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Beach Body, an American company that provides diet supplements and at-home workout videos, offers a fitness program called 21 Day Fix that focuses on how fats, proteins, and carbohydrates interact with other macronutrients to help people lose weight. Along with the restricted diet, daily 30-minute workouts are rigorous.

The workout session focuses on a different body area on each day of the week. The outcomes of the get fit in 21 Days differ from person to person, but the majority of them claim to have lost 15 pounds in just three weeks! Although the get fit in 21 Days Fix may seem challenging at first, once you get used to using the colour-coded containers and working out every day, it becomes a way of life, and you begin to enjoy the journey.

This idea seems appealing as a whole, right? Why not give it a shot for yourself and see what’s in store for you? The get fit in 21 Days Results Guide is here for your viewing pleasure!


You’ve already made the first step towards your objective of getting fit when you begin searching the internet for the get fit in 21 Days plan, which is realizing that you need to start improving yourself. How are you going to carry out the plan now?

Before you start this plan, make sure to weigh and measure yourself because you’ll want to see how far you’ve come after three weeks! The majority of them are surprised by the get fit in 21 Days results!

Now get a pen and paper (you could do this without writing, but I’d like to be safe because I’m bad at maths!) because this is where the math for determining your calorie goal comes in.

  1. Multiply your weight in pounds by 11 to get your BMI. This is your initial caloric intake.
  2. Increase the baseline by 400 calories. The 400 calories stand for the number of calories you must eat each day to maintain your workout and other activities that require energy.
    For instance, you are 150 pounds. When you multiply that by 11, you get 1650 calories. It becomes 2050 calories when you add 400. This is the minimal number of calories you must consume each day to maintain your current weight. You need to consume less calories than this in order to lose weight.
  3. Depending on how many pounds you want to reduce per week, this step will change. A weekly weight loss goal of more than 2 pounds is not advised.
    a. Set a daily calorie goal of 1050 by dividing 2050 by 1000 (a calorie deficit of 1,000 to lose two pounds per week).
    b. 1300 calories each day = 2050 minus 750 (the difference needed to lose 1.5 pounds per week).

If your computation shows you need fewer than 1200 calories per day, Beachbody advises rounding up (and eating 1200 calories per day); for counts beyond 2300, it is advised to round down.

The next step is to order the programme, which includes a handbook, coloured containers, a meal plan, fitness DVDs, a book on the 3-Day Quick Fix, and a book on the programme. However, purchasing this get fit in 21 Days programme is optional given the abundance of information available online today.THE


Portion management with these coloured containers is crucial for achieving the best outcomes from the 21-day treatment. These serve as a simple guide to make sure you consume the proper ratios of macronutrients in your diet. The six boxes that house these containers are coloured Green, Blue, Red, Purple, Yellow, and Orange.

You don’t need to weigh and measure the portions you eat or keep track of your calorie consumption because each container represents a measurement. Anything that fits in these containers can be put in your stomach, making it quite easy to follow. As stated below, each colour of the box corresponds to a particular kind of food!

  • Vegetables belong in this green container. It is one cup.
  • Avocado, almonds, and cheeses are the healthy fats that are kept in the blue container. There is 1/3 cup.
  • Proteins are in the red container. 3/4 cups are in the red container.
  • Fruits are in the purple container. Remember, nuts, not juices! In order to consume all of the fruit’s fibres, you should consume it whole. Also, it is one cup.
  • The yellow container contains nutritious starches and carbohydrates. It’s a half cup!
  • Orange Container: The orange container is for seeds and dressings; it contains seeds and healthy oils without any added sweets or fats. For two tablespoons, that is!


According to six different calorie categories, these containers are utilised. They serve as portion controls. It will be tedious to read the paragraphs, but we have tabulated the data for you! Learn how to use these containers properly to run you get fit in 21 Days programme repair outcomes!

Caloric Bracket
No. of Green ContainersNo. of Blue ContainersNo. of red ContainersNo. of Purple ContainersNo. of Yellow ContainersNo. of Orange ContainersTsps of oil
Plan A1,200-1,499 calories414221
Plan B1,500-1,799 calories414331
Plan C1,800-2,099 calories515351
Plan D2,100-2,300 calories616441
Plan E2,300-2,499 Calories716551
Plan F2,500-2,800 Calories817551


Prepare to resist temptation when you see your favourite cupcake while following the get fit in 21 Days programme. Even though you’ll be unpleasant at first, hang in there because once you start to see the benefits of the get fit in 21 Days programme, you’ll feel so proud of yourself!

You will need to cut out sugars, additional preservatives, highly processed oils, and refined carbohydrates from your meals. You’ll also have to stop using coffee creamers because they include artificial sweeteners and highly processed oils, which can make you sluggish and increase your weight when consumed first thing in the morning.

Regular hydration is a crucial component of achieving the effects of the get fit in 21 Days programme. The get fit in 21 Days program calls for you to consume half your body weight in ounces each day. Getting an appealing Tumblr is a fantastic way to keep yourself encouraged to drink water. Although it may seem absurd, this will actually work. For the best effects from your get fit in 21 Days programme, stay hydrated.

Here, meal planning will be essential. Giving your week a head start by planning your entire week in advance. You may save a tonne of time by doing this exercise in addition to avoiding the everyday stress of figuring out what to cook! Prepare your kitchen by stocking it with food and materials.

This makes it simpler for you to stay on track and efficiently achieve the effects of the get fit in 21 Days programme. Meal planning is crucial for any short-term (or long-term!) weight reduction success, so schedule your meals for the coming week or even two weeks in advance to make meal preparation simpler and improve your get fit in the 21 Days programme outcome.


Before we decide if it is necessary or not, let us quickly explain what Shakeology is. It is a high-end superfood beverage connected to the vast BeachBody Fitness and Lifestyle Empire. In a single serving, it provides vitamins, minerals, pre and probiotics, enzymes, proteins, phytonutrients, antioxidants, and adaptogens.

Dieters frequently use Shakeology as a meal replacement since it is perceived as a healthy snack and is portable. Beach Body, however, advises dieters against using Shakeology as a meal replacement more than once a day. Shakeology should be used as an additional healthy snack rather than a meal replacement, according to Beachbody.


The results of the 21-day fix cannot be attributed to portion control alone; everyday exercise for 30 minutes must also be included. The 21-Day Fix programme consists of two additional workouts that can be added to or substituted for the seven base routines to keep your body active and prevent injury. Every day of the week, the strenuous combination of weight training, cardio, yoga, and pilates offers a total-body workout.

Every day is devoted to one particular body part. The workout schedule for the week is listed below.

Total Body Cardio on Monday Your heart rate and metabolism remain elevated for a long time after this total-body cardio workout. It is an excellent approach to begin weakly.

  • Monday – Lower Fix – In this upper-body workout, targeted resistance training helps you tone your stomach, chest, back, shoulders, and arms. Your muffin top will melt with the aid of this.
  • Wednesday: Lower Fix – Burn calories and firm and tone your thighs, calves, and glutes while you blast fat.
  • This Thursday, Pilates Fix This passive exercise program is made to lengthen your muscles, tone your hips and thighs, and improve your core.
  • Get your heart pumping with this 30 minutes of intense workout on Friday with Workout Fix.
  • Saturday’s Dirty 30 will assist create a leaner, more muscular physique with four rounds of fat-burning exercises.
  • Sunday – Yoga Fix – Yoga will improve your flexibility, balance, and strength while assisting you in relaxing your muscles during this active rest practice.

Whether you wish to add more workout sessions after completing the daily regimen depends on your commitment and your body’s ability. Your level of commitment will determine how much fat you lose and how quickly you notice results from the 21-day cure.


We’ll start with the benefits of the 21-day fix.

  • Foods That Are Healthier – As a result of following the 21-Day Fix diet, you will consciously cut out processed foods, added sugars, and preservatives. You’ll start eating whole grains, which are low in calories, added sugar, and salt while being high in minerals and fibre.
  • Balanced nutrition focuses on the intricate interactions between macronutrients, so you’ll start to think of the number of nutrients you’re eating from your plate.
  • Regular exercise – This plan includes a number of exercises that, over time, may help you instil new exercising habits as part of your daily routine.
  • Portion control is a problem that can prevent weight reduction, but as you become used to preparing meals in coloured containers, you won’t overeat, which also prevents weight loss.

Now moving on to the disadvantages of get fit in 21 day program

This programme can be quite restrictive. This regime requires an effective reduction of calories every day, maybe lesser than your daily calorie requirement. You have to reduce 750 calories every day and that too aggressively along with the supplementation of exercise, which at times is not feasible for everyone to follow strictly.


The portion control containers, healthier diets, and regular activities that promote weight loss are the causes of the 21-day fix outcomes. Instead of making long-term lifestyle adjustments, it concentrates on short-term weight results.

Therefore, 21-Day Fix outcomes are not what you’re searching for if you want long-term results. We advise you to eat good meals, limit your calorie intake, and incorporate exercise into your routine for longer-lasting outcomes.

Now that we’ve given you all the information you required, it’s up to you to decide whether you want to do it or not. Please share your 21-Day Fix findings with us in the comments area below.


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