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Want to enjoy the spirituality of India at its maximum vibrant? Then without any ambiguity just Head to Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh.

It is known as the historical city of India, inhabited constantly for around 2,800 years (and counting), and is also one of the holiest locations for Hindus.

Devotees believe Varanasi is wherein they can break free from the cycle of rebirth and unite with the divine upon death. The conviction manifests in a profound depth that pulses throughout the frenetic city.

The center of attraction in Varanasi may be observed on the Banaras ghats – a sequence of large steps main to the Ganges River.

In the morning, the religious descend the stairs to clean away their sins withinside the holy water, and at night, they go back for fire-fueled prayer ceremonies.

Ganga Aarti


Which is the best time to visit BANARAS? Just have a look at the monthly weather in Varanasi

January 21/104 days
febuary 25/114 days
March 31/188 days
april 37/223 days
may 42/271 days
june 41/298 days
july 34/2620 days
august 33/2523 days
september 31/2423 days
october 30/214 days
november 30/170 days
december 22/111 days

So the best time to visit Varanasi is in November and December because at this time temperature is low, minimum or no rain in addition to that you can experience the calm breeze throughout the day



Whether you call it Kashi/ Banaras / Varanasi, it is the spiritual capital of Bharat. Many Legend undoubtely has it that  there is no correct map has ever been drawn of Varanasi’s complex web, so do you want to wander off and experience a number of the satisfactory sightseeing of beautiful Banaras ghats and along with it want to make the best time in the mesmerizing city of lightSo Check out our list of the places to visit in Varanasi.


way to Kashi Vishwanath

Kashi Vishwanath is among the most eminent shiv temple in India, do you know the meaning of it? it means the lord of the world. Kashi Vishwanath temple is in Varanasi for a very long time or can be said that it dates back to PURAN ERA. Kashi Vishwanath temple at Banaras is one of the twelve jyotirlingas. It is situated at the banks of the holy Ganges, on the western side. Kashi Vishwanath finds its mention in the SKANDA PURANA also. Moreover, its construction was rebuilt many times. Kashi Vishwanath is the most beautiful temple and no electronic gadgets are allowed inside the temple because the temple has around 800 kilograms of gold plating on its tower.


  • Banaras toy museum

It is the toy museum which is very close to kashi vishwanath temple, only three minutes away from the temple

  • Varanasi remembrances

Varanasi rememberance is six minutes away from the temple kashi vishwanath, and it is most visited by the tourist

  • Nepali temple

The temple is also just six minutes away from the temple,it was built by the nepaliNepali king, The temple is dedicated to lord shiva

  • Man mandir ghat

Man mandir ghat is seven minutes away from Kashi Vishwanath temple, get a glimpse of the beautiful and peaceful ghat view


Dhamek Stupa

Sarnath is a place which is located  10 kilometers northeast of the city of Banaras.This place is famous worldwide because it is the place where Gautam Buddha had given his first preaching of dharma. This place has a spiritual connection, people love to visit here for its greenery and peace which persist here. want to more about Sarnath and its top attraction https://www.visittnt.com/varanasi-tours/sarnath.html


  • Dhamek stupa

Dhamek stupa is three minutes away from sarnath, it is the place at sarnath where buddha gave his first sermon.

  • Mulagandha kuti vihar

Mulagandha kuti vihar is four minutes away from sarnath, and must to visit place at sarnath.

  • Buddha fountain

Buddha fountain is also six minutes away from sarnath.

  • Tibetian temple

Tibetian temple is twenty minutes away from sarnath. wonderful place and great positive feel .


View From Dasaswamedh Ghat

The most famous among the Banaras ghats It is frequently visited by the tourists people love to visit here because of the Ganga Arti or Banaras ghat aarti, which is held every evening, and its experience is beyond words. The best time to visit here is on Kartik Purnima. The Hindu sages also perform the last rites and other rituals on this ghat It is the oldest and most sacred city of Banaras.


  • Vishwanath Gali

Vishwanath Gali is three minutes away from Dasaswamedh ghat

  • Godowlia

Godowlia is just eleven minutes away from the Dasaswamedh ghat

  • Man mandir observatory

Man mandir observatory is nearby to dasaswamedh ghat along with it tourist used to visit here

  • Kashi raj kali temple

Kashi raj kali temple is ten minutes away from the ghat , localities and tourist do visit here.


Sankat mochan human temple As the name suggests, it is the temple that is dedicated to Hindu Lord Rama and his great devotee Lord Hanuman, importantly this temple was constructed in the 1900s.  Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya is known for the establishment of this famous temple. The temple is largely famous among the locals of Banaras who have a great belief in lord hanuman. There are a lot of monkeys all around the temple, you will get amazed by their mischief but they are harmless.


  • Tulsi Manas temple

Tulsi Manas temple is nine minutes away from sankat mochan hanuman temple

  • U.P cottage emporium

U.P cottage emporium is sixteen minutes away from the sankat mochan hanuman temple

  • Tridev temple

Tridev temple which is twelve minutes away from the sankat mochan hanuman temple


Tourist Attraction

Assi ghat is a very renowned ghat of Varanasi, taking most of the tourist attractions. It is located in the southern part of the city. People love to visit Ghat because of its spiritual atmosphere, evening aarti, and to get a glimpse of local culture. This Ghat is very clean and attractive, even foreigners visit this Ghat very frequently. As per the Kashi kand assi which is”saimbeda tirtha’ means the one who gets a dip here once will get Punya of all tirthas(a religious place of Hindu).


  • Vinayak music house

Vinayak music house is just one minute away from the Assi Ghat.

  • Lal Ghat

Lal Ghat which is four minutes away from the Assi ghat is beautiful and must to see.

  • Vasistha Yoga

Vaisistha yoga is also just four minutes away from the assi ghat , people visit there for peace and tranquility.

  • Banaras art gallery

Banaras art gallery is five minutes away from assi ghat, there are excellent selection of art pieces.


This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva

This temple is must visit in Varanasi,  batuk bhairav mandir is dedicated to lord shiva This is also famous as the place of worship for aghoris and Tantriks. An interesting fact about this temple is that the sacred akhandeep which is believed to be burning for so long. People have believed that oil in the lamp has healing power.


  • Jangamwadi math

Jangamwadi math is nine minutes away from Batuk bhairav mandir

  • ISKCON Varanasi

ISKCON varanasi is nearby to the batuk bhairav mandir visited by localities and tourist


The stand stone fortified structure, Ramnagar fort was built in the eighteenth century. It was built by the king of Varanasi Kashi Naresh. it is located aton the bank of the river. This fort is very close to Banaras Hindu University at a distance of 2 km. Ramnagar fort is famous for its architecture which is in Mughal style and cream-colored sandstone building. People love to visit the museum which is inside the temple. The best time to visit here is during October because in this month a stage performance of lord rams’ life will be exhibited.


  • Bharat Mata temple

Bharat mata temple is just three minutes away from Ramnagar fort

  • Kedar Ghat

Kedar Ghat is the must to visit Ghat and it is four kilometers away from Ramnagar fort

  • New Vishwanath temple

New Vishwanath temple is around two kilometers away from Ramnagar fort

  • Man mandir temple

Man mandir temple is also around two kilometers away from Ramnagar fort


Lal ghat has a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere, This is located at the other end of the ghats.This ghat is very beautiful and is on side of the river Gangalal ghat is the oldest ghat in Varanasi Ganga aarti is famous over here.


  • Sankata Ghat

Sankata ghat is one kilometers away from lal ghat

  • Tulsi Ghat

Tulsi ghat is also around one kilometers away from lal ghat

  • Ruchika art gallery

Ruchika art gallery is among the nearby places to visit

  • Dasaswamedh Ghat

Dasaswamedh ghat is the point of interest of many tourists it it is a beautiful ghat of Varanasi,Varanasi temples and ghats are very calming and beautiful and one must visit live the experience of ghats in Varanasi

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