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Every state in India has is its unique culture, the same is with Gujarat which has a unique combination of sweetness and ethnicity. This place is a perfect blend of cultural beauty and historic monuments. Every place over here is filled with a distinctive vibe and vivacity. Along with meeting generous gujju people, you will be fed with a feeling of fraternity all over Gujarat. Its historical beguile architecture will make you awestruck.

The best part of visiting Gujarat is that you will vividly experience the Gujarati Garba( especially in Navratri), which is surreal a frenetic dance form of India. It is worthless if you don’t try the best and the amazing food and beverages of Gujarat. You will be delighted to taste the mouth-watering cuisine of Gujarat. Here we have listed the top best places with major tourist attractions to visit in Gujarat.


Ahmedabad is one of the best places to visit if you are exploring Gujarat. Ahmedabad is the capital city of Gujarat. It is also known as the Manchester of India, this place has beautiful natural essence with historical monuments. This is one of the reasons why Ahmedabad tourist loves to spend their vacation over here. Not only the beauty but also the vibrant activities are also famous among the tourist.

Sabarmati Ashram

Along with all this, the best part of Ahmedabad is the cuisine offered here, which is sweet as the gesture of the people of Ahmedabad. One of the famous Sabarmati Ashram is situated in Ahmedabad only in the year 1917. It was the abode of Mahatma Gandhi during the struggle for Independence. This place is a mixture of fun, frolic, and food and if you are planning to visit Gujarat, mark this place on the top of your list.


  • Swaminarayan temple
  • Dada hair steps well
  • Sabarmati Ashram
  • Auto world vintage car museum


This place is the must to visit place in Gujarat. This beautiful city has its unique aura. Vadodara is the place where you can see the amalgamation of ethnicity and modernity. Rich in culture with marvelous architecture. For people who want tranquil places to visit, or who are history fanatics or nature lovers, this place has space for everyone. This place is worth visiting because of the amazing tourist spots and exciting things to do.

Trimandir Vadodara

There are ample places in Vadodara that you can consider while visiting, such as palaces, parks, gardens, temples, and whatnot. The best time to visit Vadodara is during Ram Navami and Navratri festivals. The traditional festive celebration has the whole heart of Vadodara city. Do explore this spectacular city.


  • Laxmi Vilas Palace
  • Sayaji Garden
  • Baroda museum and picture gallery
  • Ajwa Nimeta Dam Garden


You must have heard about the pride of India, the state of unity, and this humongous statue is of our 18th-century freedom fighter Sardar Valla Bhai Patel. This statue was inaugurated on the 143rd birth anniversary of our erstwhile first deputy Prime Minister of independent India. Do you know! The statue is the tallest in the world, its height is approximately 790ft( which is including the base). So because of such a distinctive statue, you should visit it here, and it is one of the musts to visit places in Gujarat.

This place highlights

Here is the museum which displays 2000 pictures from the life of Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel. Apart from this, you can also try amusing things such as the sound and light laser show which is conducted at 7 pm every evening. Also do not miss to visit the valley of flowers, it is 17 km long stretched patch of flowers, this is so pleasing for your eyes. Adding to this enjoy the best thing which this place offers and that is, the helicopter ride and boat ride in the Narmada river. The view of the statue from here is alluring and mesmerizing.


Rani ki Vav

“Queen’s Stepwell”, is one of the most unique and famous places in Gujarat. This structure was made by Queen Udayamati in remembrance of her husband King Bhimdev. This marvelous structure is in the shape of an inverted temple in the year 1063. The flabbergast thing about this place is that it is excavated by the ASI in the year 1980 only because it was slay submerged under the river Saraswati. One more astonishing thing about this structure is that it is divided into seven levels, and hundreds of sculptures, motifs, and many other figures are engraved on the walls. Adding to this the sculptures here depict three levels of Hindu Cosmology, that is

  • Heaven
  • Earth
  • Underwater( patal lok)

This place Highlights

This place is peaceful and lovely, tourist in Gujarat loves to visit this place, because of the beguile structure and carved sculptures. You can see the ten avatars of Lord Vishnu in intricately carved sculptures.


If you searching for places nearby Vadodara, then you can go for Kutch, the authentic beauty of Gujarat. This place is attractive to everyone and you will find it difficult to leave this place if visited it once. Everything over here is amazing, whether its grandeur architecture or sumptuous cuisine. The location of kutch lies on the India-Pakistan border. You can spend your winter vacation, in the beautiful vibe of kutch.

Rann of Kutch

As winters are the best time to visit here, especially the months from November to February. Apart from this if you are here this month you can experience the world-famous Rann of kutch festival. And in winters the moonlight reflection on white sand is just breathtaking. Do visit this place and get the aesthetic experience of this place.

This place Highlights

Historical architectures are also worth visiting at this place. The famous kutch museum has a wide tourist attraction. If you are a person who is a history fanatic, then this museum is a must-visit for you. The best you can find here are the extinct scripts such as Kutchi scripts along with ancient coins.

Apart from this, if you want to go for an amazing experience, then kutch wildlife sanctuary should be on your list. Because of the wildlife connection, this is the most preferred tourist place in kutch. Along with this saline, the wetland area has wonderful sightseeing options for tourists.


Surat is known as the diamond city, one of the special places in Gujarat. This city has a lot to offer the tourists. It has a great cultural heritage along with a vibrant environment. Plenty of places you can visit here because it is a wonderful travel gateway. Surat is a city which has natural beauty, apart from famous monuments, you can find beguile beaches and tranquil temples.

Historical monument in Gujarat

It is believed that Surat was settled as Suryapur in the ear 1516. It is one of the most famous cities in Gujarat. The city celebrates Navarati with full enthusiasm, Garba nights were organized, so especially in this festive season, you can see the real frenetic Surat. Hence, the best months to visit Surat are October- November.


How much does a package cost for Gujarat Tourist?

Though there are different packages available for Gujarat, on average it starts from 5000 bucks. The prices can vary depending upon the number of people, type of hotel, along with the number of days. You can check packages here.

What is the local Gujarati Food?

There is a variety of delicious food that you can enjoy in Gujarat. But there are certain distinctive dishes in every part of Gujarat ( surat, Vadodara, kutch, kathaiwad, and North Gujarat). You can find vegetarian food in the majority of hotels and restaurants. Typical Gujarati food is served in ‘thalis’( a metal platter) and it includes Dal, kadhi, salad, puri, chappatis, pickles along with some sweet dishes. Apart from this the famous dishes of Gujarat are Dhokla, Thepla, Fafda, Kachori, Khandvi, Handwoh, Ganthia, Oondhiya, Debra, and must to taste Surat paun.

What is the best time to visit Gujarat?

The best time to visit the beautiful city of Gujarat , is in October to January, because in these months you can experience the best festivals of Gujarat. Apart from these months, you can visit in the rainy season. It is advisable not to visit in the summers due to the high temperaturefro, but you can visit Saputara hills in the summers.


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