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Want to experience the amazing ‘Tropical Paradise ‘ of India. Then pack your bags and wander on the palm-fringed beaches of Andaman and Nicobar. The beaches and beautiful islands at this place are all mesmerizing and captivating. The white sand, crystal clear water, and the breeze, are the best combo you will ever have. If you haven’t visited Andaman and Nicobar not at once, you should have to visit this heaven-like place. The chirping of birds and the serenity which prevails all over this place are completely beguiling.

The Beguiling Sea waves

Andaman and Nicobar island is located in the  Bay of Bengal. It is an Indian archipelago, that has around three hundred large groups of islands. Over here some Islands are for tourism purposes and the rest are not for tourism, they are left as natural beauty. Along with it, The remaining islands are not allowed human interference.

The Andaman and Nicobar have a place for all, whether they are children or teens or an adult, everyone just loves to be here. Here you will explore the unique beauty of this place. You will get the best experience when you will return. This place will rejuvenate and refresh you along with happiness and healing. This is the ideal destination for family vacationers, stripling, and honeymoon couples. Apart from that, Andaman is a place where you can enjoy and take part in thrilling activities. Delicious and delectable seafood is a must to try over here.

Here are the top amazing places to visit in Andaman and Nicobar, to have the more joyful experience


Ross Island

It is located approximately 2km away from Port Blair, you can reach here by boat, it is in the east of Port Blair. Ross Island is something must visit in Port Blair. This place is just amazing and worth visiting. It will be a short trip to reach Ross Island, there you have to buy entry tickets which cost 50 rupees per head. There are Golf carts that are already there for tourist help taking around this small Island. Apart from this Lighthouse has a major tourist attraction on Ross Island along with the friendly deers who are all around the island.


  • History Buff Trails to Ross Island
  • Cruise tour in port Blair
  • Seakart self-drive excursion
  • Andaman Fly air parasailing

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Cellular Jail

Cellular Jail is one of the historical sites in Port Blair, which is the capital city of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It was built during the year of 1896 and 1908, this jail is like a home for hundreds of freedom fighters. The best part of this place is the Light and sound show, which is truly amazing and worth watching. In this show, you will learn about history-related facts such as Veer Savarkar, the history of cellular jail, and much more. At the same time, this show will overwhelm you and filled you with so many mixed emotions.


  • Speed boat tours(Andaman Dolphin)
  • Kayaking  and canoeing
  • Fishing charters and tour


The sunset view

This beach is on beautiful Havelock Island. It is the best among the beaches in Andaman and Nicobar. You will amazing beachside experience over here, clean and best for a beachside walk. Radhanagar beach is a must to visit because of the Goof facility also which is provided by the administration for resting purposes. You will enjoy the great sunset view and serene sightseeing.


  • Explore Havelock Island from Port Blair
  • Professional photoshoot at Radhanagar beach
  • You can try Scuba Diving in Havelock
  • Night Kayaking at Swaraj Dweep


Jolly Buoy Island

It is a must to visit Island, this island is open for a few months only and only limited guests are allowed on this Island. The special tourist attraction of Jolly Buoy Island is the glass-bottom ride, though it coass 1k for 1 hour it is worth it. This activity is covering fifteen different types of marine life in just 1 hour and it is a must to try. You will get the best lifetime experience of coral viewing and sea life viewing through a glass-bottom ride.


  • Heritage and cultural walk of port Blair
  • Nature Trails of Portblair
  • Baratang Island Limestone Caves
  • Parasailing


Try kayaking at Havelock

The most amazing beach on Havelock Island, if you are at havelock must-visit elephant beach. This beach is best for water sports activities and has a major tourist attraction. The beach is shallow which is good for small kids also. Adding to this shopping and eateries are also amazing at this place and available at reasonable rates. The beach has crystal clear water and calmness, that’s why it is preferable to any other beach. You can come here by boat or trek, but the trekking part is slightly risky but adventurous. As you will find different kinds of sports activity you will feel delighted.


  • Try Scuba diving in Havelock
  • Visit nearby colonial cities, Tea Estate and Andaman Island
  • Kayaking Mangrove Adventure at Havlock


Neil Island

Laxmanpur beach is a great beach to experience the sunset view, you will enjoy the sunset with a cup of tea. Just sit near the seashore, and you will get astonishing visuals that have the power to equip you with positivity and happiness. This is among one the beaches which is available at Neil Island. The blue turquoise water over here has tourist attractions along with shacks on the beach. This beach is inverted V shape and has unique tall tropical trees. The good thing about this beach is that it is less commercialized though a little bit crowded.


  • If you are in Neil Island also visit Howrah Bridge
  • Also, try Neil Island jetty
  • Do visit nearby Ram Nagar Beach


North Bay Island


Ross and Smith, islands are the most beautiful and calm islands in Andaman (India). It is also known as the twin Island and it is located at the Northern tip of Andaman. These two Island are connected with white sand pathways. This white beach pathway goes inside the sea at the times of high tide and is not visible and surfaces again during low tide. One can cross/ walk from one island to the other through this sand pathway with the ocean on both sides during neap tide. Sunbathing in Ross and Smith Islands is a delightful experience that can be had only after visiting them.

The blue water is crystal clear and Shallow water is good for swimming. Swimming is allowed over here. The beach is beguiling and attractive. It is located near Diglipur in Northern Andaman along with this beach, Diglipur is also a must to visit if you are in Ross and Smith Island. Though there are a lot of beaches in Andaman and Nicobar but the beauty of Ross and Smith Island is unique.


  • Saddle peak National Park Hike in Diglipur


This beach is the beauty of Havelock Island. It is a truly amazing beach and it is less crowded compared to Radha Nagar beach. Kala Patthar beach has many stones on the shore and also has crystal clear water. One can relax and enjoy this white sand and blue vibrant sea. You can find calmness all around the beach because it is less crowded. Though it is a morning beach, because of the sunset view you can also spend your day well over here.

People used to call it the paradise of Havelock. The sea color is mesmerizing and has vivid blue. Small clean beach, with little water sports activities like para diving, boating, etc. This beach has black stones on the seashore, which give the name Kala Patthar. The Sunrise here is worth watching when the first rays of the sun fall on black stone and give a magical effect.

You will find here a small shop across the street selling fruits, coconut water, chocolate, biscuits, mineral water, and some seashell Handicrafts for a gift item.


  • You can visit Neil’s cove which has nearby tourist attraction
  • Also try scuba diving in Havelock
  • Hinterland cycling tour
  • Ancient lava stream Trek through dense tropical forest


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