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Do you know anybody who’s not busy?

Everybody has a long to-do list in a day, the main aim is to make a day productive.

Productivity synonym is a good productive day but sometimes it is a bit of a struggle.

To make a day productive along with a lot of work whether it is official or a household.

We should ensure proper time management and efficiency of work. High productivity stems from undertaking meaningful work.

In addition to it maintaining one’s well-being and health, As well as creating personal time and space to think.

In this complex world, there is a lot of complexity but what we need is to channel our energy properly. Clarity is also an important factor to maximize productivity at home

We read a lot of productivity quotes, but we don’t know that productivity is the essence of a good lifestyle

To overcome hurdles in life productivity should have to be the main focus, so Here are ten tips on productivity that helps to stay on track.


Write It Down

The first essential thing to do is to write it down to begin productivity at home. For every task, every commitment try to write the details of every task you have to do your mind will be relaxed and get optimized according to the productivity planner. So the emphasis should be on managing a time properly and more efficiently ,What you have to do is make a to-do list in the morning before beginning anything Or you can make it at night so that you can jump-start your day, it helps in proper scheduling.


Just Get Started

Look at the to-do list and decide according to them what you have to do first. Have you heard eat the frog first? This means that complete your difficult task first we are more focused and attentive in the morning, so we can perform it effectually and can make a day more productive Besides the fact no matter what you choose to do, always remember to create good morning habits so that you can have a more productive day. Also do not forget to add doing a workout and some sort of exercise first learn more about the home workouts click here https://lazygozo.in/?p=2745 .


Eat The Frog

As we discussed earlier, doing tough tasks first can provide sufficient time to do the remaining work It can be  the unpleasant phone call you don’t want to make Or it can be that blog post you’ve been putting off writing because you don’t know how to start Or that project that just overwhelms you because it’s so massive. Give yourself small rewards for completing big tasks, that will encourage you to complete the task Just get creative and find small ways to motivate yourself to hustle .So this will let the satisfaction of crossing it off your list that will carry you into the rest of your busy.


Turn Off Distraction

The major reason for losing productivity in a day is the unwanted distraction. Facebook can be a trap for you, Smartphone or internet games sometimes get super addictive .So  Avoid these when you’re trying to get something done or when you are occupied Only Check your FB during the last five minutes of your workday you can also set limits for mini “time-wasting” sessions .It’s completely ok to need a mental break, but please don’t get sucked in. For example, next time you go to check Instagram while you’re supposed to be working look at the clock first .Give yourself only 2-3 to scroll through your feed then stop. So these are a few productivity tips.


Take Required Breaks

It is good to break up tasks that take a long time or that are physically demanding in any way. To make a day productive at home taking small breaks is important ,Try to Schedule breaks periodically even during the busiest days .Take ten minutes to stand up, stretch your body, and get a drink of water, walk around the block. You will return to your work refreshed, both mentally and physically, and you will be ready to be even more productive.


Batch Process

Try to group similar tasks or routines that you have to in a day, and finish them accordinglyFor example in the morning routine or the first batch  take care of your physical health and complete your morning ritualsThen in the consecutive batches include the official’s work and then the evening routinesegregate the batch of work as per your urgency and as per your needsIt is best to use a productivity planner  for the best use of the batch process, it will help you to make a day productive.

CLICK HERE https://productiveclub.com/productivity-planning/


Eat Healthy

Productivity defines as the effectiveness of the productive work, but for that eating healthy is important Countless studies are confirming the importance of breakfast for maintaining our health .Healthy people are more likely to be productive than a  person who is not so healthy. No matter how busy you are,  firstly eat a decent breakfast. It will help to fuel you for a terrific start to your day.t will help to concentrate and maintain focus on the whatever work we do.


Stay Optimistic

Staying positive can work as a productivity tool, which helps to make you productive throughout the day .Don’t waste your time on self-pity and negative thinking. It won’t help you in accomplishing anything. The only thing is that it takes away your precious energy. It drains you and it messes up your mind. Try to complete small works at home that will lead to some small accomplishments and increase positivity Like cleaning, cooking and much other work it will increase the productivity at home and help you stay positive So, Positive thinking also makes you a happier mom and it promotes happiness in your household too.


Try to evaluate that to-do list carefully find out What tasks could someone else can do, thereby freeing you up to focus on the things only you can do this enhance productivity Look around for a person who is available to do some of the tasks which are your responsibility A secretary? A colleague? A family member? A paid helper? Then delegate accordingly .So an important key to productivity is doing only those things which can be done by you only and allowing somebody else to contribute by doing those other tasks.


Say No

Sometimes many commitments have you made that don’t need to be kept at all? Have you ever been on tasks that don’t actually important to you or anybody else? And is your calendar cluttered with meetings that are not worth doing any anymore for you or any other person and you are  no longer care about somebody else’s priorities are affecting your schedule and routine ,If your calendar is jammed like this and you have a long and elongated to-do list.

Then take five minutes or so to look at each task very carefully. Then try to figure out which task or work can you able to eliminate Or crossed off the task or work which is no longer required of you. Apart from this when someone calls or appears at your door with a request for your participation in some activity Do decide wisely whether you want to go or not because this will going to affect your productivity planner If your answer of yours is no, then just simply say no.

Practice like this “Thank you for inviting me, but I’m sorry no.” “Thank you for asking, but no.” “Thank you for thinking of me, but no. ”Just say no in this way don’t think twice and no need to give any sort of explanation So, Productivity can be achieved in seconds and minutes, not only hours.” We sometimes have these little moments of our day that we often underestimate because we think that it’s too short to achieve anything. BUT the truth is that we can make a day productive even when we are at homes What you need to do is properly manage your time, for that purpose you can use Productivity apps that will surely benefit to make your day productive.

Do these things if you are feeling that your day is not being productive

  • Read a book while waiting in a line.
  • take a deep breath and stretch for five minutes.
  • Make a call to your loved ones, this will make you happy

And at last, always Be realistic about your plans, we all need breaks, take breaks try to eat healthy for making a day productive, and also follow the to-do list wisely and work accordingly.


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