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For a few years, there has been a tough battle of supremacy between the iPhone and the Android. Whenever we discuss iPhone vs Android, the individuals, as per their experiences, start giving justifications to prove their choice better. 

iPhones are the product introduced by the Apple company. On the other hand, many companies manufacture Android smartphones. There are countless factors and specifications which make a particular brand or model unique. Even, in the iPhone vs Android comparison, we need to consider innumerable factors.

Compared to iPhones, Android devices are way more affordable for the average individual. That is the reason people usually prefer it over the Apple iPhones. You will get the Best Smartphones Under 50000 if you go for the Android. Well, the prices will be way higher for the iPhones. 

Keeping the price aside, there are multiple other parameters in iPhone vs Android, which constitute some crucial features one must have in their smartphone. 

We are here with a list of parameters to find which iPhone or Android is the best for usage. In this article, we have picked the 15 most common and crucial features that almost every smartphone offers. With each of the comparisons, we will count the points based on their performance. 

Let us have a glimpse at each of the attributes in the iPhone vs Android comparison and see which among the Android and iPhone offers the best features. 

iPhone vs Android: Which is better?


LOGIN - iPhone vs Android

The first parameter in the comparison of iPhone vs Android is the system to log in to the device. The iPhone offers the TouchID fingerprint sensor feature. Thus, it bypasses the annoying lock screen system.

Many android phones also provide a similar kind of feature. The other android phones consist of a ‘smart lock’ tool. This tool in the android uses face recognition or location to bypass the lock screen. 

If you look at both from the security point of view, the iPhone’s login system is more secure than the Android. 


With the new updates in the Android smartphones, it comes with an amazing feature of favourite contacts, which are laid out in a much better way. It functions according to the people you usually call frequently.

On the other hand, FaceTime in the iPhone is its killer feature. Thus, in this parameter in the iPhone vs Android, iPhone retains its supremacy.


CHECK THE TIME - iPhone vs Android

Be it iPhone or Android, every user often checks the time for many purposes. Especially, if you are not at home, the chances are more that you will use your phone to stay on time. 

By pressing the lock screen, you can see the time on both devices. But since we are dealing with the iPhone vs Android comparison, we need to find out who performs the best in this field. 

In the comparison of iPhone vs Android, many of the Android phones function better in showing times on the screen. The smartphone brands like Motorola, Samsung, and HTC come with smart covers and sensors. Thus, whenever you pull your phone out of your pocket, it will automatically show you the time. You do not even have to press any key. 

Moreover, Android comes with a super-dim ‘daydream’ clock that always remains on when charging your device on your nightstand. Therefore, in this feature, the Android phones are better than the iPhones. 


CAPTURE PHOTO/VIDEO - iPhone vs Android

Irrespective of any age group of brand lovers, capturing photos and videos is something everyone enjoys and loves to do. If we look at the cameras in both Android and iPhones, both come with incredible quality cameras which perform great. 

Android comes with both terrific cameras and awful ones as well. On the other hand, the cameras of iPhones function consistently great. But when it comes to managing the quality of photos and videos, the Android phones offer a better experience at an affordable price. 

One more reason why the Android is better in this parameter of iPhone vs Android is because of the Google Photos. Since the Android gadgets are equipped with Google Photos, you get access to unlimited free storage for your pictorial data.


With the latest updates, Apple has begun displaying the lowercase alphabet on its iPhone keyboard, when you are not using capital letters. Still, Android’s stock keyboard functions better than Apple’s. 

The prime reason why Android performs better in this parameter of iPhone vs Android is because of the swipe gestures included there. Additionally, the punctuation function on the same screen as the letter is one of the crucial features you will witness in Android devices.


No doubt both Apple and Google app stores have incredible features and specifications. Still, in the iPhone vs Android comparison, the Android functions far superior at organising the apps. 

The Google Play Store, which comes under the Android will let you place the essential stuff on the home screen. It also offers the feature of allowing you to hide less useful apps in the app drawer. Additionally, the devices of Android are far more useful than those of Apple. 


NOTIFICATIONS - iPhone vs Android

When it comes to notifications in the batter of iPhone vs Android, it is a tough battle to choose which performs the best here. The iPhones come with an active notification feature. From that, you can give your response within the notification, without opening the app. Here, the Android lacks a bit. 

But Android enables you to set your ‘priority’ for the notifications. Once you are done with the priority list, it will notify you as per your priority list. The top priority and necessary notifications will appear on the top, while it will minimise the less important messages. 

Additionally, it is easier on Android to clear the notifications in a single swipe, compared to iPhone. Thus, notifications go in the Android’s favour in the iPhone vs Apple battle.


Similar to the notifications, the music/podcasts also have a tough fight of iPhone vs Android. In Android, you will get an excellent music-playing app in Google Play Music. It will enrich you with an impressive list of free, ad-supported music. 

But, the good thing about Apple Music is that it comes ad-free. Apple Music does not offer any free options for its users to enjoy music. But, it integrates the music/podcasts impressive well. Thus, you will have a great time on Apple Music with your iTunes downloads. 

Due to the marvellous integration of quality music, it wins in the music/podcasts drill in this iPhone vs Android comparison. 


Irrespective of your email service provider, Gmail is the prime mail app present on Android. The Android comes with a ‘material design’, which allows you to browse the folders or switch accounts from any other screen with a quick swipe to the right. 

Unlike Android, Apple’s mail service automatically recognizes your Exchange settings. But for this, it consumes a lot more taps to navigate. Due to the same reason, the mail performs better on Android compared to iPhones.


Google Maps is the best tracking application launched by Google. It helps in getting the accurate directions and locations of any destinations. Well, the good news is that it is available on both Android and iPhone devices. 

But you can only use Google Maps natively on Android devices. That means the Siri present in the iPhones can not use Google Maps. Although Apple is improving its interior Maps app, it is still somewhere lacking in the battle of iPhone vs Android.


When it comes to accessing the contacts, the Android’s contacts are way easier to navigate. Further, its large image feature enables the users to find the one they are looking for more easily. 

If we talk about the iPhone, it automatically connects with Facebook and other social media networks to populate the photos of your contacts. To do so on Android devices, you need to install a separate app for it. Still, in the overall battle in accessing contacts, Android is a bit ahead of iPhone.


Search is the bread and butter for Google. ‘Google Now’ is even a more advanced version that searches the light reservations, sports updates, transit routes, and news stories. It does even before you have a thought on them. 

But when it comes to the iPhone, its Spotlight searches more stuff than Google does. Be it emails, reminders, calendar events, texts and voice memos, podcasts, or notes, it searches them quickly. 

Apple also offers an in-built Siri feature. As of now, it is limited to only contacts, apps, news, and nearby attractions. Due to this reason, the iPhone wins the drill of search in the iPhone vs Android battle. 


If we look at the structure of iPhones, it comes with a physical switch present. With that switch, you can directly put your phone in vibration mode. On the other hand, in Android, you have to log in, press the volume key, and press the bell in order to set it in a vibration mode. 

Along with the Apple devices, some Android smartphones also enable you to set your phone to vibrate in some specific situations, as per the settings you do on your device. Thus, the iPhone is better if you set it to vibrate in the iPhone vs Android. 


Both Android and iPhone offer the function to converse on the phone with the in-built system. In Android, its voice assistant types whatever you speak, and also works offline. But it is quite a professional tool in Android. 

On the other hand, you will experience immense pleasure talking with Siri, an in-built system present in the iPhones. It has a fun personality and also understands the natural language a bit better compared to the Android. 

In terms of conversation with phones, the Siri of the iPhone wins the battle. 


SENDING MESSAGES - iPhone vs Android

The final parameter in the iPhone vs Android comparison battle is regarding sending the messages. The default messenger app which Android offers is pretty and perfectly serviceable. But the iMessage is good when it comes to sending texts.

The iMessage enables you to send free texts and voice notes to the other users of Apple. You can operate the same from your Mac as well. In Android, Google Hangouts lets you hybrid the texts and Google Hangout messages in a single app. Thus, you can send messages from your computers if you have a Google Voice account. 

If we look at overall smoothness and perfection in sending messages from both phone and laptop, then iMessages on the iPhone are better and more efficient than the Google Hangout messages on the Android. 


After examining each of the 15 comparisons in the iPhone vs Android battle, it is tough to say that any particular system is best. Both Android and iPhone consist of outstanding specifications. This comparison is similar to choosing the best avenger among Iron Man and Captain America. Seems tough, right?

If we count the points, then among the 15 points of iPhone vs Android comparisons, the Androids grab 8 points, while 7 points are in the favour of iPhones. Thus, in this close battle, it will be unfair to consider any particular model the best. 

Still, if we look at the overall parameters and price range, then Android smartphones are ahead of the iPhones. Still, iPhones are the best in many features and specialties. 

That is all the iPhone vs Android comparison battle. Hope you have enjoyed this battle of supremacy between iPhones and Androids. Do like and share this blog on iPhone vs Android, and let others know which is the best with overall features. 


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