you to Meditate and manage your stress, will bring change in various aspects (such as attention or focus), increase self-awareness, or even reduce/eliminate symptoms such as anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, and more. click https://www.oliolimeditation.com/the-app/ to know more







This app provide 30,000 meditation session

The most used meditations app, insider timer is one of them,  with a five-star rating for a long time now this app is the among the rare free meditation app which is available, without many upsells inside the app, you can find around 30,000 meditation session Inside the Insight Timer.

The best part about this meditation app is that it helps you to refine your goals and achievements depending on how long you want to practice meditation.

This insight timer app is a perfect choice for beginners because of the progress bar which is inside the app, so it properly guides you also motivate and encourage you to meditate, In this app guided sessions are pre-recorded but are done by mental experts as well as meditation experts.

AVAILABILITY– available for iOS and Android users

COST – Free


sattva app helps to relax

Sattva is also among the free meditation app, which is all about combining modern meditation with its bygone roots. This sattva has also had the option for paid features, so you can choose according to your preference, the meditation tool of this app it is based on the Vedic principle of meditation, and it is free to access, one of the best features of this app is that it has chants and mantras that combine well with the meditation.

It is best for beginners who are practicing meditation for stress or meditation for anxiety, you can start with six minutes at a time, slowly and gradually you can exceed more. This app is simple and authentic, it can track your progress, also you don’t have to find an ideal time to get started, install this app on your mobile phone and you are good to go, try for the best results

AVAILABILITY-The app is available for Android and iOS user

COST- Free, but can also choose the paid version for more features


contributes to emotional well being

If you are a person who is doing things according to your emotions, if you are a person who is an overthinker or a person who gets overwhelmed more often this  MyLife Meditation app is best for you, also this meditation app fits everyone who wants to get started.

This app works really good, you can start your mindfulness meditation journey perfectly as it provides meditation resources according to your emotional state.

MyLife Meditation is best for the following reasons

It helps to eliminate problems

It helps to reduce stress

It helps to improve your sleep pattern

Apart from that, it comes with an integrated journal where you can track your emotions and even see your progress after you set  your initial goals

AVAILABILITY– available for iOS and Android users

COST – Free


meditation music

In this hustle and bustle life, inculcating a habit becomes a tough job, but with  The Mindfulness app you have to spend a couple of spare minutes in your day to start a meditation practice, just by using it for a few minutes you will feel relaxed and less stressed if we talk about the specialty or a feature of this app it provides “meditation with music” as it comes with sounds and effects,

This mindfulness app is best for if you are not looking for a guided session or exercise, this app helps without the guided session, you can also create a custom session and even set your own time (anywhere between three and 30 minutes).

One thing which I am fond of in this app is that we can integrate our smartphone’s health information that will help us to keep a track of how often we meditate. This way, you can even schedule if you’re thinking of starting meditating regularly. The Mindfulness App is available for iOS and Android users.

AVAILABILITY–  Mindfulness App is available for iOS and Android users.

COST– free


 As human nature, we need assurance for everything and if you are a person who is skeptical about the positive effects of meditation or you’re looking to rely on a trusted and reputable source,  then UCLA Mindful is among the meditation apps best suit you.

The UCLA Mindful is a meditation app is developed by the Mindful Awareness Research Center which is based at the University of California, Los Angeles. meditation for beginners this phrase is linked with this app as it is most suitable for beginners who are looking to learn basic steps to meditation, it also helps to efficiently use meditation to reduce or eliminate body and mind issues and problems and also provide meditation for stress, meditation for anxiety.

It provides informative material that includes tips on getting started, meditation postures, and even the science behind mindfulness meditation ,in this app the special feature is that we can have access to weekly podcasts directly from UCLA’s Hammer Museum. This podcast features a 30-minute meditation which is also available for listening after a run too. There is a timer available also, that helps you to meditate on your own if you are not fond of guided sessions.

AVAILABILITY -available for iOS and Android users

COST– Free

Click here https://lazygozo.in/mindfulness-meditation-for-beginners/ to know more about meditation benefits and how to get started


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