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Udupi is one of the prominent and well-known cities of Karnataka for the Udupi Tourist Places. Referring to Udupi as a city is not just enough. Rather, it is an incredible tourist attraction that will help you attain devotion, witness the glamour of nature, and will provide you with great amusement

In this city, you will be filled with every kind of tourist attraction. The tourist attraction here includes the temples, churches, beaches, museums, towns and villages, and many other glamourous attractions that will elevate your journey and life. 

Not only the tourist attraction in the city of Udupi but there are numerous tourist attractions and heritage places nearby or at some distance from Udupi that are worth visiting. 

Within the range of around 40 km from Udupi, you will get some incredible tourist attractions that will not just help you gain new experiences and snap memories but will also give you a calm perspective of life. 

Be it a temple, beach, or any town, all the Udupi Tourist Places are worth visiting for a fruitful journey and adventure. 

Visiting every spot from the Udupi Tourist Places requires you to create a checklist where you will list all the Udupi Tourist Places you have to visit. But you don’t have to take the burden on your head. We are here with a list of some of the best and must-visit Udupi Tourist Places. 

Now, you don’t have to stress out in order to select the must-visit destinations in Udupi. You can go with the following list of Best Udupi Places, and visit the places accordingly.

List of Udupi Tourist Places


SHRI KRISHNA TEMPLE - Udupi Tourist Places

Shri Krishna Temple is one of the Best Udupi Tourist Places that gives an incredible glimpse of Lord Krishna. This temple is located in Thenkpete, Maruthi Veethika, Udupi. 

Vaishnavite seer Saint Jagadguru Sri Madhvacharya established this temple in the 13th century. 

Here, you will get the darshan of Lord Shri Krishna’s idol placed in this Shri Krishna Temple through a silver-plated window called ‘Navagraha Kindi’. A sacred pool is also present here for the devotees to take a dip and pay respect to the deity. 

2) MALPE BEACH – Udupi Tourist Places

MALPE BEACH - Udupi Tourist Places

Malpe Beach has situated just at a distance of 5.7 km from the city. It is a neutral port and residence to the Mogaveera folk community of fishermen. 

In this tourist attraction from the Udupi Tourist Places, you will experience clean sand and mind-blowing sunsets with thrilling water sports. This beach in Udupi is fondly popular as ‘Malapu’.

3) MARY’S ISLAND – Udupi Tourist Places

MARY’S ISLAND - Udupi Tourist Places

Mary’s Island is an incredible tourist attraction that will fill you with exceptional views, including rock formations. As per the evidence, the rock formations are the result of volcanic activity. In addition, the rocks here look marvellous standing out of the sea, and is a worthy tourist attraction to visit. 

This place from the Udupi Tourist Places is listed as a geological monument by the GSI.

4) KAUP BEACH – Udupi Tourist Places

KAUP BEACH - Udupi Tourist Places

If you are a sea lover, then visiting Kaup Beach will be a favourable deal for you. Here, you will catch a glamourous glance of the Arabian Sea. You can experience this by heading to the lighthouse and having a walk. The lighthouse situated there was built in 1901. 

This beach is the ideal spot for bingeing on some delicious coastal cuisine and drinks from the local shack. You will also appreciate eyeing dolphins prance about in the sea at this beach.

This attraction from the Udupi Tourist Places is located at a distance of 16 km from Udupi. 

5) PAJAKA – Udupi Tourist Places

PAJAKA - Udupi Tourist Places

Visiting Shri Krishna Temple Udupi means you should not miss out on this place. Pajaka is the birthplace of Sri Madhvacharya, the founder of Sri Krishna Temple. Due to this cause, it is also one of the must-visit Udupi Tourist Places. 

Pajaka is situated just at a distance of 13 km from Sri Krishna Temple and it is worth visiting. After visiting this spot, you will catch a glimpse of the feet of Sri Madhvacharya close to the house. 

There is also a Banyan tree situated there, and it is believed that it was planted by him. Additionally, you will get to see a Vidyapeeth which is a place for children to learn Sanskrit and the Vedas.



Corporate Bank Heritage Museum is initially the house of the founder of the Bank, which was later converted into a museum. In this museum, all the things you see are related to finances. 

This museum also displays the vintage coins from the different periods of the countries and currencies up until recently. Due to the same reason, you will also find people recognizing it as a Coin Museum.

This museum from the Udupi Tourist Places is situated in Thenkpete, Maruthi Veethika in Udupi. You will also glance at the history of banking in Dakshin Kannada. Here, the financial research base and a credit counselling centre are also present, making it one of the must-visit financial museums. 


ANANTHESHWAR TEMPLE - Udupi Tourist Places

Similar to Sri Krishna Temple, this temple is also one of the well-known religious centres in the Udupi Tourist Places. Anantheshwar Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. 

As per the evidence, this temple is at the same spot where the great Hindu philosopher and saint Sri Madhavacharya have taught his disciples in the Dvaita philosophy. 

This temple was built by the Alupa dynasty in the 8th century. The architecture here is mind-blowing and recollects the capability and skills of the architects and builders. Thus, you must visit this religious site from the Udupi Tourist Places.

8) MATTU BEACH – Udupi Tourist Places

 MATTU BEACH - Udupi Tourist Places

If you wish to witness the calm backwaters and the mesmerising views of the sea with a sparkling swathe of sand, then you should visit Mattu Beach. It is situated about 10 km from the city centre. 

Although it is one of the lesser-known spots in the Udupi Tourist Places, it will provide you immense joy and relaxation at the same time. If you stay at this beach after the sun sets into the Arabian Sea, you will witness phenomenal Sea Sparkles here.


PADUBIDRI BEACH - Udupi Tourist Places

When it comes to beaches, Padubidri Beach is one of the most visited beaches in the Udupi Tourist Places. Most often, the families and youngsters visit this place to enhance their joy with the stunning sceneries.

This beach will fill you with the joy of scenic vistas of the sea and the sun. Located about 26 km from Udupi, this beach consists of a clean and calm environment for sitting and enjoying the surroundings. 


KODI BENGRE BEACH - Udupi Tourist Places

Kodi Bengare Beach is among the lesser-known Udupi Tourist Spots. But, its alluring views are enough to make you fall in love with this tourist attraction. Here, you will get great amusement from the clean sands, crystal clear waters, and a stunning view of the sunset.

In order to reach Kodi Bengare Beach, you need to travel 38 km away from the city. This beach is the estuary of the Suvarna River. This beach from the Udupi Tourist Places is also recognized as Delta Beach. 

You will receive a peaceful and secluded environment here, which is ideal for long walks, and effective for releasing stress.

11) BARKUR – Udupi Tourist Places

BARKUR - Udupi Tourist Places

Barkur is one of the most visited spots in the Udupi Tourist Places. It includes a group of three small villages named Hosala, Hanehalli, and Kachoor. Barkur is a charming city with the mighty River Seetha flowing through it. This village is also referred to as the Village of Temples.

In order to visit Barkur, you must travel 18 km from Udupi. In ancient times, it was once the capital of the ancient Alupa Kingdom. Due to this reason, here you will witness several archaeological antiques that include stone and copper plate inscriptions, along with the remains of palaces, forts, and temples. 



Anegudde Vinayaka Temple is situated in the remote and picturesque village of Anegudde. This temple from the Udupi Tourist Places is dedicated to Lord Ganesha. 

Visiting this temple will fill you with immense devotion and spirituality, and consists of some religious values as well. You can reach Anegudde Vinayaka Temple by travelling 30 km from Udupi. This tourist attraction is located on Vokwadi Road, Kumbhashi, Udupi District.

Anegudde Temple houses a great past behind this temple. The whole village was suffering through a drought. In order to give the villagers relief, sage Agastya performed a yajna. 

The demon Kumbhasura continually disrupts the proceedings of the same. Further, the Pandava prince Bheema came and slew him with his sword. The sword which he used was given by Lord Ganesha. 

13) KARKALA – Udupi Tourist Places

KARKALA - Udupi Tourist Places

Karkala is one of the small but significant tourist attractions in the Udupi Tourist Places. This small town is at a distance of 40.5 km from Udupi. Here, you will witness a huge statue of Gomateshwara or Lord Bahubali. 

Here a religious event ‘Mahamastakabhisheka’ takes place once every 12 years. This attraction from the Udupi Tourist Places was under the Jain rule for roughly 300 years. 

Additionally, you will also get a glimpse of the densely forested hills attracting trekking enthusiasts along with several lakes present over there. 


LAWRENCE CHURCH - Udupi Tourist Places

This attraction from the Udupi Tourist Places is situated at Attur, Udupi District. It is 41 km from Udupi. Built in 1759, the Lawrence Church boasts a glamorous building with a storied past. 

Inside the church, you will glimpse the printed columns, magnificent murals on the walls, and a large cave. Lawerence Church comprises a glamorous view both from inside and outside, making it a must-visit spot from Udupi Tourist Places. 

St. Lawrence Church is earmarked to the saint of the 3rd century, Lawrence. Surprisingly, as per the beliefs, this church is a place of miracles welcoming individuals from all faiths. 


JOMLU THEERTHA - Udupi Tourist Places

Jomlu Teeratha is one of the must-visit and notable places from the Udupi Tourist Places. It is a highly recommended place in order to witness the glamour and to relieve stress as well. 

This place consists of the intense forest of the Someshwara Wildlife Sanctuary, which is at a distance of about 25 km from Udupi. Along with the dense view of the forest, the majestic sight of the River Seetha flowing is a cherry on the cake. The river cascades down the rocks from an altitude of around 20 m. 

It is a comprehensive tourist attraction from the Udupi Tourist Places and an immaculate spot for picnics, swimming and spending quality time in the arms of a calm and mesmerising nature. 


These were all about the list of some of the best and must-visit Udupi Tourist Places that you must visit in Udupi. 

As already raised in the intro part, this list of the Udupi Tourist Places will not only focus on the tourist attractions in the city of Udupi but will also consist of its nearby destinations. All the nearby tourist attractions mentioned in the list come within the range of 40 km from the main city Udupi. 

The Udupi Tourist Places is also a great medicine to deal with stress, anxiety, or other mental health issues. Thus, after visiting the tourist attractions in Udupi, you will find an elevated version of yourself. In addition, to a great extent, you can also get rid of pressure, stress, anxiety, etc.

If you find this list of Udupi Tourist Places an informative piece of blog, then let us know your views in the comment section and like this post as well. Also, do mention the name of a spot from the Udupi Tourist Places you find the best from this list in the comment section. 

I hope to see you in the next blog as well. 


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