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Maintaining health is pivotal in our lives, to have a good and healthy body we always used to find some different ways to stay healthy. Trying to eat healthy foods, follow up the healthy routine along with gyming and exercise. But as a human, we always look for shortcuts or something easy and doable. Apart from following a healthy diet and exercise, you can add drinking a daily good amount of water to your healthy lifestyle. It will enrich your body in lot many ways. Consuming an appropriate amount of water is important because our body requires more and more water.

Drink more water

People generally consume water, when they are thirsty completely ignoring the fact that our body comprises 70 percent water. Hydrating the body is our foremost priority, there are ample benefits to drinking water on an empty stomach. In the morning inculcate a habit of drinking water on an empty stomach, it will keep your body healthy and also cures stomach-related problems. Apart from this, it will make your skin glowing. This is only the overview and a few glimpses of how daily drinking water can improves your health. In this article, we will get a closer picture and deeper look into the ample benefits of drinking water. Scroll down to read on

                                       FACTS CHECK ON DRINKING WATER

  • As per the research, there is no universally fixed amount of water that a human body requires
  • For the proper functioning of the body water is essential also kidney requires a good amount of water
  • Also the skin nourishment and prevention of skin disorder, requires water
  • Daily drinking water, gives you terrific results in weight loss



Speeds up Metabolism

Drinking water in the morning speeds up the metabolism process in the body, which ensures good health. Along with it, the digestion of food will also get faster, this will help you to reduce body weight evenly. Try to drink warm water in the morning or you can drink lukewarm water as per your choice. It is generally preferred to drink at least  4 liters of water every morning. Include this in your morning regime. After waking up you can drink water or after some workout as per your preferences. So to speed up metabolism and make digestion faster, drink water in the morning to gain one of the important benefits of drinking water.


We have the foremost importance of drinking water to boost our immunity. As we know strong immune system require in today’s time, because of unnatural or adult food items. These food items make our immune system weak which means, we are more prone to disease and illness. So it is advisable to drink an adequate amount of water, which will boost your immune system and you will less get infected from diseases.


As we know drinking water in the morning, will help in digestion also it is required for sweating and removal of urine and bowel. Apart from this daily drinking water in the morning on empty stomach can also help in constipation.  So do include drinking water in the morning and making it a habit will be great for your health.


It Helps To Get Rid of Headache and Migraine

Drinking water in the morning is vital because it helps in preventing migraines. Remaining dehydrated throughout the day can increase the risk of migraine and even headaches. Lack of water is the deep-rooted cause of these health issues. So to minimize the effect of these problems, drink water throughout the day and especially in the morning on empty stomach. You will get rid of headaches and migraine. Apart from this, other health issues such as oral and dental problems, and drinking water are also eliminated. Whether it is a body fitness or any other health issue, water can cure or helps to cure it.


Body toxins can hinder the proper functioning of the body. So one of the benefits of drinking water in the morning is that it helps to remove toxins from the body. Drinking water in the morning on an empty stomach is the best to remove toxins from the body. Apart from this, by removing toxins you can see the natural glow on your skin.


Helps To Reduce Weight

Weight loss is a major concern for the majority of the population, especially teens and adults. Being consistent with exercise and gym sometimes gets difficult. But reduce weight you can try to drink water in the morning, it is one of the best benefits of drinking water. It will help to reduce weight a little faster. By drinking water, you will feel light and refreshed, so consuming a good amount of water is important.


Drink More To Get Glowing Skin

We always have this query how much water should you drink a day in liters to get clear skin and complexion. Is there no fixed amount but you can still prefer to drink 4-5 liters of water in a day to get glowing skin? It is one of the best benefits of drinking water in the morning on an empty stomach. Along with getting clear and glowing skin you also feel refreshed, which means you can perform your work easily and efficiently. So do include drinking water in your lifestyle to get the best results. Adding to this, don’t skip this routine, the constant process is required.


Water Gives You More Energy

Warm water in the morning helps to boost energy. You can get energy from food, but sometimes eating food can make you lethargic. So when you need instant energy in the morning, drink a good amount of water it will boost up your energy. Apart from feeling lethargic, you can concentrate and focus on your work. Adding to this it stimulates the RBC(red blood cells) to grow a little faster, which results in giving more energy and more oxygen.


We have seen different benefits of drinking water, but this benefit ultimately shows results in body growth and proper functioning. Take an adequate amount of water, improves digestion, and makes you feel hungry. You will be benefited from this as you will consume healthy food and follow a healthy diet Apart from this you will feel energized by consuming food and this robust energy will ultimately help you to perform your task without getting exhausted or tired.


One of the best benefits of drinking water is that your body can absorb nutrients fastly because it can remove the accumulated sludge. Hence, it cleanses the colon and this improves your overall health. The more your body gets the nutrient, it can function properly. Not only the function but all drinking water in the morning clears the mind and enhances the thought process.



Drinking water in the morning on empty stomach is great, it can make our body healthy and we get benefited from it. Apart from this, you can consider other sources of water for overall fitness. Adding to this you can consume food that contains a high amount of water such as watermelon, oranges, and soups including there are many other foods that are a good source of water. We require more and more water because the body lost water because of sweating and urine.

So it is advisable to drink a good amount of water, whether it is from the bottle or any food. Apart from food, milk and juices are also a great source of fluid but these beverages such as soft drinks, caffeine, and alcoholic drink are not good for health. Also, you should refrain from drinking those drinks because they have more disadvantages as they contain empty calories which can increase your weight. Apart from this, these drinks are also not good for mental health as they can cause stress and anxiety.


As there is no fixed intake, it only depends from person to person, many other factors are also responsible for it. A person’s intake depends upon how active he/ she is, and how much they sweat each day so these are some reasons for variation. But it is generally recommended that men should take around 11 cups of water every day whereas women should take around 9 cups of water each day. The portion of water should be from water, food, and other beverages which are healthy for food



The summer season has a long duration, after April we started seeing that days are becoming warmer, and the health concern is increased more during this season. People kept searching for the best summer health tips because health is a major concern and can get affected, during the summer season. Scorching heat in summers, rising temperature, and heatstroke are many other problems we have to face during summers, and health is something that cannot be ignored at any cost. Taking care of yourself and the health of your loved ones is your utmost priority. Along with staying healthy in summers, it is also important to eat right, take care of your skin, and much more.

This whole thread will give you proper insights of how to stay healthy this summer, you will get best summer health tips

Here are the few listed summer health tips

Consume plenty of water

Consume Plenty Of Water

Consuming a lot of water is important to stay the body fit and healthy. Summer heat can cause dehydration in the body which can affect our body adversely. So, try to drink at least two to three liters of water daily, It will help you to be hydrated all day. It will protect you from diseases that can affect you and can cause fever and other problems. Apart from this, you can consume juice and other drinks in addition to water to stay hydrated.

Take precautions to avoid heatstroke

Avoid Heat Stroke

Heatstroke is a major issue that can affect your health during summers. Precautionary measures are required to avoid heatstroke and stay fit and healthy in this summer season. This generally affects adults and older adults because they have to go out for work-related stuff. Older people are more vulnerable to heatstroke because their bodies do not adjust to temperature changes as quickly. Heatstroke can cause High fever, nausea, vomiting, headache, and also dizziness.

 Take these safety precautions for heat stroke

  • Stay cool and do not stay in enclosed spaces that lack air, keep yourself in the air circulating space.
  • Try to eat smaller meals more often and cold meals such as summer fruits and salads.
  • Keep yourself cool by washing your face in cold water, and putting your feet in cold water will protect you from the summer heat.

Light and comfortable attires

Comfortable Attires

You should wear Light and Comfortable attires to stay healthy during summers because they will keep your body temperature regulated in the hot sun. So the dresses which are breathable and lightweight are best for summers to wear. Also, avoid heavy clothing and choose natural fabrics like cotton and linen, they are comfortable to wear. Along with it, cotton has breathable material whereas linen can absorb sweat and quickly dries.Try to wear clothes that are light shade in colour  because they don’t absorb heat , also  avoid wearing black or dark shade colours cloth because they absorb heat and can make  you will feel more warmer.

Indoor stays are best

Limit your outdoor activities because staying out during the daytime in the summer heat can affect your body. Plan your day accordingly, reduce your outdoor time during the daytime which means the afternoon, and schedule your work in the early morning time or evening. Staying indoors can help you to protect from heatstroke and also the sun protection to which you are otherwise exposed. Along with it make sure your home is properly ventilated during summer and also keep the rooms clean and cool. These are the best summer season health tips.

Eat healthy and light

Light and Healthy

The best health and wellness tip for summer is that eat healthy and light food. Consume a small amount of food at a particular time and have frequent meals, also avoid heavy meals which have high carbohydrates and fats. Do include fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily diet, it will keep your body light and also make the body non-vulnerable to diseases. Include fruits and vegetable which has high water content such as oranges, watermelon, cucumber, musk melon, and so on.

Protect your eyes

Protect Your Eyes

One of the summer season health tips is that you should protect your eyes from the sunlight. The harsh sunlight can adversely affect your eyes which can cause problems such as itching, swelling eyes, and pain in the eyes. So for that wear protective eyewear to protect your eyes from sunlight, wear protective eyewear whenever you go out. Do include wearing sunglasses because it blocks at least 99 percent of the UV rays.

  • Remedies which you can try to protect your eyes
  • Wash your eyes with ice water
  • You can put a cucumber slice on your both eyes, you will feel instant relief
  • You can also consider eye drops to get relief from itching and pain.

Avoid Alcohol and Caffeine

Avoid caffeine and Alcohol Intake

Avoid Alcohol and Caffeine, do consider this health and wellness tip for summer because this intake during summer can result in poor health conditions. Also, avoid fizzy drinks along with alcohol and caffeine because they can dehydrate you very quickly. Consuming these beverages during Hot weather and a humid atmosphere can cause health-related problems. Apart from this if you are finding a substitute for these beverages go for flavored or plain water.

Avoid eating outside food

Avoid Eating Outside Food

Eating street foods during the summer season can adversely affect your health because the roadside food can be contaminated and may cause foodborne illnesses. The main problem with eating street food is the storage problem, if they are not stored properly they may get spoilt and which may cause stomach ache or stomach infection. Along with it, roadside food has the quality issue, oil quality, and street food itself is not good for the health. So, try to avoid eating outside food and only limit to homemade food because healthy and good for health also.


Summer Skin Health

The best tip for healthy skin in summer is that Do wear sunscreen whenever you go out because it will protect your skin from heat and sunlight. Whenever you go out for a walk, work or any other errands at least apply SPF 30 on your skin and wear it all the time, because especially during the summer season you are most exposed to ultraviolet rays which are really bad skin health. Apart from this, you can apply some homemade paste to your skin, it will cool your skin and also make it smooth addition to it you can rub your skin with ice, these are the best tip to get glowing skin summer naturally.

Sleep pattern

Sleep Pattern

Sleep is important for staying fit and healthy, around eight hours of sleep is a must for good human health. As summer is approaching, sleep pattern easily gets disturbed which can impact our health. As per experts quality of sleep is required to maintain good health during the summer season. It’s quite difficult to maintain a sleep pattern so do ensure your sleeping routine, for that wake up at the same time and also sleep at the same time. It is advisable to wake up early in the morning because then you are less exposed to the sun and take fresh air. Also, sleep at the same time, do this at least for a week without any break, you will get habitual to it.

Exercise and maintaining good hygiene

Exercise and Maintain Hygiene

Exercise is good for health, especially during the summer season because exercise can improve digestion and other problem which cause in summers. Prefer to exercise early in the morning or in evening otherwise it would be litte harder to do it because of the summer heat. Also refrain yourself to workout in outdoors because as you are more expose sun in outdoors as compared to indoors .Fungal infection and body odur  are common during summer season , so it is crucial to maintain good hygine. Good hygine also reflects your good healthy , basic tips for maintaining good hygine is that take shower twice a day during summers, you will feel refresh from this.


Summers are important its warmth is also important , enjoy summer season but ensure that health wont get affected by it. Take all proper precautions which are required and do follow these best summer health tips. It will help you to stay  fit and healthy in summer , so consume more and more water , take care of your skin, exercise and maintain good hygine.

Follow the above basic tips in summer to stay healthy




Balance Mind Body and Soul

We always have a conception of fitness in the domain of physical fitness, but we forget that the overall fitness is PHYSICAL AS WELL AS MENTAL. As our mind and body, all are connected, it is important to balance them with more care so nothing got affected. For example, A stressful situation not only creates mental discomfort but also is visible on our physical health as well as the soul. Our body needs to be maintained with mind and soul because the body needs emotional, spiritual, and mental well-being. Don’t confine your fitness to the physical dimension, broaden your perspective and focus on balancing the mind along with physical health. Here we are listing the best 20 tips that you can follow in your daily life easier to achieve overall wellness.


Read Often

Learning has the power to transform the thought process. Reading is the best to way learn new things in a new way. After school or college, we used to stop engaging with books more often and this starts hindering our thought process. So it is advisable to read more often, reading will feed you with amazing knowledge and possibilities. Do read for health and well-being.


Meditate Daily

This is the best and the most effective way to balance your mind body and soul. Meditation is something that adapts easily to your lifestyle. It improves concentration, memory, and attention along with boosting immunity and creativity. Guided meditation is perfect for beginners. Start with a few minutes and eventually increase it. Click here for a beginner’s meditation guide.



Yoga is perfect for overall health and well-being. It helps build strength and coordination along with flexibility. Daily practicing yoga can make you more optimistic and happy. Your body will feel lighter and along with it encompasses the mind soul body interconnection. So try to begin your day by practicing yoga, you can do it twice a day if you want.


Avoid sitting for long Period

Sitting for an extended period can cause serious health issues including heart disease, diabetes, weight gain, and more. If you have to work for long hours, then take a few minutes of break and consider walking for a while. This will help you to avoid sitting for long, it will make you less tired, and also it will maintain your mental balance.


Exercise Daily

Exercise is important for both physical and mental wellness. Kick start your day with 15 to 20 minutes of moderate to fast pace exercise. Exercising daily has ample benefits, firstly in the physical dimension, it boosts physical stamina, it is good for heart health. Apart from this it makes the mood joyful and refreshes your mind and soul.


Remaining always in an enclosed space can affect your body and mind. Taking a break from work is important for overall wellness. As summer is approaching you can spend time outside, go traveling, boating, and hiking. Try adventurous activities, so that you don’t feel exhausted and low. Keep your spirit high and balance your mind, body, and soul.


Consume Plant-based food

Green vegetables and fruits are healthy for your body. Don’t disturb the proper functioning of the body by eating junk. Junk food is always a bad option for both physical and mental health. Adding to this it can cause chronic diseases also. So eat plant-based food, get yourself fresh vegetables from the local market and follow a healthy diet.



To balance your mind, body, and soul, you must do something good for society. This volunteering will give you self-satisfaction which will be get reflected in all three of your body mind and soul. As all are connected, you will get incredible experience and working is always good in the physical dimension that is fitness.


Following your passion always boost self-esteem, and gives you the power to do more. This will make your soul happy, so you should set aside time to follow your passion apart from the daily chores. Do whatever makes you happy, dancing, singing, painting, or anything. Adding to this all this will make your soul happy along with your mind and body.


Listen Music

Listening to music is great for your mind and soul, to have a balance between the two you should do something by which you feel relaxed. Listening to music is one of the best techniques for balancing your mind. Dancing along listen to music can ensure your physical mental and social well-being.


The most important and simplest way to Balance your mind, body, and soul is to show gratification. Be grateful for what you have in your life and aren’t required to be big things. You can be grateful for the little things that you have in your life it can include food shelter to anything that you count on your life. This surely impacts your overall well-being.


Being kind and generous is essential for your growth and development. We used to replace, kindness and generosity with anger and frustration. To maintain a balance between all three interconnected minds, souls, and bodies, it is important to be a little kind to everyone. This habit will not helpful to others but ultimately it will help you.


Get Enough Sleep

Why sleep is so important? Getting enough sleep is important for both physical and mental health. An adequate amount of sleep is needed to stay fit and healthy. Skipping sleep and just sleeping less than required can cause many health-related issues. There are ample benefits of sleep, so do ensure that you are taking 7-8 hours of sleep.


These days people tend to use only those products which are advertised by beauty brands. And people get tempted to do that, but we don’t realize that unnatural products are bad for skin health. Your health well being depends on how much you are connected to nature. Natural products are good for the skin.


We used to follow those who are wealthy. We have a mindset following those people will make us also successful. The statement is itself unimpeccable, others success won’t decide our success. Everyone is different, and everyone’s life is also different, what is required is to follow your domain truthfully. Apart from following others, choose your career path wisely and ensure that you are doing your best in it. This is the best way to have perfect health and well-being.


These days we get overwhelmed by the stress full situations. Stress and anxiety create major health-related issues. So it is important to cut the major source of stress in your life. Whatever you have in life whether it is small or big or it is creating complexity in your life. Don’t think twice and just cut that complexity from your life and live a happy life.


Sometimes we take our lives so seriously that it starts bothering us. And we forget to laugh at things which we used to do. Laughter is the best medicine for your healthy life. As we know that all are connected to our mind, body, and soul. So it is crucial to balance it and laughing is the best and simplest way to do that.


Travel Outside

Choose travel to explore new things in life and it is important to get out from the monotonous life and focus on new adventures. Travelling is good for physical as well as mental health. Try to do this as much as you can in a year. And this is also an ultimate lifehack as it ensures your physical, mental, and social well-being.


Pharmaceutical has adverse effects on our health, So we should opt for natural remedies for all sort of health-related issues. Take guidance from a health practitioner and choose herbs, and the right foods for healing purposes. As they are less likely to affect your health apart from this it is great for health and well being.


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