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Running VS Walking

Some say walking is convenient and better cardio, some give you the huge list of benefits of running for fitness. Choosing between both the cardio exercise seems difficult right? In this article, we have given the full information about whether you should choose running or walking cardio exercises. Before that let us get into the benefits of cardio.

Benefits of cardio

Benefits of cardio

As we know both running and walking are aerobic cardiovascular or cardio exercises. Cardio is necessary for a body to stay healthy and fit. Following are the best benefits of cardio

  • helps you lose weight or maintain a healthy weight

The foremost benefit of doing cardio is that it helps you to lose weight. Also, make you fit and energetic. Maintaining a healthy weight is important for the overall functioning of the body

  • increases stamina

stamina plays a vital role in day-to-day life. With good stamina, we can perform various tasks daily with full efficiency. So for that, you can increase your stamina by doing cardio daily

  • boosts the immune system

Another best health benefit of cardio is that it boosts your immune system. Apart from increasing stamina cardio helps you to keep your immune system healthy and strong. It is important also because it will impact your overall health and fitness

  • helps prevent or manage chronic conditions

Apart from ensuring a healthy and fit body cardio also helps us to prevent or manage chronic conditions which create a worse impact on the body.

  • strengthens your heart

Cardio is best for strengthening your heart. Also, it ensures heart rate and overall healthy body. Continuous cardio exercise can strengthen your heart so that it functions efficiently. It is the most

  • can extend your life

This is the fact that doing cardio on regular basis can extend your life. As cardio exercise increases your physical fitness, it also reduces the risk of mortality. Apart from this many diseases can get cured by doing cardio.

Is walking better than running?

The answer to this question differs from person to person. As if you wanted to lose weight faster then running is best for you. Walking as an exercise to lose weight will not be ideal to lose weight faster. Running can burn calories faster than walking. Walking requires a lot of time whereas by running you can see results only after a few days.  Speed workout running is best to lose weight. But if your aim is not to lose weight faster then you can also consider walking. Especially people who have heart problems or any other such problem should choose walking over running. Walking will also help you lose weight but it is a long and continuous process. Walking also ensures your overall fitness and keeps the body healthy.

Benefits VS risks

Risk Involved in Running

Now let us know whether running or walking only benefit us or if any risk factor is involved. Running is great for fitness it helps to lose weight and also provides many other benefits. But do know running can create many health issues. Following are health issues and injuries that can be created by running extensively.

  • Stress fractures
  • Shin splints
  • ITB friction syndrome

So these are the injuries which can be problematic if you choose running. Whereas walking doesn’t impact your body with injuries. As it is a low-intensity exercise it doesn’t lead to stress fractures or any other.


In this, we can conclude that running and walking both are beneficial for us. The different person requires different exercise to stay fit and healthy. Choosing between running and walking all depends upon your strength and need. So choose your cardio exercise and get started

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