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Home remedies for kidney stone pain

Do you feel the unbearable pain in your back or your stomach? Looking for a kidney stone natural treatment. Then choose home remedies for kidney stone permanent cure. As we know kidney is the most important and essential part of our body, so its proper functioning is also important.

The kidney is responsible for fluid filtration, which helps filter impurities from the body. when these toxins or impurities won’t be able removed from the body due to some reason they form kidney stones. The few reasons for the formation of kidney stone is as follows

  • Lack of water consumption  in the body
  • Formation of excessive uric acid
  • Urinary tract infection and others

So the proper functioning of the kidney is necessary. You can easily remove kidney stones at the initial stage from home remedies. The home remedies for kidney stone is easy to adapt and 100% reliable. We have sorted the best home remedies for kidney stones, scroll on to read more about it

Consuming a good amount of water

Consuming Good Amount of Water

The easiest kidney stone home treatment is consuming a good amount of water daily. On average, a normal human being needs at least 8-10 glasses of water in a day. Water is a great source to dissolve kidney stone formation. But you have to make sure that you are consuming a good amount of water throughout the day. Drinking water can also give you kidney stone pain relief instantly. Apart from drinking simple water, you can also consume it by adding lemon or any ingredient which has citric acid. Because citric acid is best used to dissolve the formation of kidney stones.

Including kulthi dal in your daily diet

Kulthi daal is the most useful ingredient or home remedy to dissolve the formation of kidney stones. Along with it, it also has many other health benefits. It gives the body the required iron, calcium and vitamins. It also helps to stop the formation of kidney stones. You can add kulthi daal to your daily diet or you can try it at least once or twice a week.

Eating Rajma ( kidney beans)  at least twice a week

You must have eaten the kidney beans commonly known as rajma. It is one of the best home ingredients used to cure kidney stones. Rajma or kidney beans are rich in carbs. These carbs are good for the body. Especially people who are having diabetes can add kidney beans to their diet. It contains the most essential vitamin B which is required and important for the body. Eating rajma more often can dissolve the formation of kidney stones and also gives you pain relief.

Apple cider vinegar

Eating apples are best to stay fit and healthy so is apple cider vinegar. It contains some essential ingredients which include vitamin B and Vitamin C along with acetic acid. Consumption of apple cider vinegar can helps to dissolve kidney stones at a faster rate. You can consume apple cider vinegar by adding it to hot water or simple normal water. Daily consumption of apple cider vinegar can give you the best results in a short period

Lemon Juice and honey for better results

The Best Combination Honey and Lemon

Lemon juice and honey are the best combinations to resolve many health issues. Using both lemon and honey altogether can give you many benefits along with dissolving kidney stones. It is also a kind of best ayurvedic medicine for kidney stones. Lemon is rich in vitamin C and has citric acid which is best used to dissolve the formation of kidney stones. Apart from this, you can consume lemon and honey together by adding both ingredients to the water.

Summing up

As far as of now, we get to know about the best home remedies which help to cure kidney stones. The kidney stone natural treatment can take time but definitely, you will get results. The only thing which you should make sure of is that you have been consistent while trying out these remedies. Adapt the habit of consuming a good amount of water and also be mindful before eating. Restrict yourself from consuming junk more often. Following the above home remedies, you will get kidney stone pain relief immediately.


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