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Beaches are everyone’s favorite, and when we are talking about beaches, goa is always in our autosuggest, goa may be the smallest state in India but it is the place where we can see humongous beaches that is not present in any other coastal areas of the subcontinent. goa and goa beaches are everybody’s first choice whether it is honeymoon couple, family vacationers or group of the stripling, people not only love to see the beaches of goa but many other things in goa, it is a beautiful destination to experience the mesmerizing sunset view, the sizzling nightlife, the rave parties, and its hippie markets, tourist love to indulge in fun and frolic beaches of goa, and also the best thing about it is that it’s not expensive to travel, easy and affordable stay and if talk about the cuisines, they are really beyond words, one will get best seafood experience here, and also this place connects the tourist with nature, beguiling sea and calmness is so attractive, goa is a place where cultural diversity is also very significant, people are simply fond of this also, goa is the destination which welcomes tourist with zeal and zest.

Here are the top beaches in goa, which are  famous for their tourist attraction, and they are the best goa beaches in India, where you can enjoy and experience the thrilling activities

Baga beach

Candolim beach

Vagator beach

Palolem beach

Arambol beach


The ravishing beach view

One of the most famous beaches of goa, it is the most ravishing, delightful beach. if you are looking to relax and enjoy the sunbath this beach is for you, Baga beach is also one of the best beaches in Goa for family and friends’ day out. Along with it if you are a party animal Baga Beach is perfect for you, it is known for its stunning nightlife, and beach parties. If we talk about the location of the Baga beach it is in Bardez, goa. baga is so named after the “baga creek” which flows into the Arabian sea.


  • The beach is located at a distance of 16km away from Panaji airport, and it takes around half an hour by taxi to reach Baga beach


  • The top attraction of Baga beach is the Shacks serve authentic seafood and local drinks with foot-tapping music, it creates a perfect light atmosphere of enjoyment and excitement


  • you can try Parasailing, it is a water sport it has two instruments, a parachute, and a speed boat, this is most prominent in goa apart from that you can also try pedal boarding over her
  • you can enjoy the Jet ski ride ,and experience the ultimate water ride, self-drive jet ski rides are very popular in goa
  • club and pubs , night life of goa beaches are always amusing ,you can enjoy by going in night clubs and pubs


Palm trees and calmness

 After the Baga beach, Candolim beach is also among the best beaches of Goa, this place is known for its scrubbed sand dunes. Talking about the location of  Candolim Beach, it is located close to the famous Princess River, it is beautiful and has a beautiful scenic view. All around the year tourists visit this beach and have the most relaxing experience.It is also located in Bardez, Goa


  • The bus takes around half an hour to reach the Candolim beach, and the fare is very minimum it ranges from 30-40 INR
  • You can also hire a taxi/car from Panjim,it takes around 15-20 minutes
  • You can also search cruise from Panjim (if available)


  • The top attraction of Candolim beach is the Scrub-covered sand dunes, it is the most famous attraction among tourists.


  • Here you can try dining in an atmospheric beach shack, you would love to experience that, here you will get the best seafood which is one of the Goan specialty
  • You can also enjoy the sunset from the sand, you will experience the beautiful spectacle, just grab a kingfisher beer and enjoy stunning colors and the mesmerizing view of the sunset.

Vagator beach

The sea waves

Vagator beach is a must to be visited and should be on the top of Goa beaches map.  It is known for its rustic beauty, this beach is different from other beaches, if you are looking for some calm and tranquil beach this one is for you, low crowed buzz-free and the best part is water level here is below your knees, so you can enjoy here comfortably and for the photoshoots, this beach is a perfect choice. It is as clean and serene as some of the private beaches in Goa. it is located in Mapusa, Goa


  • You can take or hire a taxi/car from Panjim which is at a distance of 16km from Vagator beach, approximately  you have to travel 21km by road
  • The distance from goa international airport to Vagator beach is 26km and it takes around an hour or 90 minutes to reach the destination, depending upon the mode of transportation


  • The top attraction of the Vagator beach is its rave parties it is one of the goa beaches in India which is known for its lusty greenery along with it the chapora fort famously referred to as the “dil chahata point” visited by most of the tourist


  • If you are a shopping enthusiast, you can Anjuna flea market, this market is near the beach and every Wednesday, people love to shop from here
  • You can visit the Morjim, it is a small census town, it is also known as “little Russia”, here you can see beautiful birds and animals too


Beautiful sand and sea

One of the most beautiful and the cleanest beach in south goa, it is so serene and calm, surrounded by hills and calm blue water, here you can easily able to see the pink jellyfishes and if you are lucky enough you can spot dolphins also, Palolem beach is popular among the family vacationers, here young crowd, as well as families, come to relax and enjoy different and versatile things.


  • To reach Palolem beach you have many options, if you take a bus from it will take around 3 hours or more and also you have to change the bus twice
  • You can take the train also it will take around 2 hours, the nearest railway station is at karmali, where you will reach within twenty minutes from Panjim or you can take a cab or self-drive car from Panjim, you can reach within an hour from there


The top attraction of this Palolem beach  is the butterflies this beach is also known as butterflies beach, this is the hidden gem and has an aura of calmness, there are millions of butterflies along with it cotigao wildlife sanctuary is also the top attraction of this Palolem beach


  • Here you can witness the captivating sunset, you can also try yoga ingoa also can indulge in kayaking over here
  • You can also visit the Monkey Island, it is situated at the north end of Palolem beach, it is a conacona island nicknamed as monkey island, here clambering is the most fascinating for the tourist
  • You can also enjoy a comfortable stay at the stunning Palolem beach resort


It is one of the newest beaches developed in Goa, it is among the known goa beaches in India and also it attracts a wide range of tourists, it has a plethora of beach shacks, vibrant nightlife, and many other things. Arambol beach has the best beach resorts in goa.  This beach attracts many international tourists and people prefer to visit here in the season of winter, between November to March.


  • The easiest way to reach Arambol beach, you can cab or a taxi, which will take less time to reach
  • The buses are readily available from Panjim, but it may take a longer time also you have to take two buses to Arambol beach


The top attraction of the arambol beach is the sweet water lagoon or lake that is located at the end of the adjacent beach and that is kalacha beach


  • Must experience the amazing Arambol beach party every sunset
  • You can also try the workshops which are basically teaching everything under the sun and also can enjoy the ecstatic dancing
  • Saturday night market is for the shopaholics, this market is very famous among the tourist apart from that there are  plenty of other things  to do

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